Horoscope Handbook: a Rudolf Steiner Approach

Horoscope Handbook: a Rudolf Steiner Approach

by Adrian Anderson


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For the first time, you can interpret your horoscope with the help of Rudolf Steiner's insights.
- Learn about the 363 Aspects which reveal unique information about emotional and intellectual tendencies in individuals
- Go beyond Jung, and beyond the Greek myths, to understand how the planets relate to our human consciousness, using Steiner's model of the "sevenfold" human being.
- Learn from Steiner about our connection to the cosmos.
- Discover new insights into what planets, zodiac signs and Aspects mean, and why they affect us

Written by astrologer and world-leading authority on Rudolf Steiner, Adrian Anderson, this guide has been especially designed with practitioners in mind, with great features that include:
- Pages showing you at a glance what any feature in the horoscope means, created for use in consultations.
- Specially created graphics that explain key features of the horoscope
- A clear step-by-step guide to interpreting the horoscope for beginners.
- New information for experienced astrologers, including what lies behind Houses having inherent themes, why intercepted signs over the houses matter, what gives House Eight its unusual qualities, why the zodiac signs have their unique sigils, what makes Saturn's influence so complex, and much more.

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Publication date: 07/01/2015
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