Hostage to Love

Hostage to Love

by Maya Blake

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Hostage to Love by Maya Blake:

On an idyllic Greek island, danger surfaces...and passion re-ignites.

During a charity mission to a war-torn African country, Belle Jones is kidnapped by the vicious rebel leader determined to make her his. Belle's estranged husband, Greek billionaire Nick Andreakos, stages a daring rescue, saving her from the horror.

To hide her from the obsessed kidnapper—and to repair their broken relationship—Nick whisks Belle away to his private island paradise. But she still won't put up with his controlling ways...even if she's still defenseless against their scorching-hot chemistry. With the brutal killer hot on their heels, Nick knows he must earn Belle's trust again—and fast. Even if it means risking everything. And losing his heart forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781622661336
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 07/08/2013
Series: Entangled Ignite
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 213
Sales rank: 309,985
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Maya Blake's dreams of becoming a romance author began when she picked up her first romance novel at age thirteen. She eventually realized this dream in 2007 when her first romance suspense was published. Maya lives in he Kent, Southeastern England, with her husband and two kids and an endless supply of romance novels.

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Hostage to Love

By Maya Blake, Tracy Montoya

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Maya Blake
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-133-6


Nawaka, Africa


The harsh command reverberated through Belle Winkworth-Jones, causing her already pounding heart to skitter with renewed fear. She tightened her hand around the arm of the old man beside her, anxious to communicate reassurance.

"Not long now, Father," she urged the priest, silently willing him to walk faster while keeping herself between him and the soldier behind them.

Anxiously, she glanced over her shoulder and past their grim-eyed guard at the other two captives — Edda and Hendrik Morgensen — and breathed a little easier to see them keeping up.

The guerrillas marched them relentlessly through the night, not stopping until dawn tinged the inky blackness of the dense African jungle. As if aware of the danger that lurked nearby, the critters and creatures of the night fell into silence at their approach. Only the distant hoot of an owl echoed eerily above the canopied treetops.

By the time they stopped to make camp, Belle could barely place one foot in front of the other.

After five days of the same, she now knew the routine by heart. Their captors handed out small pieces of the stale, near-molded bread made from coarse corn flour. After they ate, she and the three other hostages would be tied up around the trunk of a large baobab tree or a large rock, where they would stay shaded from the harsh September sun until close to dusk. Then the punishing journey would recommence.

She'd stopped asking what their captors intended to do with them; her demands had so far fallen on deaf ears. For the most part, the guerrillas were silent, preferring to let the deadly threat of their weapons do the talking for them. Nothing urged a person to walk faster or shut up better than having the business end of a machine gun aimed at them, she'd discovered.

But she had a fair idea where they were headed. Even though she'd only heard whispers of where his camp was located, the rebel leader who controlled this part of Nawaka was well known. Some spoke of him with fear, others with reverence.

Right at that moment, the emotion that burned in Belle's stomach stemmed from neither. The rebels' treatment of them, especially old Father Tom, only caused anger to swell in her chest.

Recognizing the futility of her fury, she squashed it down, finished her bread, and slumped against a large boulder in the small clearing they'd been brought to. The throbbing pain in her bleeding feet and wrists echoed through her body, but she ignored it. She also ignored the cramping in her abdomen. She would worry about that particular problem later.

She glanced at Father Tom. The aging missionary had hurled himself so bravely in front of her when the rebels had invaded their mission camp and had taken her and the Dutch couple — her fellow volunteers at the mission-run relief camp — hostage. Guilt and worry replaced her anger. Because of her, he'd also been thrown into the back of the armored truck along with them.

She went to him and held out the water bottle the rebels had surprisingly let her keep. "Drink," she said softly, knowing they only had a short amount of time before they would be tied up. Dehydration was a reality they'd learned to live with since their capture. Temperatures soared well into the hundreds during the day, the humid atmosphere made all the more unbearable by the density of the forest. Water was also a scarce commodity, so the constant fear that they'd succumb to the life-threatening condition was ever-present.

He took a drink and handed it back. She took a small gulp, careful to ration the water she'd replenished at a shallow waterhole they'd passed the night before. Wiping the back of her near-calloused hand across her mouth, she put the bottle away, her eyes on the old man.

"Are you all right?" She indicated the side of his head, which still bled, albeit lightly, from when he'd fallen earlier.

"Och, I'm fine, lass. 'Tis just a scratch. Anyway, I'll soon be back at the mission." His Scottish brogue hadn't diminished, even after thirty-five years in Africa.

She suppressed the hysterical laughter that bubbled up in her throat. Father Tom Campbell had repeated this assurance for the past five days. Just how he hoped to evade the fifteen rebel soldiers who guarded them remained a mystery to her.

So far he hadn't tried anything stupid. She'd prayed his belief they would soon be back at their missionary outpost was spiritual rather than wishful thinking. But today she caught a disturbing glint in his eyes, one that made her uneasy.

She looked over her shoulder and counted seven of the soldiers disappearing back into the jungle. Scanning the immediate vicinity to make sure the remaining rebels wouldn't overhear them, she crouched down and leaned toward the old man.

"Father, I hope you're not planning anything crazy, because you know these men won't tolerate it. Besides, I need you to look after me, so please promise me you'll do as they say," she pleaded with him, unashamed to play the helpless damsel just this once if it meant keeping him safe.

He waved her concerns away. "Ah, lass. No harm will come to you, not while I'm around. I'm not going anywhere without you. But soon we'll be going home."

"I'm sorry, Father, but I think you're wrong. We've been heading east since yesterday," she whispered. "I ... I think we're near the border, approaching the leader's camp. There are bound to be more of his men around, so please, don't do anything rash."

Father Tom shook his head. "I know it in my heart, and I can feel it in these old bones, we're going home within the week. Rest easy. You'll be back with those you love soon. I'm sure there's someone special waiting for a bonny girl like you."

She shook her head to dispel the image of gray eyes and chiseled features that rose in her mind. "No, Father. There's no one special."

Not since one man had cut her hopes away. Not since the future she'd foolishly dreamed of and mapped out for herself had turned out to be a mirage.

She felt compassion for the children of Nawaka whose lives had been torn apart by war and famine. She certainly felt fear, for herself and the other three captives whose plight was very grave indeed. She pitied the soldiers, who thought the only way to resolve their conflict was by wielding guns and tormenting innocents.

But feelings of excitement, longing, and, above all, love? No, those had been trampled beneath feet encased in Italian hand-made shoes with all the carelessness of someone stubbing out a cigarette.

Forcing the unwanted thoughts from her mind, she focused on the old man. "So, can I count on you to behave?" she asked.

He held up three gnarled fingers. "Old scout's honor."

Somewhat reassured, if not all together convinced, by the old man's words, she straightened and swatted the ever-present flies from her face.

By the time the second group of rebels returned, they'd finished their meager meal. Ignoring the pain in her feet, Belle helped the old man up and fell into her designated place in line, the second of the hostages walking between two groups of gun-toting captors.

Their journey ended abruptly an hour later.

The scorching sun still rode in the cloudless sky when they passed a large circle of moabi trees and entered a clearing dotted with thatched huts.

The largest of the huts, slap in the middle of the semi-circular group of similar dwellings, was the most carefully constructed. Although made to look like its dilapidated neighbors with its thatched roof, oven-strengthened mud exterior, and wooden-slatted windows, the structure held a few differences to the practiced eye. The walls were slightly thicker, the door made of mahogany rather than the weaker plywood of the other huts.

Belle gaped at the unexpected sight this far inside the jungle, the pleasing hint of civilization momentarily overriding the reason for her presence here. To one side of the clearing, a large well rose from the ground, complete with a powerful-looking hand pump and a simple water hose had been connected from the well to a showerhead hooked to a tree branch.

The simple, but oh-so-very-missed, comfort gripped her attention.

She was so focused on thoughts of taking a shower that it took a few precious seconds to sense his presence.

"Welcome to my humble abode," the voice said. It was deep and lyrical, a mixture of accents that curiously intrigued her. Just as it had the first time she'd heard it three weeks ago.

Turning sharply to her left, she came face to face with the man on whose orders they had been taken — her ultimate, ruthless captor.

Charles Mwana.

Belle reluctantly admitted, just as she had the first time she'd seen him, that the propaganda pictures strewn around the Nawakan capital and on signposts in every village did not do him justice.

He towered over his men, a commanding figure whose camouflage uniform was the only thing he had in common with his subordinates.

Shoulder-length brown hair bleached light by the harsh African sun, blue-eyed and swarthy, the rebel leader wouldn't have been out of place on the cover of People Magazine, except for the ugly, jagged scar that disfigured the right side of his face.

But even with the scar, she had to admit there was a riveting presence about him, a charismatic pull that could lull one into believing he was marginally less dangerous than he truly was. Especially when he chose that moment to bare white, even teeth in a seemingly harmless smile.

She tensed as he came closer, the sheer breadth of his shoulders blocking out the sun as he paused two feet from her.

"I trust my men treated you well?" he asked.

She barely stopped a snort from escaping. Father Tom started to answer, but she stopped him with a slight shake of her head.

"Yes, but I ... we would like to know why we've been cap — taken."

"All in good time. First things first. Let's get you out of this interminable heat." His English was perfect, a fact which, since Nawaka was mostly a French-speaking country, made her wonder about his origins. He signaled to one of his men, who came forward and snapped to attention in front of him.

"Please ... just tell us why we're here." She forced firmness she was far from feeling into her voice.

His blue eyes lost a touch of warmth, but his smile remained in place as he stepped closer.

She swallowed, her heart lurching before hammering against her ribcage.

"You've subsisted on bread and water for the past five days. Surely you wish to partake of more substantial sustenance to regain your strength?"

Father Tom lurched unsteadily on his feet. "Keep your food. Just tell us why we're here!"

Captain Mwana turned toward him, and like a flash of lightning, cordiality had disappeared, replaced by a fearsome, icy regard. Belle smashed down her fear and planted herself between the two men, facing their captor. From the corner of her eye, she saw the other soldiers move toward them.

"We appreciate your offer of food and water. And afterward, perhaps we can have an explanation of why we're all here?" she said with a lift of her chin, while with one hand behind her back, she waved frantically for Father Tom to stay put.

For several tense moments, Captain Mwana ignored her, his deadly focus trained on the old man. Finally, Father Tom retreated to the large, flat rock.

Seemingly satisfied that he wouldn't be any more trouble, the rebel leader turned his attention back to her. "All in good time, my dear." His tone had once again returned to that of charming host.

In her peripheral vision, she saw Edda and Henrik sag with relief as the tension eased tangibly. But the stone-heavy dread in Belle's stomach didn't dissipate.

With a jerk of his head, the rebel leader indicated one of the smaller huts. The soldier nearest the Dutch couple barked an order. Edda jumped and clung closer to her husband as they were led away.

Beside her, Father Tom tried to stare down their captor, but Mwana's eyes were once again riveted on her face, his sharp, speculative regard boring almost invasively under her skin.

"Come with me," he instructed, stepping back to indicate the large hut.

"Where are you taking her?" Father Tom demanded.

"It's okay, Father." She pressed a reassuring hand on his arm and nudged him toward Edda and Henrik.

He seemed set to protest, but her murmured no, meant for his ears alone, convinced him to refrain. In any case, Mwana had decided not to bother with an answer.

He stood at the door to his hut and beckoned her with a gracious gesture that seemed at odds with her circumstances.

On unsteady feet, she approached, fighting the wave of apprehension that threatened to sweep her away with its unrelenting tide.

Stepping into the hut, she was engulfed by coolness that brought immediate relief from the scorching sun. Extensive bookshelves took up one solid wall. There were books on philosophy, politics, economics, and classic literature. Although their first meeting had been brief — Charles Mwana had stopped their missionary truck on the way to the city and exchanged words with the driver before welcoming Belle to the mission — she'd allowed herself to believe that the man who held a stranglehold on Nawaka to the point where the current government all but bowed to his every wish was nothing but a ruthless thug who chose to hide in the jungle, despite the charisma he seemed to exude.

Looking around, her fear escalated. Whatever else Charles Mwana was, he was not a simpleton. Clearly, her capture was no spur-of-the-moment opportunistic grab.

She took a few more steps into the living area of the hut, and her heart sank.

Pictures of her covered the surface of a coffee table made entirely out of the clean slice of a mahogany tree trunk: images of her playing in the dirt outside the mission with the young children, of her unloading supplies from the mission truck, and even ones of her sitting alone under a large moabi tree, reading in the dusk.

Icy numbness encased her chest. "You've had me under surveillance since I arrived at the mission."

"Surveillance is such an unpleasant word. More like keeping a friendly eye on you," he murmured in that deep, disconcertingly mesmerizing voice.

She turned to face him. "Friendly? Is that what you call being dragged through the jungle for five days straight with nothing but bread crusts to eat?"

He spread large, golden brown hands upward in a cajoling gesture. "I regret that. If there had been an easier way, I would've employed it."

"An easier way to do what? What exactly is the end game here? It can't be because you craved the pleasure of my ... our company."

His steady blue gaze raked lazily over her, pausing in uncomfortable places before rising to recapture hers. "Don't underestimate the power of your charms, Belle, or the time and effort it's taken to bring you here."

The sound of her name on his lips made her skin crawl, but it was nothing compared to the sheer terror his words created inside her. Before she could summon the courage to ask what he meant, there was a knock on his door.

He answered in fluent Nawakan. A soldier entered, bearing a tray loaded with food. The heady smell of cassava and the spinach and fish sauce she'd grown to love since arriving in Nawaka hit her nostrils. Her stomach growled with the pain of denied nourishment, and she swayed where she stood.

The urge to resist the food provided by her captor crossed her mind for a single second before she dismissed its folly. To stand any chance of surviving this ... whatever this was, she'd need all her strength. She'd never been one to cut her nose off to spite her face.

No, her many flaws lay elsewhere, far, far from this nightmare.


She sat in one of the two armchairs that graced the room. The soldier placed the tray directly on top of the pictures on the coffee table. Mwana made no move to remove them, forcing her to glance at the unnerving images of herself that stared back at her.

"Eat," he commanded, pushing one plate toward her.

She started to reach for the heavily scratched utensils and paused. A gleam of amusement lit his eyes as he stared back at her. "You think I would go to all this trouble to bring you here only to poison you?"

She berated herself, since the thought hadn't even occurred to her. "No. I was only going to ask if the others are being fed, too. But since you've brought it up ...?"

He laughed, the sound deep, husky, and ... manly. The latter thought unnerved her further, and it was all she could do not to clutch her head in despair at the sensation that threatened to seize her.

She knew about Stockholm Syndrome, and she felt more than one-hundred-percent sure it wasn't what was happening here. And yet, she couldn't deny that Charles Mwana held a fascination for her, like meeting a celebrity — albeit an unhinged one.

"The answer is yes and no, in that order. Here, I'll prove it." He picked up his own fork and took a mouthful of food from her plate.

She waited until he swallowed before she picked up her own fork. After a few, hearty mouthfuls, she put her fork down.

"The food is unsatisfactory?" he asked with a raised brow.


Excerpted from Hostage to Love by Maya Blake, Tracy Montoya. Copyright © 2013 Maya Blake. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Hostage To Love 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of the best books I've read. Had romance and suspense Both of the main characters had strong personalities
ssmommie75TB More than 1 year ago
Hostage To Love was an extraordinary story.  Nick was a Greek Alpha male that drove his wife, Belle, away with his need to control and take over her life,  not to mention breaking her heart by refusing to have children.  Belle not being able to take any of it anymore left and found herself in Africa.  After a daring rescue and a couple of weeks on a private island, Belle decides to make a go of her marriage,   only to have the madman that took her hostage in Africa show back up in their lives.  Maya Blake is an extremely talented author,  that makes me feel privileged to get to read her books.
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
In Hostage to Love by Maya Blake, Belle is a teacher in a mission group in Africa. When she and some others are kidnapped, Belle is not sure how or if she's going to get out alive. The rebel leader knows Belle's try identity and has decided that Belle will be his. The last person Belle expects to come to her rescue is the husband she left six months ago! With his contacts and his money, Greek billionaire Nick has no qualms about coming to the African jungle to save Belle. Despite continuing on in Belle's absence with what was expected of him, Nick has never been able to understand why Belle left...nor is he even remotely over her. When Nick takes Belle to his isolated to recover from her ordeal, despite her wanting to go back to her own home, he is determined not to lose Belle again. With a lack of communication up to now in their whirl wind courtship and marriage, is there any chance they can make it work? Belle wants to be Belle, not just an extension of Nick...can they break down the walls before it's too late? Because danger is still creeping up on them, and some things shouldn't wait to be told. Nick and Belle are both strong, somewhat stubborn people. They have very strong chemistry together that Belle will try to fight so she can keep her wits about her when she's around Nick. Nick is not afraid to go after what he wants...and what he wants is to keep Belle safe and have her back as his wife. It seemed to me like it was the chemistry that brought them together, but after that they had trouble. As I read Hostage to Love, I could see that both Belle and Nick belonged to each other in their hearts, if only they can open up the lines of communication, trust in themselves and each other. They both have a lot to offer! Maya gives us a fast paced, romantic adventure in Hostage to Love. I found the relationship between Belle and Nick to be the focal point of Hostage to Love, and how they will work through their issues (because they both have them!) to try to come together under very stressful and dicey circumstances. The dangers they face will have to be dealt with before they can truly try to move on. Maya's descriptives of the Greek island and the waters surrounding it where Belle and Nick were staying were so perfect I felt like throwing on my suit and going for a swim! Maya brings Belle and Nick to life with their usually steamy, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and always based on love, interactions. As frustrating as the lack of communication was for me as a reader, I can see this happening in real life. People hear what they want to hear. Belle and Nick, like anyone else, will have to listen with an open mind to each other if they want their happily ever after. I would have liked a little more about the actual kidnapping, the motives, why, how Belle caught the rebel leader's eye, etc. That was the only piece that was missing in Hostage to Love for me. I'd recommend Hostage to Love to any romance leader looking for some heat in a gorgeous setting, along with the suspenseful drama that will keep you guessing!
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
HOSTAGE TO LOVE by Maya Blake is an exciting Romantic Suspense set in the Greek Islands and Africa. Filled with mystery,intrigue,passion,suspense,and a love triangle. Fast paced with interesting characters and a somewhat unique storyline. Journey with Belle Jones,Greek billionaire,Nick Andreako,and an obsessed killer/kidnapper,Charles Mwana, as they navigate their way through danger,scorching-hot passion,trust and the power of love. Oh yeah an through Africa and as well as the Greek Islands. Only married a few short weeks, Belle soon learns she does not care for Nick's obsessive,controlling ways and leaves,only to be kidnapped by an obsessed,brutal,African rebel leader,Charles Mwana. Nick must stage a daring rescue if he is to ever see his estranged wife again. "Hostage to Love" is a quick read that is filled with the power of love,reuniting that love and finding oneself in the progress. The characters are charming,or some of them, engaging and the plot is well written with vivid descriptions. A great summer read filled with suspense, and passion. The chemistry between Nick and Belle radiates off the page. A hot romance for sure. Leaves you wondering what's next for these characters, including Nick's cousin, Alex. I see a sequel in our future or maybe a novella. Received for an honest review from the publisher. RATING: 4 HEAT RATING: HOT REVIEWED BY: AprilR, Review courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
Megz_0711 More than 1 year ago
Hawt Factor #1 - Nick (and Alex his cousin) served in the United States Marine Corps.  Hawt Factor #2 - Nick is the only one who calls Belle by her real name and makes it sound sexy. Belle's real name/title is Lady Tinkerelle Poppy Winkworth-Jones, sixth Earl of Edenhall. And let me tell you I'd change my name to Tinkerbelle if I had a guy who when he said it, it would roll off of the tongue, the way it does in my head when Nick says it. Hawt Factor #3 - Nick will do anything and I mean ANYTHING to save Belle from danger. Which is why he goes guns blazing, with help, to save Belle's life from a rebel leader in Africa. Hawt Factor # 4 - Nick speaks little Greek sayings to Belle that are terms of endearment and shows his love for her. Hawt Factor #5 - Dude is tall, dark, sexy and BUILT!!! O.M.G. the way Nick's body is described....I'm pretty sure I had drool coming out of my mouth...especially when the scenes got pretty steamy!!!! Anyways the book starts out with Belle and a few others walking as prisoners, to meet up with the rebel leader, Charles Mwana in Africa. Once they finally arrive at his camp Belle is separated from the rest of the group and is given her own quarters. She also quickly learns that Mwana doesn't really care if he receives the ransom money or not for Belle, because he is attracted to Belle. Mwana constantly tells Belle different things such as, "Don't underestimate the power of your charms, Belle, or the time and effort it's taken to bring you here." He also wants to come to some type of an arrangement with her. Belle starts to get to Mwana and he warms up to her. For her this is all survival and she says anything and everything to make sure to stay on his good side. During a game of chess Mwana shares a lot of details about his future plans for Africa, what his part will be and how he wants Belle there with him. Next, we find out Nick is angry because Belle has been missing for five days. He takes his cousin, Alex, a fellow marine and a group of men he hired and goes in search of Belle, guns blazing. After they find the camp and after some gun fire, Nick finds his estranged wife and carries her away from the horrors she recently went through in Africa. The biggest thing about Nick is that he is a HUGE control freak. And when I say control freak that is putting it mildly. Instead of taking her back to London, where her current apartment is (since leaving her husband 6 months ago) he takes her to his island Althea.  The first few days between these two are UGLY!!!! Belle wants to leave the island and Nick wants her to stay. We finally find out why Belle left Nick 6 months ago and we also find out that Nick isn't willing to let her go, no matter what. They got married and that's the end of it. But Nick also makes a proposition for Belle. Nick wants a truce for the next seven days and then they have their "talk" about their marriage and what each of them wants. Or they can have wild, no holds-barred sex.  So of course which option is going to be the one taken? The wild, no holds-barred sex of course. And O.M.G. they have some pretty steamy scenes. My favorite is when Nick goes for a swim in the ocean and she goes for a swim in the pool and when she gets out she goes to shower off a little and Nick comes in and ahhh......he just loses it!!!  So while Belle and Nick work on patching up their marriage and surviving on the island without killing each other, Mwana has made it known that he plans on getting what is his back and with that he will get Belle back. Well of course that angers Nick and we see how things play out when Belle's life is threatened right before his eyes.  The world that Maya creates pulls the reader in right from the beginning and keeps them guessing till the end what is going to happen. I want to know what will happen in the next chapter of Belle's life. So...maybe sometime down the road a squeal? Or a little novella? Just over here wishing for more of these characters because I fell in love with them. Overall, this was a great read and I highly recommend this book to go pick one up and get lost in Nick and Belle's characters. 
PrincessFiona More than 1 year ago
This was an enthralling read about Belle and Nick, estranged husband and wife brought back together when Belle is taken hostage by a Rebel leader in an African country.  Belle left Nick because he was too controlling in every aspect of their marriage.  Now Nick is taking control again after rescuing her, bringing her back to their Greek island home to recuperate. The relationship between Belle and Nick at first glance was all about the physical, but as we see them interact on the island, we see that they have far more in common than you would think considering Belle's complaints about the marriage. I enjoyed watching the two of them get to know each other again and see how the strength Belle has rebuilt in the six months they were apart effects Nick's perception of her. The suspense elements as a plot mover worked well though I was surprised at the body count.  Nevertheless the story is all about the love affair which suited me fine. A very enjoyable read with no boring bits.
Liberty_Ann_Ireland More than 1 year ago
I have discovered that I love a good action- and suspense-filled romance almost as much as a good cowboy romance. In fact, the two often coincide. So, when I read the blurb on Hostage to Love, I knew I had to read it. While Maya Blake's books are new to me, she is far from new to the genre. She tends to write about hot, arrogant, wealthy heros, damsels in distress, place them in an extravagant setting and watch the sparks fly. That, in a nutshell, is the premise of this book. Meet Nick Andreakos, dashing Greek billionaire and estranged husband to Belle. Nick had it all...except the love of his wife. Meet Belle Jones, gorgeous, noble and caring, abruptly kidnapped by a sadistic freak. Well, what was Nick to do? Stand by while his woman was carted off to be forced to submit to another male? I don't think so! So, of course, he risks all to rescue her. The story could end there and they could live happily ever after except for one large thing...Nick is an ass. In fact, he was my largest complaint about the entire book, aside from a few little things which I could have easily overlooked, were it not for him. For a long time, it made it difficult for me to enjoy the book (thus the four and a half Harlies rather than five). So did Nick snap out of it? Did Belle get past the anger and hurt? Was their passion able to rise to the top and did the action ever stop? *snicker* Like I am going to tell you! You have to read the book , silly! I will tell you that it is a serious page-turner, one you just can't put down so don't even try. I read it non-stop, cover to cover, feeling more than a little dizzy at times, there was so much suspense, passion and intrigue. There was love, lust and intimacy but it was not over the top and not graphic. True, you must suspend your disbelief on a some matters but I can do that without difficulty. I cannot wait to read more of Ms. Blake's work and would strongly recommend Hostage to Love to all lovers of hot, action-filled Romance! **I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was received.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Belle Winkworth-Jones is taken hostage by ruthless rebel leader, Charles Mwana. He is obsessed with her and believes she is his destiny. However, her estranged husband, Nick Andreakos, has other plans. He mounts a rescue mission to save her and the others. Once she is free, he takes her to the safety of his private island, Althea. Is she safe from the determined madman or will he try to reclaim his prize? Now that Belle and Nick are together, can they save their troubled marriage? The story is filled with action and suspense. Maya Blake writes characters that are complex and determined to be their own person. Nick is a passionate Alpha male who will not give up on his love. Belle is a strong woman who will not let her life be controlled by anyone even her husband. You want this couple to find love and fulfillment. You won't be able to put this book down. A terrific summer read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received this book as an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review. This book was good, but not great. I liked the characters, but I never felt connected with them.   I think more time could've been spent developing deeper characters and explaining what drove them to do the things they do...from Belle to Nick to Mwana. I did like how there was a plot twist in the beginning.   I thought one thing and then was different.
Evita_P More than 1 year ago
This is my first story by this author and am definitely a fan now! The story starts off very quickly with Bella in the hands of a kidnapper in the jungles of Nawaka, all seems lost until Nick comes to the rescue. Nick is actually Bella's estranged husband. Many misunderstandings and stubbornness on both their parts caused their marriage to break up. But the spark is still there, can they put the pieces together and make another go at their marriage? You'll have to pick up a copy to find out what happens... I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Nanettez608 More than 1 year ago
I liked it when he says, Tinkerbelle...
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I sat down to read this book and despite a few interruptions, I finished it rather quickly.  The story captured my attention from the beginning.  I mean who doesn't love a strong Greek alpha male going after the woman he loves (but doesn't realize he does)?  Nick was a very strong man who loves to be in control of every aspect in his life and Belle is his wife who had finally had enough.  I enjoyed watching her transformation into a woman who decided what she would and would not put up with, a woman who knew what she wanted and went after it, and a woman who learned to accept all that her husband could give her and not give up on him.   This book drew me in with the suspense and action right from the beginning.  The villain gave me the creepy crawlies and was so twisted in his reality.  But reading Nick come to life and protect what was his was total swoonworthy.  He is an uber-sexy man with his playful banter with Belle.  Although I did want to smack him upside the head a few times and tell him to listen to what Belle is saying.  Really listen to her and make it work.  It was very refreshing to see a couple in a book compromise with each other and neither one be a complete pushover. This was my first book of Maya Blake's to read and did thoroughly enjoy it.  I would love to see a book with Alex (Nick's cousin).
sirchad More than 1 year ago
What could go wrong while she rebuilt her life, helped some children, and escaped the paparazzi? Everything. Frustrated and heartbroken, Belle Winkworth Jones volunteered for a mission school in Nawaka to rediscover herself. Feeling stifled and subdued by her six month marriage,she had left Nick Andreakos to find her identity again. Surrounded by the children at the mission, peace slowly began to come, until, that is, she caught the obsessive eyes of Charles Mwanan, a power hungry rebel leader. Kidnapped, hidden in a secret cave, her options were suddenly severely limited. Consumed by the bleakness of her situation, she wonders. Would she ever be free of forced submission to men? Stubborn, proud, arrogant, Nick Andreakos is floored by his wife's unexplained desertion after six months of marriage. Determined not to play her games, he continues his life just like before: attending premieres, jetting setting around the world, handling late night business deals. Until devastating news arrives. Belle's been kidnapped by a vicious rebel leader. Can he rescue her in time and patch up his marriage, or will the emptiness he constantly feels be present forever? Can Belle and Nick find the solutions to their problems? Will the crazed, obsessed rebel leader kill any chance at a happily ever after? Excitement, mystery, and intrigue were woven in the telling of this book. The development of the characters and the plot pulled you in from the first page. Real page turner. I would recommend this book! Excellent read! I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review.
PiperDenna More than 1 year ago
Maya Blake writes solid, believable characters with problems we can relate to (and heroes we want to claim for ourselves!). Her love scenes will melt your pants off. Alpha Greek hero. Need I say more?
BookReviewsByDebra More than 1 year ago
Newlywed Bell caught her husband in what appeared to be a compromising situation. Considering divorce she ran away, to a Nawaka mission where she took a job as a teacher. A soldier kidnaped Belle and demanded a ransom from Nick. The leader was obsessed with Belle. Nick hired a team of Special Forces to rescue Belle. He takes her to a private Greek Island. The danger is not over yet for her kidnaper is still on the loose. Hostage to Love by Maya Blake is an entertaining read. Blake uses the right amount of romance and suspense to keep readers eagerly turning pages.