Horror Helplessness And Humanity Wwii And The Dutch

Horror Helplessness And Humanity Wwii And The Dutch

by Dianne Swingle, Dean Swingle


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Have you ever heard it said: "A Picture is worth a 1,000 Words?" As you look at these pictures from 65 - 70 years ago... Study each one and look for the 1,000 words. These were Real people... Real times... Real events... During WW II in Holland. I was a very young girl when my sister married Klaas, so I'm going on actual stories about their lives together and Klaas' Family in wartime 1940-1945. What follows is history, my recollections of Holland. I inherited these historical documents when my sister Thelma Prins died and these papers were the last remnants of her husband Klaas Prins. Klaas died first of cancer, then my sister died of cancer and pneumonia years later. Klaas Prins designs new marine 150-ton floating derrick, which is the largest unit of its kind ever, built in the United States at that time. It was designed by George P. Wagner Associates, New York City; was build under the general supervision of the Morrow Manufacturing Company who Klaas was employed by.

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ISBN-13: 9781449532079
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Publication date: 11/16/2009
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The Lord has sent us into the literary world. After much praying and talking to the Lord on a daily basis... He led us first to Phil Henneman, a long time friend and a minister of God. Then after much deliberation, Phil led us to our publisher. Hallelujah for our publisher... They've been an inspiration to us and hopefully if we absorb their knowledge, they will lead us down the right path. Dean and I have been married 52 years. We have 4 remarkable Children and 6 Grand Children and 1 Great-Grand Child. What more could any parent's hope for. For information contact THE VILLAGE CARPENTER WORLD WIDE MINISTRIES and PUBLISHING HOUSE, PO Box 1, Ludlow Falls, Ohio 45339 USA or see TheVillageCarpenter.info

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