Hot SEAL, Hawaiian Nights

Hot SEAL, Hawaiian Nights

by Elle James

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Former Navy SEAL's first assignment as a Brotherhood Protector is to secretly guard an Hawaiian cattle baron's daughter from a kidnapping threat

Jace Hawkins (Hawk) thought he was headed home to Montana after leaving the Navy SEALs, but his first assignment at the Montana-based Brotherhood Protectors is to fly to the Big Island of Hawaii to secretly protect a cattle baron's daughter. His goal is to keep the lady alive while pretending to be a ranch hand. The ranching is second nature since he grew up on a ranch in Montana. Protecting the daughter is where the challenge lies.

Kalea Parkman has had free rein of the 130,000 acre Parkman Ranch since she was big enough to fit her feet into stirrups. She refuses to curtail her freedom just because she's had a couple of near-misses with a potential kidnapper. But when a mainlander cowboy hires on as a ranch hand, he manages to shadow her every move. And the man has skills...with the animals...and with her. Even though he's as sexy as sin, he's no less annoying.

When attempts to take her increase, the new cowboy insists on protecting her at all costs. They must rely on each other to stay alive until the threat is neutralized, while hopelessly resisting a desire that rivals the heat of the Kilauea volcano.

** Hawaiian Nights ** is part of the Brotherhood Protectors Series. It is also in the "SEALs in Paradise" connected series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone. They do not have cliffhanger endings and do not have to be read in any particular order.

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BN ID: 2940161391624
Publisher: Twisted Page Inc
Publication date: 05/28/2019
Series: SEALs in Paradise Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Hot SEAL, Hawaiian Nights 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
LoriP123 8 months ago
I really enjoyed Hot SEAL, Hawaiian Nights by Elle James. It is part of the SEALs in Paradise and Brotherhood Protectors series and definitely worth reading if you love suspenseful romances with former military. Jace Hawkins, or Hawk was leaving his career serving his country as a SEAL after many years. He wanted to settle on a ranch and start a family and could only do that by stepping down which he was more than ready for. So he took a job that would keep him home more working for the Brotherhood Protectors, but before he could even get home to Montana he is called to take on a job in Hawaii protecting a rancher's very independent and beautiful daughter. Kalea didn't want another bodyguard and intended to make her feelings known right off the bat, but she sees something special in Jace. He's not like the others and he appreciates her independence and strong-willed personality, but when she is targeted twice with him in eyesight he realizes no mater what he's doing the job whether she likes it or not. I'm looking forward to reading more stories in this series! I was given an ARC from the author/publisher. All conclusions are mine and mine alone.
Casper56 9 months ago
Jace (Hawk) Hawkins has just left the Navy SEALs, and is on his way home to Montana. Before the plane can even take off, he receives a call from his new boss, the owner, and founder of Brotherhood Protectors. Kalea Parkman is the beloved daughter of the owner of the oldest and largest cattle ranch in the Hawaiian islands. Kalea can't believe her father hired another bodyguard, Hawk lets his new client know that she won't be able to give him the slip as easily as his two predecessors. These characters are sexy and sweet. The plot has unexpected twists. I think this is a must read happily ever after romance. Great book! I am voluntarily leaving an honest and non-incentivized review of this ARC.
cherlym 9 months ago
I love the way Elle James always has real life occurrences or backgrounds. She makes me feel, think and evaluate. This one made me google Hawaiian Ranch. Who knew! I always enjoying catching references and tidbits to the Brotherhood Protector, thank you again Elle. Jace, our seal, was awesome, hunky, charming, hot. I liked the grit and tenacity of Kalea but every time it was her thinking of Jace it felt to young for him. I this one I knew right away who the "evil doer" was, no surprise there. Other than those two, this book checked all the bases, made me smile, and say, "can I have another" Thank you Elle James for the arc. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were unsolicited.
Jennann3 9 months ago
Hawk can’t wait to return to Montana after leaving the Navy Seals. Hawk’s love of wide open spaces and peace is something he craves. As a new member of the Montana-based Brotherhood Protectors, Hawk believes his first assignment will be closer to Montana-home. But it’s in Maui. Disappointed that he will be delayed in returning home, but not wanting to turn down his first assignment...Hawk accepts his mission. Kalea Parkman is the only child of rancher, millionaire of Parkman ranch on Maui. He’s one of the biggest providers of beef in Hawaii. In order to stay competitive, he offers a ranch experience to learn more about ranching and the history of Parkman ranch. He’s all for teaching people the history behind the ranch, but doesn’t want to see it too commercialized. When his daughter starts receiving threats on her life, he hires Hawk as a ranch hand-thinking his daughter won’t figure out he’s a body guard. But Kalea quickly realizes whom Hawk truly is and makes it her mission to ditch him. Only, he’s not easily “ditched”. I’ve read several of the Brotherhood Protector novels and this was one of my favorites! It was a insta-love, alpha male, military-cowboy, romance all rolled into one riveting story. It was suspenseful while believable. While I did figure out who the bad guy was, the story was not too predictable. It definitely did not disappoint. I loved how strong Kalea was and that she wasn’t needy. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
Deb_from_Oz 9 months ago
This book actually slots into two different series it is not only part of the Brotherhood series but also the second book in the Seals in Paradise series. We actually met Jake in the first book in that series just as a passing character as it was stated that the team was changing as some members where retiring. Jake is one of the men retiring. Jake is looking forward to his retirement he is heading back to his home in Montana where he can spend some time on the open range looking at the stars in the sky and so he doesn't get bored he will do occasional jobs with Hank Patterson and his Brotherhood Protectors. He is waiting for a plane to return him to Montana when he gets a call from Hank There has been a change of plan he is actually heading to Hawaii as Hank as no one else to send. Jake is stunned when he arrives to play the part of a ranch hand The ranch in Hawaii is huge and just as open range as in his home state, Pity the women he is sent to guard isn't has open. Kalea has been keeping secrets her father knows of the first attack against her but not the second she is keeping that secret on the first day of work with Jace they are shot at she knows straight away fom his reaction that he is no ranch hand. Will she accept his protection and what will happen when Jace starts to fall for his client Can he keep her safe Who s the person attacking her and can this Montana cowboy settle on a Hawaiin ranch You will have to read to see
JennieF 9 months ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation 4.5 stars Hot SEAL: Hawaiian Nights is book 11 by Elle James and in the SEALs in Paradise series by various authors. Jace “Hawk” Hawkins has just retired from the Navy Seals and is returning home to Montana and a job with the Brotherhood Protectors except he is being sent to Hawaii for his first protect the Parkman Ranch heiress, Kalea Parkman from potential threats on her life... Sparks fly, strong willed, drama, lots of action and romance makes this quick read a must!!
moonfox1234 9 months ago
I thought that this was a very enjoyable read. The story was exciting and fun. I felt that the chemistry between Hawk and Kalea was intense and undeniable. As the storyline unfolds there is danger, drama, action and suspense. Add in strong emotions, some sweetness, clever banter and steamy passion and you have all the makings of a book that will keep you happy and entertained.
DebDiem 9 months ago
Hold on to your hats gals, this SEAL is going to make you want to hula. HOT SEAL: Hawaiian Nights by Elle James is a phenomenal read. Ms. James once again delivers a well-written book with a cast of characters that only makes it better. This is a fairly quick read, perfect for those with limited reading time. Hawk has retired from SEAL Team 3 and on his way to Montana for a job with the Brotherhood Protectors. As soon as he gets on the plane he finds his job is starting before he can get to Montana. Instead, he's sent to Hawaii to act as bodyguard for Kalea. Kalea doesn't want a bodyguard but soon discovers it's a must. Hawk and Kalea's story is loaded with drama, humor, action, sizzle and suspense. This book captured my attention from page one and I couldn't put it down until the end. Hot SEAL: Hawaiian Nights is part of the SEALs in Paradise Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from Prolific Works. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
JuliaAD 9 months ago
I really enjoyed this story. There is just enough suspense and romance in it for me. I liked Kalea, she is so spunky and won't let anyone dictate to her. She has slipped past several bodyguards and doesn't want any others. So, when Hawk shows up, he is just going to be one of the new hired hands. Kalea sees through that quickly and decides to lose him until there is another attempt on her life. Then she takes it all very seriously. Hawk will do what he can to protect her, but she needs to cooperate. Will he be able to protect her and keep his hands off of her? He isn't sure that he can.
l_huff 9 months ago
Loved this book. Hawk thinks he is going home to Montana to the ranch and do jobs for Hank Patterson & Brotherhood Protectors, except Hank has a surprise. Needs him in Hawaii first - on a ranch. Kalea needs a bodyguard, but doesn’t want one, but is attracted to Hawk, and doesn’t want to be. They are so great together. And as usual, Elle James has twists and turns, humor and romance, great storyline and characters. Definite must read!
grammyx3 9 months ago
Jace "Hawk" Hawkins thought he was on his way to Monatana to join Hank Patterson's Brotherhood Protectors group upon entering the private plane. Instead he finds out that his first job for Hank Patterson will take him to Hawaii where he will be protecting a rich rancher's daughter. Kalea Parkman has narrowly escaped being kidnapped. Her father has hired Hawk to be her bodyguard. Kalea wants nothing to do with having a bodyguard but when she meets Hawk the attraction is overwhelming. Hawk and Kalea find themselves falling for each other but danger follows them. Why is someone after Kalea? Can Hawk protect her? Hot SEAL: Hawaiin Nights by Elle James brings her Brotherhood Protectors into the SEALs of Paradise series. There's plenty of action and intrigue in this story. Elle James delights with strong characters, vibrant dialogue and an action-filled storyline. This is a great addition to the SEALs in Paradise series.
Samanthagirl 9 months ago
After serving his time as a navy seal Hawk is finally retiring to return to his beloved Montana where he is starting his new career with the Brotherhood Protectors. However instead of heading north he finds himself in Hawaii on his first mission to protect Kaylee from a would be stalker. Their chemistry is dynamite.So just who is after Kaylee and why. Hawk must use all his skills to protect her and solve the mystery. This is another well written, exciting and entertaining story and one I thoroughly enjoyed.
ytcruz 9 months ago
Recently retired Navy SEAL Jace /Hawk Hawkins, was ready to fly to Montana to not only begin his new job with Brotherhood Protectors, but also to do some ranching, when his first assignment sends him to Hawaii. Little did he know that meeting Kalea Parkman, the woman he is assigned to protect, and working undercover on her family’s ranch, would change his life forever. This is an entertaining story filled with action, Hawaiian culture , bad guys and of course, romance. I was entrusted a copy of this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
ButtonsMom2003 9 months ago
A great addition to the Brotherhood Protectors I loved this book. It has suspense, a mystery, a beautiful woman and a hot SEAL, and horses! What more could you want? How about a great romance? I've read several bodyguard romances so that trope isn't new but I love how the writing makes me feel about the characters in this one. I felt sympathy for Kalea, whose mother died several years ago leaving just her and her father to run the huge family ranch on the big island of Hawaii. But Kalea isn't helpless; she does as much around the ranch as any man and she doesn't want to be coddled and she doesn't want to have to look after the new ranch hand that her father hired. After an attack on her life Kalea's father hired a bodyguard to protect her, which she hates. She's given a couple of them the slip so now her father has hired the Brotherhood Protectors to send someone who can pass as a ranch hand to keep her safe. Jace (Hawk) Hawkins has just left the Navy SEALs to join the Brotherhood Protectors. He's happy to be going back home to Montana and is looking forward to being part of the Brotherhood. When he finds out that the plane his boss, Hank Patterson, sent for him is headed to Hawaii instead he isn't exactly thrilled but he agrees to take the job. After being attacked away from home, Kalea comes under attack the ranch. Hawk has to do everything he can to figure out who is responsible for the attacks. Now he not only wants to do a good job to impress his new boss, he also finds himself falling for Kalea. He's attracted to her spirit and her capabilities to handle the duties of a ranch hand. After Kalea finds out Hawk's true reason for being on the ranch, she agrees to have Hawk pose as her boyfriend so that whoever is after her won't know that she has protection. Kalea soon finds herself wishing for it to be more than just pretending. While there were some hints early on as to who the bad guy might be, I was kept guessing until it was revealed in the book. This is a great story with just the right amount of action and suspense, along with a steamy romance that has a satisfying HFN (happy for now) ending. An advanced copy of this book was provided to me but my review was voluntary and not influenced by the author.