Hot Summer Nights

Hot Summer Nights

by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

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She's mysterious, gorgeous, and sultry. Every man's fantasy come true. And she's about to turn the heads of the residents in the idyllic seaside Connecticut town of Sound's End where she's renting a cottage for one sizzling, unforgettable summer. . .

Sound's End isn't prepared for what's about to hit it. Leslie Morgan is burned out–on sex. So the high-priced call girl is taking off work at Club Fantasy for some much needed r-n-r on the shores of Connecticut. Leslie keeps what she does for a living a secret. Yet even without makeup and sexy clothes, Leslie's perfect curves, blond hair, and smoky voice capture everyone's attention--and imagination--including that of Brad DeVane, a New York City cop whose gorgeous body has all the local women salivating. But only Leslie knows she has what it takes to satisfy every one of his needs--and she's determined to take him on the wildest ride of pleasure he's ever known. . .

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ISBN-13: 9780758282842
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 05/01/2007
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
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Hot Summer Nights



Copyright © 2007 Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-1276-4

Chapter One

Burned out, Leslie thought. What a ridiculous concept. She loved her job-most of the time-was phenomenally well paid for it, and everyone who did business with her told her how wonderful and talented she was. How could she be burned out? Well, she sighed, as she drove east through Connecticut on Route 95, maybe this vacation would help her sort through her feelings. She wasn't about to give up her job, and yet she wasn't looking forward to her eventual return to business either.

When had she started thinking burnout?

It had begun several weeks before with a favorite client, Bob Rowan. She had been using the motel room in Club Fantasy, a simple room that could be rearranged to become a photo studio, a hooker's room, or, as it had been that evening, an elegant bedroom in a mansion in the suburbs. That evening, dressed in a sheer peach-colored nightgown and red silk robe, Leslie had been sitting at the dressing table brushing her shoulder-length ash-blond hair when she heard someone in the closet. Heartbeat speeding as it always did when something like the action of that evening began, she kept taking long strokes through the strands and glanced into the mirror at the door to the closet, where she knew Bob was hiding.

They'd played this fantasy so many timesthat she knew exactly what was going to happen but still she threw herself into her role and played innocent. As the closet door slowly opened, she whipped around. "What's that ...?"

Despite the warm late spring weather outside, Bob was dressed in a black turtleneck, black jeans with black socks, and tennis shoes. Black leather gloves covered his hands and a black watch cap hid his salt-and-pepper crew cut. "Say nothing, do nothing, and everything will be fine," he growled.

"What the hell are you doing here? Get out of my house!" She spoke softly, yet forcefully.

"I'm here for you," Bob said. In only two strides he was behind her, holding her hair twisted in his fist, pulling her head back.

"You're hurting me," she said, knowing that the slight pain he caused was all part of this playlet and helped keep her in character.

"Only a little," he said, a slight grin causing creases to form around his deep brown eyes.

She remained silent although she could have screamed or protested. She knew he wouldn't stop unless she used the safe word they'd agreed on.

He pulled harder, forcing her to stand to ease the pressure on her scalp. "I didn't think you'd be home so early," he said.

"I'm sure you didn't," she said, her eyes narrowing, her pulse pounding.

"But you know," he continued, "this might be an added bonus. I get to steal your jewels and have you too."

"My jewelry. Of course. Listen," she said, sounding as reasonable as she could, "take my jewels and then just leave. I promise I won't tell anyone."

"I know you won't tell anyone and we're going to have some fun together before I leave." He dragged her toward the bed and tossed her onto it, throwing her robe open, revealing her peach-colored satin nightgown beneath. His eyes roamed her body as if he'd never seen it before. "Lovely. Truly lovely."

Her eyes widened. "What are you going to do?"

His laugh was genuine. "As if you didn't know."

It was all she could do not to giggle; it was so theatrical, but in its own way delicious too. She sighed, heaving her ample bosom, pulling herself back into character. Tightening her grip on herself she said, "Please. Don't hurt me."

Bob opened the bedside table drawer and pulled out several strips of fabric lined with thick fur that she'd put there for him. With little fuss despite her struggles, he tied Leslie's wrists to the bedposts, the bindings secure and pulled just tight enough to stretch her arms wide without undue discomfort.

She kicked and twisted, careful not to injure him or herself, yet with ease he grabbed one ankle and fastened a strip around it, then attached it to one of the bed legs. Then he made quick work of the other. She was wet, her nipples tight, her belly throbbing. Leslie was always surprised at how hot it all made her despite the fact that she was playing a part. Bob ran a gloved finger through her vaginal folds and laughed. "This really turns you on, doesn't it?"

"Yes," she answered, both for her character and for herself.

"Good. I'm glad." He grabbed the front of her gown and pulled, ripping it easily down the front along seams that had been carefully loosened. "Because you're mine and I intend to take you. Slowly."

"Please," she whimpered, "don't. I don't want you."

"Your body says different," Bob said, rubbing his dampened fingers together. "I hope you're not going to scream. If you do I'll have to gag you too."

She shook her head violently and whispered, "I'll be quiet."

He cupped her chin and leaned over, pressing his mouth against her, his tongue pushing its way into her cavern. Leslie loved the way he kissed, molding his lips against hers, drawing out all the pleasures within her. She felt her body relaxing, but that wasn't the way the fantasy was supposed to play out. Reminding herself of her role, she twisted her head. "Don't do that!"

He raised an eyebrow and his smile was sardonic. "I'll do anything I please. After all, you're in no position to argue." He knelt beside the bed and took one erect nipple in his mouth while he pinched the other between his fingers. She arched her back and gasped at the sudden onslaught. God she loved what he did to her body every time they acted out his fantasy.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of playing with her breasts, he stood and removed his clothing, leaving only his black, butter-soft leather gloves on. Several months ago he'd added them to his attire and later he'd said how much that increased his pleasure. Leslie didn't know why, nor did she care. The only important thing was that he enjoyed himself to the utmost. She looked at him, slightly paunchy, with heavy thighs and a chest covered with whorls of straight hair. She was delighted to see that his erection was full and hard.

He grabbed her hair and twisted her face to the side and, knowing his next move, she opened her mouth so he could ram his engorged cock into it. "Be a good little girl," he said, "and suck me good."

She did, using everything she knew about the way he liked it. She flicked the tip with her tongue, then licked the length of him as he dictated the rhythm. She sucked and lapped at him until she knew he was getting close. She wanted to fondle him, but her hands were still tied, so she used her lips and tongue to bring him closer and closer to orgasm.

Finally she heard the deep catch in his breath and he spurted into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, milking the last of his orgasm from him. When he was fully satisfied, he untied one of her wrists and dropped into a chair to catch his breath. "Satisfy yourself while I watch," he snapped, and she quickly moved her hand to her crotch, easily finding her erect clit and rubbing. His eyes were fixed on her fingers as she pleasured herself. His actions had so aroused her that it took only moments for her to climax, her small moan the only sign.

Minutes later he untied the remaining restraints and quickly put on his clothing. "That was wonderful," he said with a deep sigh, "as always. By the way, I'll be away for August, but I'll call and make an appointment for September."

She slowly sat up. "I'll look forward to it." That was when it had first hit her. Would she look forward to it? Although the sex was satisfying, and of course the fifteen-hundred-dollar charge to his credit card, a thousand of which would find its way into her bank account, was wonderful, she was restless and bored, tired of all the things she had to do to maintain herself as one of the highest paid "entertainers" in Manhattan.

Bob closed the bedroom door quietly behind him. It was almost midnight and she knew she was the only one left upstairs in the brownstone that housed Club Fantasy, one of the most exclusive and well-attended brothels in the city. So after Bob left the building, gloriously naked except for the wide-open robe and clutching the torn nightgown to keep from tripping, Leslie crossed to the bathroom. She knew the club's bodyguard was downstairs locking up, but he wouldn't disturb her. "Good night, Rock," she called and after a moment heard his answering, "Good night, Leslie. I'm going to set the alarm so remember to disarm and reset it when you leave."

"Will do." She heard his door close as she stripped off her robe and tossed the shreds of her nightgown into the trash. Just part of the expense of doing business, she thought as she turned on the hot water in the shower.

Bob would be away for August. How delightful. Quite a few of her regular clients would also be gone so that month should prove to be a very quiet one. God, she thought, I could use some quiet. Some peace and quiet. Suddenly, as she stood beneath the spray and soaped her tired body, she realized that she wanted, no desperately needed, some time away.

Was she suffering from burnout? Who cared what name you called it. In a flash of understanding, she realized that she hadn't been enjoying her job for months. Yes, she got sexual pleasure out of her encounters, and emotional pleasure out of pleasing her clients, but where was the fun, the adventure, the newness of satisfying a client for the first time, of watching his, or even her, face as they found something they had so long sought? It had been so great in the beginning; now it was just routine. Where had that explosive fire gone?

As the days passed, Leslie realized that as exciting as the fantasy games were for her clients, it had all become boring for her. What a joke. Great sex with rich and powerful men had become almost tedious. Boring. She'd been able to satisfy all her clients but she knew that it was only a matter of time before they'd start to become bored with her. And that must never happen.

She'd been working for the owners of Club Fantasy, where dreams were fulfilled for a hefty fee, for almost nine years. She worked five evenings a week and frequently made several thousand dollars each night. She played roles as varied as a harem dancer, a maid captured by a pirate, a female prison guard, and a young teenaged girl. She also had dinners with the movers and shakers, with hanky-panky afterward. It was wonderful fun, but it was also lots of work. In order to be able to converse with them, she read the New York Times every day, and People, a news weekly, and at least one sports magazine each week.

She wasn't ashamed of what she did at all. She entertained, gave pleasure, and was well paid for it. She saw nothing immoral about any of it. Illegal? Maybe, but the New York City police left her and Club Fantasy pretty much alone. Maybe that was because the owners of the Club knew a little more about some government officials than they wanted publicized. Maybe because it was hard to fault a business that gave pleasure and harmed no one. There were no drugs allowed, everyone was of legal age, and everything was strictly honest and aboveboard. Dangerous? Not really. The clients were thoroughly vetted and Rock, 220 pounds of bodybuilder and black belt martial arts expert, was always in residence, although his bouncer skills had never been needed. For whatever reason, she felt no compunctions about what she did.

As she drove through the early August heat, Leslie thought about it all. She hadn't had a truly filling meal except with a client since she put on several pounds while cruising on a yacht with a wealthy stockbroker the previous winter. One of her regulars had actually mentioned that she looked a little "softer" as he'd put it. Since then, dieting had become a way of life, as well as weekly trips to the hairstylist and the nail salon and a strict regimen at the gym.

Several weeks earlier she'd called a real estate agency that specialized in vacation rentals. "It's already July, Ms. Morgan," a motherly woman named Janice had said. "It's going to be really tough to find something for August, but we do occasionally have cancellations. Let me see what I can come up with."

A few days later, the agent had called back, suggesting a cottage in Sound's End, Connecticut, right on the water. "The guy who rented it had a minor family emergency. His youngest broke her leg in a bicycle accident. Anyway, he's cancelling out on this lovely little place he rented for August. It's really part of a hotel but it's a freestanding house, one of several they own adjacent to the main building, and it's got all the amenities. They treat it like any other hotel room, maid service and such, but it's more private. There's a full kitchen, if you want to cook, and if not, there's a dining room at the hotel. You can have it from August first through to Labor Day, if you like. My client will be delighted to have his deposit back." She mentioned a substantial price but it had taken Leslie only a moment's thought. Salt air, relaxing all day and going to bed alone each night. It had sounded like heaven. "Done." Now it was August third and she had finally been able to get away so she was on the way there.

She'd memorized the directions and now took the exit east of Old Saybrook and drove toward the tiny town of Sound's End, so named, she'd learned when she looked it up on the Internet, because the town was located directly opposite the eastern-most tip of Long Island so it was technically at the intersection of the Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. As she slowed to thirty miles per hour on the main street she looked around. The town appeared to be typical of the small New England towns she'd seen on the Net, white buildings with black shutters surrounding a large town square with a veterans' memorial, all basking in afternoon sunshine. On one side stood three banks, a couple of gas stations, a post office, and a row of small, one-story, boutiquey stores, including two that sold T-shirts and other tourist items, one that seemed to specialize in photography, and a few that had FOR LEASE signs in the window.

The main shopping area on the other side of the main street consisted of a florist, a small market, and a ladies' clothing shop. Interspersed were several restaurants: a diner, an American-style family restaurant specializing in seafood called the Wayfarer, a Chinese sit-down place and one that specialized in takeout, an Italian restaurant called Victorio's, and a pizzeria. I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't cook, Leslie thought. Since it was midafternoon, many were now closed with OPEN FOR FAMILY DINNER AT 5 P.M. signs hanging on the doors.

She pulled into the parking area in front of what appeared to be a small convenience store. A sign over the front door read MARTINELLI'S MARKET-ITALIAN SPECIALTIES and she climbed out of the car. The air here in Sound's End was completely different from the hot, muggy stuff they called air during the summer in Manhattan. Here it was a bit cooler and clearer, but the sun was intense and there was the hint of salt in the air. She inhaled deeply, then turned her face to the sun and stood there, listening to the sounds of kids running around the playground in the little park area between the town library and the market. She didn't try to control the wide grin that split her face.

The market had looked unimpressive from the outside but inside it was filled with unusual Italian delicacies. One case was filled with sausage, much of it homemade. She read a few labels: veal and Parmesan; pork, oregano, and mozzarella; sweet sausage with dill. She pushed her cart toward another glass-fronted display case filled with delicatessen goodies: meats and cheeses of all kinds, homemade salads, and antipasti. This small, seemingly unassuming market would put even the high-priced Korean grocery around the corner from her apartment to shame.

She spent almost an hour filling her shopping cart with things she'd need for at least a couple of days. Since she seldom ate at home she kept little in her Manhattan apartment. Buying food was an adventure. She poked around, lifting cans and reading ingredients and nutritional information, selecting those with low saturated fat, sugar, and calories. Then, with a little thrill and a shrug, she threw several fattening, totally bad for her items in her cart. Grinning over a jar of chunky peanut butter and a can of pork and beans, another of ravioli, and a third of deviled ham, she headed for the checkout counter. She'd have to investigate the goodies in the cases another day. She considered that she might actually try cooking somewhere along the line but for now she'd just open cans. Cooking. That was a good idea. Something different and totally out of character for her. Maybe she'd prowl the Net and find recipes she could attempt. According to the agent, the house came with a completely equipped kitchen. Cooking. What a concept.


Excerpted from Hot Summer Nights by JOAN ELIZABETH LLOYD Copyright © 2007 by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd. Excerpted by permission.
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Hot Summer Nights 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Leslie Morgan enjoys working at Manhattan¿s Club Fantasy even though many would condemn her as a high priced call girl. However, as much as she enjoys her position, she feels a desperate need for time away from the club and the customers. She rents a cottage in Sound End, Connecticut for the summer.------------------ At South End, Leslie meets vacationing New York police officer, Brad DeVane. They are attracted to one another from the start. As their relationship grows, they fall in love, but for the first time in her life Leslie is afraid, perhaps even a bit ashamed, to tell her beloved what she does for a living for fear he will condemn and scorn her before leaving her.----------------- This is a well written contemporary romance starring two beguiling lead characters whose steamy relationship makes for loving HOT SUMMER NIGHTS once they leave behind the overwhelming spoonfuls of support characters stuck in the summer in the city. The intriguing element to this fine tale is Leslie¿s secret that she conceals from her beloved because she believes once he learns what she does for a living he will dump her. Still she plans to make the most of her fantasy summer with the hunk that turns her on as much as she turns him on for she knows this is the greatest summer of her life even expecting that soon she will fall off his elongated pointed pedestal.-------------------- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an amazingly good book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago