Hospital Ships & Troop Transport of the First World War

Hospital Ships & Troop Transport of the First World War

by Campbell McCutcheon


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The biggest shipping loss of both world wars was the hospital ship Britannic, at almost 50,000 tons. Supposedly safe to travel the seas, many hospital ships were lost in both wars. From the smallest of motor launches through steam yachts and converted ocean liners, Campbell McCutcheon tells the story of the First World War hospital ships. Many succumbed to accidents, mines or German submarines but many also faithfully provided a vital service without loss of life or accident.Troopships were also vital right from the very first days of the war, when ships carried the BEF across the English Channel in August 1914. Meanwhile, convoys that included many great pre-war ocean liners pressed into service were bringing Canadian and Australasian troops to the UK and France, and later American troops as well. Many would continue in service until long after the war had ended, repatriating soldiers well into 1919, and their story is also told in this beautifully illustrated book.

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ISBN-13: 9781445638676
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Publication date: 09/02/2015
Pages: 128
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Campbell McCutcheon has had a life-long interest in the Olympic-class vessels and naval shipping. He has written extensively on the subject along with some Military History and Bradshaw’s Railway titles for Amberley. He lives in Gloucestershire, but he was born within sight and sound of the water and has been interested in ships from a young age.

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