Horrible Lovely

Horrible Lovely

by Brandy Banks


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She was a true beauty.

He was an utter beast.

Because of her angelic beauty, an orphaned Roxanne was chosen to travel to Cape Caraway and become the young bride of a widowed Earl-- Foxworth Ansbury III, as well as become the step-mother to his young daughter, Charlotte.
Fox was hot-tempered, sharp of tongue and remarkably beastly and could be cruel at times. He was ill, and heartbroken man, that showed great intolerance and indifference toward all around him, and Roxy found her beauty to be of no use when trying to tame this man's wild heart.
After years pass, Roxy's patient, selfless and beautiful nature, Fox begins to look upon her with new eyes. She was a wonderful friend and comfort to Charlotte, and helped them to mend their strained relationship as well.
Roxy's unwavering acceptance and respect for him causes Fox to feel the warmth of love and finally begins to allow her into his heart, bringing them both fleeting moments of joy midst the storm of his mental instability.
Can two people so completely different, ever open their hearts and truly love one another? Can Roxanne break the curse of sorrow that has settled over the House of Ansbury like a heavy, stifling fog, or will she lose everything, fighting for a love that can never be?

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ISBN-13: 9781500906283
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/02/2015
Pages: 296
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