Hot in the City

Hot in the City

by Jules Court

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The first time Detective Brian MacGregor met Priya Shah, he was bleeding. Injured apprehending a suspect, he just needed a few stitches. He didn't expect to feel a gut punch of lust for the beautiful ER doc. But another emergency called her away before he had a chance to ask her out…or kiss her. Or find out if she shared his sudden sex-in-a-dark-hospital-room fantasy.  

The second time he met Priya, she was protecting a murder witness.  

Protecting is putting it strongly, if you ask Priya. Her cousin may have witnessed a murder, but she had nothing to do with it. Even if the hot ginger cop seems like the perfect solution to Priya's summer dry spell, they both have more important things to worry about. Like finding Sara before the murderer does.  

As far as Brian's concerned, Priya is the key—her cousin is bound to come back to her eventually, and when she does, he'll be there. They just need to keep their hands off each other until then. But when attraction burns this hot, it's only so long before someone has to break… 


This book is approximately 35,000 words 


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781488024528
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 03/27/2017
Series: Hot in the City , #1
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Jules Court is a Boston native currently living in Oregon with her husband and dog, where the coffee more than makes up for the nine months of constant rain. She's a recovering attorney who wrote her first romance novel when she should have been studying for the Bar. When not writing, she enjoys reading, hiking, running, playing with her neurotic dog, and baking vegan cupcakes. You can follow her at her website,

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Hot in the City 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
While I enjoyed reading Hot in the City, I felt like it was just too predictable. Don’t get me wrong the characters were likable and the sex was scorching hot but it was just very cliche’. Everything literally happened as planned. I wish that Jules Court, the author, would have given us just a little more character development and at least not let the hookup seem so easy. Maybe I’m just being too critical of a book that was destined to have a happy ending but… Hot in the City is about Detective Brian MacGregor and Doctor Priya Shah. Brian and Priya first met when he needed stitches and she was the doctor who did it. They had an attraction but didn’t pursue it at the time. When Prya’s cousin Sara becomes a primary witness in a murder investigation and goes on the run, Brian decides that the best way to find Sara is to stay close to Priya. As expected, Brian gets really, really close to Priya. Of course, this complicates things for both of them since Brian still needs to bring Sara in while Priya is obligated to protect her. This conflict resolved itself much too soon in my opinion which made the book seem a little rushed. On the other hand, I loved that this was a multicultural romance and we got to see Brian interact with Priya’s traditional Indian family. Brian seemed to have no qualms about their differences while it seemed that Priya was a little apprehensive about her Indian heritage at times. Don’t mistake my critiques as an overall dislike of the book. I am very interested in seeing if the next book may involve one of the secondary characters from this book such as Brian’s stick in the mud partner. Plus, I did like that the book was an easy read and there weren’t any convoluted twists and turns. I just wanted things to be drawn out a little longer. **Received a copy from the publisher and reviewed the book voluntarily.**