by Pippa Grant, Lili Valente

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The world's sexiest firefighter is about to get a second chance with the virgin next door…

He's bossy, arrogant, and so ridiculously hot he should come with a warning label and a pair of flame retardant coveralls.

He's also the boy who broke my heart when we were in high school.

I want to move in next door to Ryan O'Dell the way I want to be the virgin gamer geek suddenly in charge of running my sister's sex toy factory. Too bad both are written in my stars.

Yeah, I'm the world's oldest virgin code-writing nerd. 

And he's the world's hottest firefighter. 

And even though he intimidates the heck out of me, I can't seem to control my libido when he's around.

Where is my dignity? My self-respect? My panties?

Seriously…. Have you seen them? Anyone?

Maybe they're hiding in his bedroom. With my heart.

Yeah, I know. I'm hosed.  

So hosed.

Hosed is a steamy, fun romantic comedy between a firefighter and the virgin nerd next door, complete with a pet raccoon, scandalous gossip, and dildo football. (No, really.) This romance has no cheating or cliffhangers, and ends with a banging hot happily ever after.

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BN ID: 2940156253326
Publisher: Pippa Lili
Publication date: 01/15/2019
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Hosed 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
SofiaAlmiroudis 11 months ago
Hosed by Pippa Grant and Lili Valente was a hit from the start! Cassie, the computer geek, has returned back home to help run her sister's sex toy company when her sister Savannah takes a leave of absence. As a virgin, Cassie has to overcome a lot of her inhibitions about sex and sex toys. It doesn't help that the boy she crushed on in and who broke her heart in high school is living next door and is now a HOT fireman. Ryan O'Dell, the kind, sweet, generous and heroic fireman that has plagued Cassie's thought and dreams since her first encounter with him back in town. Although every time Cassie sees Ryan she gets the feeling he wants her, she can't and won't allow herself to fall for him again. When it's revealed to Ryan that Cassie hates him for something that happened in high school, he stops at nothing to win her over. There is just something about this coding, computer geek he wants to know more about. In the meantime, someone is out to destroy Savannah's sex toy company and Cassie finds herself smack in the middle of a crazy investigation that points fingers at her and her sister. Throughout it all, Ryan is there to give Cassie and shoulder to lean on and a helping hand. Determined to get on Cassie's good side, Ryan pulls out all the stops and eventually Cassie is putty in his fingers. After all.... who can resist a god in a fireman's uniform. As things fire up between Cassie and Ryan so do various incidents that puts Sunshine Sex Toys factory in jeopardy. Who is behind trying to destroy Sunshine Sex Toys factory? Will the townspeople rally with or against Cassie? Ryan and Cassie were the perfect yin and yang. Their chemistry was off the charts and although their relationship was quirky, it was sweet, sexy, fun and hot! I LOVED GEORGE!!! Who wouldn't want a raccoon as a pet? The story was perfection and I loved the suspense as well.
DuckyDi 11 months ago
Hilarious and sweet rom-com…. Put two of my favourite authors together and they came up with rom-com genius! Cassie and Ryan had history but once they got it sorted out things didn’t settle down like you might think. No, their sizzle blazed hot (thank goodness Ryan was a yummy fireman!) and was peppered with sweetness and laughter. They were both all about being real and their reality right now? Yeah, one side-splitting disaster after another… And it was more than that – as if that wasn’t enough! This was not a dark, serious book – the farthest from that you could get – yet there were still home truths that made their way sneakily (and entertainingly) into this one stop read… The characters, their story, were unique and funny without ever feeling over the top. Their conversations, the situations they found themselves in had me laughing through it all. Small town characters, sisterly texts, work complications (that had me ROFL) and an interesting pet (that everyone should experience) meant it was a great unique read! My favourite read of the year (so far, I’m hoping they will write more!). *5 George Cooney Stars* *Reviewed for 1-Click Addict Support Group
KaraS 11 months ago
Unicorn hair, a pet raccoon, unrequited past love - this book is beyond awesome!! I am new to Pippa Grant, but already knew I loved Lili Valente. Oh my goodness - I don't know who did what part, but it totally didn't matter. The wit, the fun, the romance was seamless throughout. I love, love, loved this story and George Cooney was the best side character EVER!! Cassie and Ryan knew each other in high school where unbeknownst to him - he broke her heart and then they meet up again when Cassie takes over for her sister's company while her sister has a well-deserved vacation from her well-deserved melt down over her ex!! Ryan has grown into a hot firefighter, so right there - you had me at hello! Cassie is the geek nerd (is that redundant?) who is a virgin gamer on vacation and trying to keep her sister's factory afloat. The fact that it is a sex toy factory sets up for many a humorous scene. Then we meet Ryan's pet raccoon and he totally steals the show. Really - there were many laugh out loud moments with his brand of awesomeness and use of factory paraphernalia!! The romance between Cassie and Ryan was so sweet; the texts between the two sisters hilarious, and the raccoon antics were the glue. This is sure to be a favorite rom com of the year!! Can't wait for more collaboration from these two. I voluntarily requested and reviewed an advance reader copy.
Nicolerko 11 months ago
When I found out two of my favorite authors were teaming up to write a book I was super stoked! This book is laugh out loud funny which I was so looking forward to because Grant and Valente rock at romantic comedies. I laughed from beginning to end. This book also packs the heat and heart. It also had a little suspense they kept me on the edge of my seat. The story had me hooked as well. I have to say though George Cooney stole the show. I loved him so much. Plus the scenes with him and Ryan melted my heart. I really hope there is much more collaboration between Grant and Valente in the future.
Anonymous 11 months ago
What a terrific writing duo! Hosed is the story of Cassie, Ryan and the small town of Happy Cat! This story is so, so funny! This story also has a lot swooniness and steaminess! The perfect combo! From George Clooney, to Satan's sex juice to Google Fu you will get the laughter that you need and a bit of mystery and drama to boot.  I loved reading the InstaChat of the town! Cassie is trying hard to cover for her absentee sister in running the Sunshine Toys.  The adult toy company is the talk of the town, for both supporters and people against it.  Cassie has always been the wallflower, the computer nerd who hasn't the first clue on the products she is currently in charge of manufacturing and selling. Ryan is a firefighter....need I say more? He is also the man who unwittingly broke Cassie's heart back in high school.  A bad case of miscommunication was the only mistake on his part. The chemistry between Ryan and Cassie is hotter than the flames that erupt during their first meeting. The flow of this story is phenomenal, I couldn't differentiate between Pippa and Lili's writing and that's a sign of a dynamic writing duo! I am hoping with the clues left in this story that there may be more to come from the residents of Happy Cat!  I will keep my fingers crossed! Well done ladies, well done!
TerriDlovestoread 11 months ago
What do you get when you mix together a hot fireman, a video game encoder pulled from her California home back to her small Georgia childhood home, a former child star turned owner of an adult sex toy factory, an ex accused of fornacating with a sheep, and a raccoon named George Cooney? Lots and lots of laughs and swoon worthy romance and a mystery to solve. Cassie Sunderwell has come back to Happy Cat Georgia to help her sister Savannah run her "toy" factory while Savannah runs off to avoid the fall out of her husband's choice of "girlfriends". A lube fire calls out the local fireman to have Cassie run in to her old flame that destroyed her as a teen. Ryan O'Dell is the protector of his town, his brothers, and a fat raccoon that loves to pillage the town to bring home treasures. That wouldn't be so bad if his treasures of choice wasn't rejects from the Sunshine Sex Toy factory. Ryan is happily shocked to see Cassie again even under the circumstances but when doubt starts to surface about all the accidents and mishaps happening around his noisy but loveable town he doesn't know who to believe. This is a funny quirky book that will definitely make you laugh out loud and look at pleasure toys in a different light. I fell in love with George Cooney as well as Ryan and Cassie. The supporting characters in the book are hilarious and I could picture them as I read. Got to love small southern towns. I received an early copy to read and review and give my honest opinion. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it.
CeeCeeHouston 11 months ago
What’s better than having two favorite authors? Having them write a book together, that’s what! And… that’s how Hosed came to life. Pippa Grant and Lili Valente put their combined talents together and gave us one heck of a beauty, and the best part of it is, you can’t tell who wrote what. The story is so seamlessly put together and so freaking brilliant, I was almost in tears when I reached the end, because I didn’t want to stop reading about Ryan O’Dell and Cassie and the quirky inhabitants of Happy Cat. Yeah, it’s an odd name, maybe this is the year of small hometowns weirdly being given domestic animal names, as this is the second one I’ve read this month already. Ryan is a firefighter and is a heart-stoppingly gorgeous guy who lives his life with an eye out for everyone around him. Sometimes to the detriment of himself. When he and Cassie reconnect after severals years of her living in San Francisco, he knows deep in his belly that they have something. But, she’s only in Happy Cat temporarily. Cassie didn’t want to come back home. But when her sister fled from the town leaving her sex toy company unmanned, someone had to take controlassi. Too bad Cassie and sex toys have never played together before. Cassie does her best, but, someone is out to wreck her sister’s company. Cassie isn’t prepared for the way she feels about Ryan, he hurt her years ago, and now… she wants to climb him like a tree. This book fed my inner swooner. Ryan is hot, charming and dare I say it? Selfless.These two were made for each other and it showed, whether they were riding a bike, or each other. Their chemistry burned that hot. I loved their snarky banter and even more, their heartfelt confessions. This wasn’t a story of just two people. They had a long list of supporting cast members. A loveable, roguish racoon, Ryan’s brothers and Cassie’s friends and neighbors. A small town full of folks in fact and it was simply wonderful to read. There was even a little suspense thrown in too. This is definitely one for the One-Click button. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
ap2514 11 months ago
Oh my God!!! I don't even know where to start with this review, there are just so many things I loved about this book. For starters, the characters have the trademark sass and humor that readers have come to know and love from Lili Valente. The situations and conversations are so funny I caught myself laughing out loud. Only in one of Ms. Valente's books will the heroine have to return to the small town of Happy Cat, Georgia to run her sister's factory, Sunshine Sex Toys. And if you don't fall in love with the H/h (Ryan and Cassie) then you will surely fall in love with Ryan's pet trash panda, George Cooney:)
KindleKat64 11 months ago
Well all I can say is Lili and Pippa nailed it! These two authors together are what RomCom dreams are made of!! They certainly made a magic story together set in this quirky little town of Happy Cat. And speaking of magic, Cassie & Ryan, aka nerdy video game coder girl and sexy firefighter, sure put a spell on me from the get-go. I am all about their relationship and everywhere it takes them. Not to mention George, the COOLEST PET EVER, who had me laughing so hard with all his antics. This story is cute, sweet and oh so funny and left me with a smile stuck on my face. There are some outrageous and crazy things going on in this town as well as lots of laughs and some hot sexy times courtesy of Cassie and Ryan who I absolutely love everything about. The way he stands up for her is amazing! Everything required for a fantabulous RomCom!!! I hope we get more from these ladies and from Happy Cat!!!
SingingSecretary 11 months ago
Hosed is entertaining, charming and fun from beginning to end. This collaboration between Pippa Grant and Lili Valente is absolutely fantastic. Replete with comical, laugh out loud moments including a raccoon named George, a little bit of suspense, as well as hot and sexy escapades, Cassie and Ryan’s story is absolutely perfect. I didn’t want to stop reading and certainly wasn’t ready to leave the community of Happy Cat behind. But with so many wonderful characters, I certainly am hoping for more from Ms. Grant and Ms. Valente...hint, hint. Bravo ladies! Very, very well done, indeed!
Susanmc81 11 months ago
Cassie is a 26 year old gaming geek and a virgin. Her sister Savannah leaves her in charge of her sex toy company after Savannah catches her husband in a compromising situation and leaves the country to find herself. Ryan is Cassie’s new neighbor. He is a hot fireman, and also the boy that broke her heart in high school. This is a great RomCom with a zany cast of characters (including Ryan’s pet raccoon). I hope the authors continue to work together to tell Ryan’s brothers’ stories. I was given an ARC of this book by the author for my honest review.
caroldh4 11 months ago
Hosed is a sexy, sweet, fun, quirky, did I say sexy, rom-com by Pippa Grant and Lili Valente. I have read several of Pippa’s books and love them but this is my very first involving Lili Valente. If this is any example of what I’m in store for, there will definitely be more! Cassie Sunderwell is, in her own words, the world’s oldest virgin code-writing nerd. She grew up in Happy Cat, Georgia with her sister, Savannah and her parents but now she lives in San Francisco doing a job she loves, writing code for apps. In high school she had a huge crush on the hottest guy in school, Ryan O’Dell. Without ever knowing how she felt, Ryan broke her heart. It’s been nine years since then. She’d like to think she was all over it. Well, maybe not! Cassie’s sister was running her dream company, Sunshine Sex Toys factory, which was, of course, right next to the town post office/taxidermy shop in Happy Cat, when she more or less went off the deep end which resulted from a terrible divorce. Savannah left the country on an extended trip leaving her sister in charge of her company. So yes, Cassie is back in Happy Cat, staying in her sister’s house, which happens to be right across the street from the boy, now very hot firefighter, Ryan. Ryan has lived in Happy Cat all his life. He lives with his pet raccoon, George Cooney. Ryan is the kind of guy who tries to take care of everyone, especially his three younger brothers, who I hope, hope, hope we might get to know better in future books! An emergency at the Sunshine Factory puts Ryan face to face with his new neighbor. He can’t believe she’s back! One look into her eyes and he’s lost. “Some risks are worth taking and Cassie is worth this roll of the dice and so much more.” Cassie and Ryan begin getting to know each other and their chemistry is immediately obvious to the both of them. Once they work out Cassie’s high school memories, they begin seeing each other. These two were so darn cute together. Ryan was so smitten with her and so patient. I couldn’t help but to fall in love with him a bit myself. At the same time, though, things are going wrong at the Sunshine Sex Toy Factory. Not everyone in town is thrilled to have a sex toy factory in their midst. Is someone sabotaging them? Evidence seems to point to Cassie and her sister and there are plenty in town that are quick to think the worst. “He could break me. So easily. But, he also makes me whole.” “I just want to be here, with him, this man who feels like home.” Cassie is trying so hard to save her sister’s business while she is away. At the same time, she is falling in love. Both she and Ryan feel like they have found that puzzle piece they never even knew was missing. This was so much fun. These two were adorable. Cassie’s safe, quiet life trying to not be seen in San Francisco is turned upside down in Happy Cat. The residents of this quirky little town are hilarious and adorable. This is one of those books that once you start reading, you don’t want to put it down. While I was reading, I realized I was smiling. How could I not? I definitely plan to look into Lili Valente’s work now. I don’t know if they plan on doing more books in Happy Cat, but I sure hope so. My fingers and toes are crossed that we get to know Ryan’s brothers better in future books.