Hot Wifing 9: The Newlyweds And Others

Hot Wifing 9: The Newlyweds And Others

by Heidi Deepkiss

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Hot Wifing 9: The Newlyweds And Others by Heidi Deepkiss

Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include taboo and forbidden elements. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.
Greg Bolt came rushing out of the factory where he worked on the assembly line the moment the whistle blew to announce the lunch break. Most of the other workers headed for the cafeteria, but Greg was not interested in the least in soup and a sandwich.
He was dashing home for a quick fuck.
Greg and Marcy had only been married for a week and they were both naturally hot-to-trot all the time. But the young couple could not afford their own apartment and had to live in a room at Marcy's parents' house, which certainly curtailed their sexual activity.
Marcy was a noisy sort of fuck and could not restrain herself when she got her rocks off and it was too embarrassing to fuck knowing that her mother and father could hear the sounds of passion.
Marcy's parents were always home in the morning and at night and it was as frustrating as hell for the young newlyweds to have no privacy. The only chance they got to fuck without restraint was during the lunch hour, when Marcy's dad was at the office and her mother was out gossiping with her female friends.
Greg came dashing in, flushed and perspiring, with a big hard-on jutting out in the front of his pants.
Marcy was waiting for him in their room, sprawled out stark naked on the bed. With so little time to be alone together, they didn't want to waste any time undressing once Greg had gotten back from the factory.
Marcy was a gorgeous blonde girl with big blue eyes and a full, sensual mouth-a mouth that could not help but cry out when she creamed.
She had big, round tits and pneumatic hips, a tiny waist, a hard, tight ass and a set of long, shapely legs that seemed to have been specially designed to hook around a horny guy's haunches while he fucked his cock into her juicy cunt.
Greg began to tear his clothing off, hopping on one foot, then the other, at the bottom of the bed.
Marcy was smiling at his urgency. It was nice for the bride to know how much he lusted for her.
"Honey, I think I got us an apartment," she said, holding up a newspaper want-ad section. "It sounds great and it's really cheap and-"
"Tell me later!" he gasped.
Although the prospect of a home of their own was certainly interesting, Greg Bolt had more immediate concerns on his mind at the moment.
He jumped out of his pants.
His cock was standing like a ramrod, the heavy knob throbbing and flushed bright purple and the long cock-shaft seamed by a pulsating vein.
His balls were so full of spunk they looked like overripe melons.
Marcy, too, lost interest in the newspaper ad and tossed it aside, then spread her voluptuous thighs.
"Ooooooh-empty your balls into me, darling!" the loud and luscious lover wailed.
Greg dove onto the foot of the bed and buried his face in her crotch. She clamped her legs around his head as he spooned out her creamy cunt with his tongue and sucked her fuck-slot greedily.

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ISBN-13: 9781547158683
Publisher: Cryptolium Press
Publication date: 08/31/2017
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