Hot Pants Karen (XXX Erotica)

Hot Pants Karen (XXX Erotica)

by Kourtney Pocock

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Hot Pants Karen (XXX Erotica) by Kourtney Pocock

Warning: Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include BDSM, incest, and other taboo and forbidden elements. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.
It happened the day after her 18th birthday, on June 7th, a date she would never be able to forget. It was the day violent, gang-banging rape changed her from an innocent child to a woman of lust.
To be 18, to Karen Jones, created a kind of emotional feeling of total freedom. She was old enough to live alone-though had no plans on doing so at the present. But the mere idea of this sudden freedom created a thrilling sense of maturity.
She'd been happy since waking, then all through breakfast and more so, now, walking along the beach.
It was a hot summer day and Karen was almost a mile from the motel where her parents had been staying for the family's two week vacation.
She had on very tight red shorts and a boy's shirt. On impulse she'd not worn a bra, feeling a little evil about it. Her breasts were large and firm, their nipples pressed against the shirt like little points, swinging slightly with every move of her body.
It somehow made her feel even more mature. Totally free.
Her blonde hair was short, cropped an inch above the shoulders. A style her mother didn't like; but that wasn't important. Karen had always been able to do what she wanted.
She looked out at the blue ocean, watching the foamy waves slide up the sand and then slowly, reluctantly drag back to reform new ones. Karen took a deep breath of air and felt good and clean and happy.
Last night her father, at the birthday celebration, had let her have champagne and the effects seemed to still be working.
She was almost drunk from a wonderful sense of freedom; like a bird who had left the nest for the first time.
Sitting on the sand, Karen ran her fingers through it. All her senses were alive.
Her thoughts turned to Billy, whom she had dated for a very long time. He wanted to have sex with her. She always refused. This was something she planned to save for the man she married.
Some of the girls she knew were already married and had children-others slept around, casually giving out to any guy who attracted them.
Karen knew it would be impossible to do that kind of thing. Even though some of the stories girls told had been erotically exciting. One girl had raved about how great it was to do a 69 position with boys. "I never thought it would feel so good. He's down there between your legs, kissing and really trenching you where it does the most good! And you're trenching his thing. I love having one in my mouth! Sometimes I'm frustrated when the boy is too large to take all the way into my mouth. One date I knew had a small one and I was able to get it all in and had my lips up against his balls. I tongued them while just going ape with his hard!" Karen hadn't realized people did things like that, though she was far from unsophisticated about sex. Her parents had been liberal in telling her the real facts of life, while at the same time making her realize the importance of the love relationship between two people.

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ISBN-13: 9781548014094
Publisher: Palimpsest Publishing
Publication date: 06/22/2017
Series: HJ, Humiliated, Coed,Exhibitionist & Voyeur,Bar And/Or Bareback Erotic Sex Stories , #216
Sold by: StreetLib SRL
Format: NOOK Book
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