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Horse Secrets

Horse Secrets

by Alexander, A. S. Alexander


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Horse trading offers unusual opportunities and temptations for sharp practises. Both buyer and seller equally need to be horse-wise and alert. Dishonesty is discountenanced in the great horse markets, but it is common among scalpers, "gyps" and small traders outside of the recognized markets and is likely to be practised by either the buyer or the seller.The items published in these pages disclose many sharp practises which, aside from their interest as facts not generally known, are valuable as information for the man who would engage intelligently in horse buying and selling.The writer and publishers of this book desire to expose these tricks, and to decry their practise in the markets and among outside dealers and breeders. "Forewarned is forearmed," and the information here given will doubtless save many a man from loss, and tend to make dishonesty less rife because less likely to succeed.In mentioning the various tricks herein disclosed, the exact methods have not been given in detail. We have no desire to instruct readers so that they may "go and do likewise"; for the same reason doses have not been given for the administration of the various drugs and "dopes" used by tricksters.The matter relating to the purchase of stallions should prove specially interesting and valuable. It is a matter of general knowledge among the initiated that stallions are frequently sold at excessive prices to companies of farmers, and that "peddlers" of such stallions are unscrupulous in their methods of obtaining signers to the notes taken for the purchase of such horses. The facts published with respect to this business should serve to warn farmers that they are apt to be cheated in purchasing a stallion on the "company plan," and that it is always best, safest and most profitable to purchase a stallion direct from a reputable breeder or importer, for by so doing much money will be saved and the horse bought will be much more likely to prove sound and suitable and to give satisfaction. This book also includes tips on how to break horses from various bad habits, and health care.

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ISBN-13: 9798612944317
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 02/12/2020
Pages: 176
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