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Hot Shots


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Sexy as sin and hot as hell, these firefighters smolder with passion and burn with desire. . .

"Fired Up" by Anne Marsh

Hannah Green watches for wildfires from an isolated fire tower in Sequoia National Park by day and radios Cajun firefighter Cole Henry at night to share carnal fantasies hot enough to start a forest fire. . .

"Sizzle" by Lynn LaFleur

When photojournalist Maysen Halliday arrives in Lanville to take calendar pictures of the sexiest firefighters in Texas, red hot Fire Chief Clay Spencer makes her want him for her own personal centerfold. . .

"Five-Alarm Masquerade" by Stacey Kennedy

With her home destroyed in a fire, Abby has only the muscular arms of a rock hard firefighter to hold her up and the dream of blazing hot nights of pure erotic pleasure to keep her going. . .

This book contains adult content

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ISBN-13: 9780758288950
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 02/25/2014
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.52(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

After ten years of graduate school and too many degrees, Anne Marsh escaped to become a technical writer. When not planted firmly in front of the laptop translating Engineer into English, Anne enjoys gardening, running (even if it’s just to the 7-11 for Slurpees), and reading books curled up with her kids. The best part of writing romance, however, is finally being able to answer the question: “So…what do you do with a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures?” She lives in Northern California with her husband, two kids and four cats.

Lynn LaFleur is a native of Texas and has been writing since she was eight years old and wrote her first story for an English assignment. She also loves reading, traveling, scrapbooking, photography, and learning new things on the computer.

Stacey Kennedy enjoys losing herself in dark and sensual worlds. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, who gave her her own happily-ever-after. Together, they have two small children who can always make her smile, and who will never be allowed to read Mommy’s books.

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Hot Shots 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Three hot great stories. Amazing.
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
Hot Shots by Anne March, Lynn LaFleur I wanted to read this book because it's about firemen and I love learning how they do their job, the location and because there are three different authors, one that I'm familiar with. I usually end up liking and reading the other author's works. I hadn't planned on more such hot steamy sex scenes than the main theme: firefighters. Fired Up By Anne March Hannah Green is at her watch tower in the Sequoia National Forest and during a lightening storm she loses the radio. Cole is the Cajun firefighter who comes the next day to replace her radio. They share many a night talking to one another, sexually and playing out roles to get the other to orgasm. Adult language and scenes. Are they going to get to play out their fantasies that they've told each other of over the radio on their private channel? Wish there had been more of a storyline, rather than a lot of sex. . Sizzle by Lynn LaFleur Maysen Halliday runs Hot Shots magazine and is the photographer. She's on assignment in a small town in Texas. Clay Spenser is the town's fire chief and he doesn't like the idea of the publicity for his fire department. The volunteers are to meet Maysen at the station and she can take their beefy photos. She plans to also highlight female firefighters in a special article. Clay avoids Maysen claiming he's too busy with others to meet for meals. She meets up with the woman firefighters and learns Clay didn't go out of town and gets the directions to his house and she gets the tour along with a change of mind from Clay. Things really heat up... Now to convince them to pose for the calendar and others would buy it, thus giving them money for the new tanker they need. Hot steamy sex scenes. . Five-Alarm Masquerade by Stacey Kennedy Abby Hill watches her bedroom burn where the only family photos left were located. The fireman consoles her and she stays with her friend Sierra. An invite to a five alarm masquerade arrives with instructions on what you can and can't do-bit on the kinky side and like a 'swinger's get together'. Gavin Morgan can't get her out of his head and lets her know, both disguised at the event. Very steamy sex scenes. Excerpt from Smokin' Hot is included at the end. I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review
Lori_Zalewski More than 1 year ago
A trio of authors, Anne Marsh, Lynn LaFleur, and Stacey Kennedy, has written a scorching hot anthology filled with sexy firefighters in Hot Shots. “Fired Up” by Anne Marsh Hannah Green enjoys the solitude of her watchtower, where she spots fires for the Big Bear Rogues. She also loves anonymously exploring her sexual fantasies with Cole Henry each night over her radio. Their initial radio encounter is smoking hot. After a lighting strike knocks out Hannah’s radio, Cole takes it upon himself to bring her a new one. But, what will the chemistry be like when they meet in person? Hot, hot, hot. Hannah takes a chance with Cole and further explores her fantasies with him, which I loved about her character. Cole’s dominant and protective nature makes him an intriguing leading man—especially when he realizes that Hannah is the one. “Sizzle” by Lynn LaFleur Maysen Halliday heads to Lanville to interview and photograph volunteer firefighters for a magazine article and a calendar. Maysen doesn’t plan to fall for the sexy fire chief, Clayton Spencer. Unfortunately, Clay is not interested in being part of the calendar at all, and he does his level best to be unavailable to Maysen. Undeterred, Maysen single-mindedly goes after what she wants, which I adored about her. Cornering Clayton at his house, Maysen gives him a piece of her mind. Their sexual chemistry sizzles, and their bedroom play burns up the pages. Not wanting a long distance relationship, Clay breaks up with Maysen. Will Maysen take Clay’s decision lying down? Of course not! True to her character, Maysen goes after her man, making me cheer. “Five-Alarm Masquerade” by Stacey Kennedy Abby Hill just lost her most precious possession in a fire, pictures of her deceased family, but she is comforted by Gavin Morgan, a firefighter on the scene. Their attraction is instantaneous. Abby is sugar and spice. On the outside, Abby is a bit reserved but underneath is a girl that likes to rock sexy lingerie. After their initial encounter, Gavin can’t get Abby out of his head and invites her to a sexy masquerade party. Abby takes a step outside of her comfort zone to attend such a party, which endeared her character to me. Gavin comes off as a bit too arrogant, which made me unsure about his character. The sexual attraction between them is electric, and their bedroom play is sexy and blazing hot. Gavin did finally win me over with his heartfelt gift to Abby, which melted my heart. I have been a fan of Stacey Kennedy for a while now, and she was the reason I was attracted to Hot Shots in the first place. Anthologies are a great way to be introduced to new authors, and Ann March and Lynn LeFleur don’t disappoint. I certainly plan on reading books from their backlists. If you are looking for a book to heat up your nights, look no further than Hot Shots! I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of an honest review for The Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.
BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
NUMBER OF HEARTS: 3 1/2  REVIEW: WOWZA!!! These are some steamy stories. All three of these novella were very steamy, sexy yet sweet reads. I won’t go into much detail as the are novella’s and I would give too much away. But let me just say that Cole & Hannah are burning up the airways. Clay & Maysen will break all the rules on short town visits. And Gavin & Abby will make you re-think that sexy gift you just got.  I really liked all three stories. If you are looking for a few steamy quick reads you should pick up a copy of Hot Shots. I mean come on ladies. Hot Firemen? Need I say more?? Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of the book from NetGalley & Kensington Books, Aphrodisia in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.
MsRomanticReads More than 1 year ago
Fired Up by Anne Marsh - Story: 3 Flames: 4 This was a short and sexy story and compared to the other two, also the shortest which means there was more sex than plot. While the sex was sizzling, I felt that was all they really did the whole time to put the two days he was stuck there to good use. More sex than plot that had me skipping ahead. I was put off by Hannah being put out that he would go off and basically do his job while she'd had other more pleasurable ways to wake up in mind. With her insecurity also came the phase of talking herself out of expressing her wish to be more than just a casual hookup. At twenty-five, I would have thought she'd be a bit more confident. The story felt rushed at the end that had the protagonists declaring their love for one another. I can see this fitting in the original series as a novella, or perhaps I would have enjoyed it more had it been one of the actual books in that series. Sizzle by Lynn LaFleur - Story: 4 Flames: 5 Maysen was definitely the aggressor in this story. A real go-getter both in her job and in her personal life. For once, the heroine was doing the chasing. It was amusing to watch the slow burn going on between them and the way Clay always found some sort of excuse to avoid her. When she finally cornered Clay, he gave in and gave her more than she bargained for. The sex was off the charts hot. They nearly set my e-reader on fire. She was confident without being pushy, so it worked for me. She didn't turn into a whiny fool whenever Clay eluded her. My only complaint about Clay was the repetitiveness about not wanting to get his heart broken again. I think the exact same phrase was used at least three or four times. By then he came across as a little pathetic. Of course my view of him improved once he gave in to Maysen. The secondary cast of characters, especially the Coleman brothers caught my attention. Their stories can be found in the Men with Tools series. As for another set of characters, Dylan and Talia, I'd love to know if Maysen's hunch was right. I would read this story again because it was entertaining. Five-Alarm Masquerade by Stacey Kennedy - Story: 5 Flames: 3.5 Out of the three stories, this story had the most character depth. Abby suffered from survivor's guilt, but she wasn't closed off to moving on with her life and trying new things. When she received a mysterious invitation to an exclusive party, a BDSM party, she mistakenly thought it was for her friend. Ready for a little adventure, she decided to go in her friend's stead. My favorite part about this story was Gavin's struggle with his feelings towards Abby and realizing that he was about to cross a moral line. It wasn't just the fact that his plans to seduce Abby were utterly selfish, but after having seen her at her most vulnerable and being able to relate because of his profession, he knew he couldn't treat her like the other women in his past and still look at himself in the mirror. I liked Abby a lot. I also liked how she handled Gavin. Her reaction was neither over the top nor was she too stubborn to allow him to explain himself. I hope Ms Kennedy considers expanding this story into a series or perhaps a novel because I really enjoyed this glimpse into these characters, and I took an instant liking to the secondary characters as well, Sierra and Jett. Sierra was fiercely protective and funny. Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.
RipeForReader More than 1 year ago
My rating: 4 of 5 ¿¿ "Fired Up" by Anne Marsh Watching for wildfires from a watchtower during the summer months suits, Hannah Green just fine. Especially when during the long dark nights she has some blistering conversations with hot Cajun firefighter, Cole Henry to keep her occupied.  When during one of their late night radio trysts, contact is interrupted by a lightning storm, Cole, who has been pre-occupied with the sexy voice on the other side of the radio for weeks, sets out to check on her, worried when radio contact could not be restored.   Never having been face to face with the subject of their late night fantasies, Hannah and Cole find the sparks flying instantly.... "Sizzle" by Lynn LaFleur In town to work on a project for her magazine, Maysen Halliday seeks out Clay Spencer, Fire Chief of Lanville immediately. Surprised by the the Chiefs hot looks, she immediately tries to rope him into taking part in the photo shoot for the 'Sexiest Firefighters in Texas' calendar, but he is not having any of it. Attracted to the beautiful and outgoing Maysen, Clay Spencer prefers to keep a low profile, but her open and easy nature eventually win him over and despite his determination not to fall for someone who won't stick around, he finds himself sliding fast..... "Five-Alarm Masquerade" by Stacey Kennedy When Abby sees the last of her family mementos go up in flames in her house fire, the arms of the strong firefighter holding her is the only thing keeping her grounded. She willingly lets herself go in the arms of this stranger who somehow is able to make her feel safe amid her life falling in ashes around her once again. Not being able to get the look of total devastation on the face of the pretty house fire victim out of his mind, nor the protective feeling holding her in his arms had given him, Gavin was determined to find a way to reconnect with Abby.  Suspecting from her physical responses and his subsequent discovery in her burned out bedroom, she was at the very least a submissive curious, and he was eager to explore how curious she was....... ******* YOWZA!!! Three short, but very HOT and delightfully different stories, all centred around those gorgeous, fire fighting Alpha heroes.  Ann Marsh gives us a hint of danger with the heat, while Lynn LaFleur provides a true contemporary feel with her sizzle and finally Stacey Kennedy who blisters our backsides with a taste of kink!! ¿A fantastic variety pack of sexy shorts!!¿ **ARC provided by NetGalley and Kensington Books in return for an honest review.**
JackieBCentralTexasJB More than 1 year ago
Read on February 18, 2014 Book Info  Paperback, 304 pages Expected publication: February 25th 2014 by Aphrodisia ISBN 0758288956 (ISBN13: 9780758288950) other editions (2) Source:Netgalley EARC Book Buy Links  Amazon  B&N  BOOK SYNOPSIS Sexy as sin and hot as hell, these firefighters smolder with passion and burn with desire. . . "Fired Up" by Anne Marsh Hannah Green watches for wildfires from an isolated fire tower in Sequoia National Park by day and radios Cajun firefighter Cole Henry at night to share carnal fantasies hot enough to start a forest fire. . . "Sizzle" by Lynn LaFleur When photojournalist Maysen Halliday arrives in Lanville to take calendar pictures of the sexiest firefighters in Texas, red hot Fire Chief Clay Spencer makes her want him for her own personal centerfold... ”Five-Alarm Masquerade" by Stacey Kennedy With her home destroyed in a fire, Abby has only the muscular arms of a rock hard firefighter to hold her up and the dream of blazing hot nights of pure erotic pleasure to keep her going. . . This book contains adult content My Thoughts "Fired Up" by Anne Marsh Wildfire spotter for the past four years in the Sequoia National Park high up in an isolated tower Hannah Green has found herself caught up in a sensual web with rugged firefighter Cole Henry from the Big Bear Rogues team as for two weeks they share sexual fantasies every night via radio transmissions.  During one such memorable evening a violent thunder and lightening storm knock out Hannah’s radio and fearing for her safety Cole goes to his team leader stating his intention to take Hannah a replacement rig and check to make sure she is in no danger. 50 miles away from each other under normal circumstances would not be such a big deal, however with the terrain to travel being mostly logging trails at best and then a nice long stretch of cross-country hike to finish reaching the watch tower makes it a bit more of a trial, Cole is not daunted however and after gearing up makes the trip overnight arriving in the middle of an outdoor bath by Hannah. Not wanting to either terrify her or be shot he wisely heads to the tower to wait for her to come back to her post. The next few days are filled with pleasure beyond each others wildest expectations, as well as the shadow of their interlude ending unless they both agree that the connection they share is worth exploring. For less than a 100 pages Cole and Hannah will melt your heart and by the end you will wish for more even though it works out with a pretty good HEA for the pair, hopefully we may catch a cameo follow-up with the pair later on in the . "Sizzle" by Lynn LaFleur Set in Texas this tasty treat made me yearn for springtime as the initial scene was a description of how beautiful the wildflowers were along the back roads as photojournalist Maysen Halliday journeys from Houston to Lanville on her way to an assignment featuring volunteer firemen. While the purpose of Maysen’s stay in Lanville is to interview the local volunteer firefighters and get plenty of shots for the magazine article that will accompany said interviews her personal interest is snagged by the sexy fire chief Clay Spencer.  After having a short lived affair with a woman who Clay fell hard for over a year prior he had vowed never again to allow himself to become involved with someone who did not live nearby, that vow bit the dust soon after his first passionate encounter with Maysen. Though this was also a very short story shy of 100 pages it has all the necessary ingredients to keep you in your seat reading and enjoying every step of the journey this couple takes on their way to discovering that belong together.  ”Five-Alarm Masquerade" by Stacey Kennedy Abby Hill lost her family years prior in a tragic car accident, all she has left are photos of them to remember them by. Having an electrical fire start in her master bedroom leaves her shell shocked and in tears because those same photos were stored in a keepsake box in her bedroom and a major loss in the fire. Firefighter Gavin Morgan fights fires for a living and never has he had a reaction to a victim as intense as the one he felt the day Abby took comfort in his arms. Gavin has spent over two weeks since the fire where he met Abby thinking about her and it is driving him a little crazy because he has never been obsessive over a woman in the past, he comes up with a plan to get her out of his system and when his invitation is accepted by Abby he finds himself unable to carry out his anonymous seduction. Abby is humiliated and leaves in tears. The way the author manages to bring Abby and Gavin together after their disastrous second meeting is both honest and sweet, the way in which things work out between the pair however is sinfully sexy and a fitting ending to a very emotional story. As a whole this anthology epitomizes everything we all fantasize about and yearn for, someone who can be both a source of strength and comfort as well as someone who can make us burn out of control with a single touch or look. If you are in the mood for stories of strong men and women exploring their attraction to each other as well as bonding on an emotional level than these erotic tales are going to be just the ticket for warming you up! It is truly hard to say that any of the novellas are a favorite, each couples story brings something enjoyable as each author created their own unique contemporary romance with the perfect blend of sweet emotional connections along with flaming hot chemistry that burns brighter than any flames from one of the fires that these male heroes fight for a living! [EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]