Horse Property Planning and Development: The Equicentral System Series Book 3

Horse Property Planning and Development: The Equicentral System Series Book 3

by Jane Myers, Stuart Myers


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It does not matter if you are buying an established horse property, starting with a blank canvas or modifying a property you already own; a little forward planning can ensure that your dream becomes your property. Design plays a very important role in all our lives. Good design leads to better living and working spaces and it is therefore very important that we look at our property as a whole with a view to creating a design that will work for our chosen lifestyle, our chosen horse pursuit, keep our horses healthy and happy, enhance the environment and to be pleasing to the eye, all at the same time.

Building horse facilities is an expensive operation. Therefore, planning what you are going to have built, or build yourself is an important first step. Time spent in the planning stage will help to save time and money later on.

The correct positioning of fences, laneways, buildings, yards and other horse facilities is essential for the successful operation and management of a horse property and can have great benefits for the environment. If it is well planned, the property will be a safer, more productive, more enjoyable place to work and spend time with horses. At the same time, it will be labour saving and cost effective due to improved efficiency, as well as more aesthetically pleasing, therefore it will be a more valuable piece of real estate. If the property is also a commercial enterprise, then a well-planned property will be a boon to your business. This book will help you make decisions about what you need, and where you need it; it could save you thousands.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780994156198
Publisher: Equiculture LTD
Publication date: 01/01/2016
Series: Equicentral System Series , #3
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Chapter 1: Horse housing/holding facilities 3
Surfaced holding yards 4
Holding yard size and shape 7
Holding yard surface 10
Holding yard fences 14
Innovative additions to a surfaced holding yard 16
Shade and shelter 16
Your climate 17
Shade and shelter building materials 24
Shade and shelter surface 24
Shade and shelter size 24
Innovative additions to a shade/shelter 25
Stables 26
Why stables? 26
Stable designs 31
Stable size 37
Stable roofs 39
Stable walls and partitions 41
Stable windows 47
Stable doors 49
Stable floors 51
Stable fittings 54
Other facilities 57
Chapter 2: Fences and gates 65
Fence and gateway safety 68
Fence visibility 70
Fence dimensions 70
Fence types 73
Hedges 75
Timber fences 76
Pipe and steel fences 79
Stone fences/walls 81
Mesh fences 82
PVC/vinyl fences 85
Wire fences 86
Electric fences 88
Fence posts 97
Tread-in posts 97
Fibreglass posts/rods 98
Insultimber posts 98
Other hardwood posts 98
Softwood timber posts 98
Composite/recycled/plastic posts 99
Steel posts ('star pickets') 99
Droppers/battens/stays 100
Gates and gateways 103
Gates and gateway safety in particular 103
Gateway dimensions 108
Gate types 109
Chapter 3: Riding arenas and training yards 111
Do you really need one? 114
Can this area be multi-purpose? 115
Riding arena, training yard or both? 117
Indoor or outdoor? 117
All-weather surface size and shape 119
Base and surface 120
Fencing your all-weather surface 129
All-weather surface fence height 130
All-weather surface fence materials 131
All weather surface gateways 135
All-weather surface lights 137
All-weather surface maintenance 137
Chapter 4: Horse facility planning 141
Making a plan 141
Building permits 144
Options for construction 145
The planning framework 151
The environmental factors 151
The horse welfare factors 154
Your budget 157
The ergonomic factors 159
The safety and security factors 160
The natural elements 163
The aesthetic factors 167
Planning horse property infrastructure 169
The house and garden 169
Property access 173
Laneways 175
Horse facility positioning 177
Shade and shelter positioning 178
Fence and gateway positioning 182
All-weather surface positioning 189
Manure management planning 193
Water management planning 197
Sources of water 197
Storage of water 200
Using water 203
Planning for clean water 208
Vegetation planning 210
Windbreaks and firebreaks 210
Revegetation of steeper land 212
Easy areas to increase vegetation 212
Appendix: The Equicentral System 219
How The Equicentral System works 219
Additional information 220
The Equicentral System in practice 223
The Equicentral System benefits 225
Horse health/welfare benefits: 225
Time saving benefits: 227
Cost saving benefits: 228
Safety benefits: 230
Land/environmental management benefits: 230
Public perception benefits: 232
Manure and parasitic worm management benefits: 233
Implementing The Equicentral System 235
On your own land 235
On small areas of land 235
On large areas of land 237
In different climates 238
Using existing facilities 239
On land that you lease 241
On a livery yard (boarding/agistment facility) 242
With single horses in 'private paddocks' 243
Starting from scratch 244
Minimising laneways 245
Temporary laneways 247
Constructing a holding area 249
Constructing a shade/shelter 249
Fencing considerations 249
Management solutions 250
Feeding confined horses 250
Changing a horse to 'ad-lib' feeding 253
Ideas for extra exercise 258
Introducing horses to herd living 259
The Equicentral System - in conclusion 261
Further reading - A list of our books 262
Recommended websites and books 267
Bibliography of scientific papers 267
Final thoughts 267

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