Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit

by Rose Grey


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Hot Pursuit by Rose Grey

Beau Rivers, a special agent for the FBI, is hunting for a woman. His target, rogue agent Mina Howard, is reported to be in New York. So Beau flies in from his native Boston to locate and arrest the beautiful but dangerous woman. As he walks through JFK airport, he spots his quarry. He follows her and arrests her.

Jenny Rasmussen is excited to leave her toy store business for a brief trip to Boston. In addition to researching her newly discovered birth family, she plans to attend a toy convention. Unfortunately, just as she is about to board the plane to Boston, she is arrested by Agent Rivers. She is the spitting image of Mina Howard however a finger print check at the Boston FBI branch office proves she is not the rogue agent. Deputy Director Oberhaldt orders Beau to protect Jenny: he implies that something is wrong at the Bureau and asks Beau for total secrecy. But outspoken Jenny is furious and wants nothing to do with Beau, particularly since she finds his touch so appealing.

The next morning Jenny leaves her hotel for breakfast and is nearly run down by a van. Beau, arrives just too late to protect her. He searches her purse and finds an FBI tracker in it. Beau brings Jenny to his apartment. Fear and anger transform into passion. That evening, as they leave a restaurant, shots are fired at them. They flee and stay overnight in an FBI safe house.

In the morning Beau leaves early to meet with Oberhaldt. Jenny arranges to meet the doctor who signed her adoption certificate. Oberhaldt never shows up so Beau drives to his home and finds the man has been shot. Beau believes Mina Howard is responsible for the shooting and for the tracking device he found on his own vehicle. Beau is still not completely convinced that Mina and Jenny are separate people, so he is disturbed when he arrives at the empty safe house and realizes Jenny has no alibi for the shooting. He tracks Jenny to her meeting with the doctor in the park. The doctor tells Jenny that she has an identical twin sister. Beau, misunderstanding the nature of the meeting, threatens to arrest Jenny again. They break up. Despite her anger, Jenny is heartbroken. Beau is shaken by his own emotions.

Beau is abducted by Mina Howard. Mina reveals that she has not gone rogue but has been operating under deep cover with Oberhaldt’s knowledge. There is a mole in the FBI who works with the cartel and wants to kill her. Also a gun shipment for the cartel has mistakenly been delivered to the toy convention. Oberhaldt confirms her story. Beau searches the FBI offices for clues while Mina surreptitiously guards Jenny. Beau introduces Jenny to Mina. Beau and Mina agree that Jenny will be safest with them at the convention. At the toy convention, the mole is revealed, his plot undone and a great fight between Beau and the mole results in Jenny’s injury. Beau and Jenny realize and profess their love for each other. The epilogue takes place a year later as Jenny and Beau, now married, welcome the birth of twin infant girls.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999424711
Publisher: Simply Romance Press
Publication date: 10/15/2017
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

A classically trained singer, Rose sang professionally before audiences of thousands, conducted choirs for fun and profit, won a composition contest and taught elementary school children to play "Watermelon" before settling down to write romance novels. Since then, she has never looked back except, of course, to write this bio.

Rose believes everything in life can be used in stories, that everyday activities are the jumping off point for the extraordinary. Because a girl can be outside hanging wet laundry on the line when the love of her life stumbles into the yard with a swarm of bees in hot pursuit. Because a man might walk into a library hoping to find a book about window replacement and walk away with the sinking feeling he has met the love of his life. Because there is nothing like watching a man in the kitchen making dinner for you, his calloused hand tenderly cupping a bowl, a dish towel draped carelessly over his shoulder.

Rose's idea of an emergency is realizing a long weekend is coming and the library is closing in an hour. She loves finding cool seashells, knitting sweaters which start out right but inevitably turn out too large, and petting stray dogs. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and suffers from the sin of boundless pride when it comes to her four grown children.

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