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Houghton Mifflin English: Student Edition Consumable Grade 1 2006

Houghton Mifflin English: Student Edition Consumable Grade 1 2006

by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Shane Templeton, Catherine Valentino

ISBN-10: 0618611177

ISBN-13: 9780618611171

Pub. Date: 05/13/2005

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Product Details

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publication date:
Houghton Mifflin English Series
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
8.90(w) x 11.90(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range:
6 Years

Table of Contents

Getting Started
Listening, Speaking, Viewing, and Writing     8
The Sentence     20
What Is a Sentence?     21
Naming Part     23
Action Part     25
Telling Sentences     27
More Telling Sentences     29
Questions     31
More Questions     33
Which Kind of Sentence?     35
Revising Strategies: Vocabulary
Question Words     37
Checkup     39
Writing a Class Story     42
The Writing Process     43
Choosing a Topic     45
Exploring a Topic     47
Organizing Details     47
Drafting     49
Revising     51
Proofreading     53
Publishing     54
Reflect     56
Communication Links
Listening: Following Directions     57
Viewing: Following Picture Directions     58
Nouns and Pronouns     60
Nouns for People and Animals     61
Nouns for Things and Places     63
More Nouns     65
One and More Than One     67
Special Nouns     69
More Special Nouns     71
Naming Yourself Last     73
Pronouns     75
Revising Strategies: Vocabulary
Words That Mean the Same     77
Checkup     79
Cumulative Review     82
Writing a Personal Narrative     86
Writing Personal Narrative
Published Model: "A Very Special Day"   Pat Mora     87
What Makes a Great Personal Narrative?     95
Student Model   Katrice Willis     96
The Writing Process     97
Focus Skill
Using Details     99
Writing Prompts     107
Special Focus on Narrating
Writing a Friendly Letter     108
Communication Links
Speaking: Telling a Story About Yourself     114
Listening/Speaking: Having a Discussion     116
Verbs     118
Verbs     119
Nouns and Verbs     121
Pronouns and Verbs     123
Verbs with ed     125
is and are     127
was and were     129
Contractions     131
Revising Strategies: Vocabulary
Words That Look the Some     133
Checkup     135
Cumulative Review      138
Writing a Story     142
Writing a Story
Published Model: "A New House"   Arnold Lobe!     143
What Makes a Great Story?     150
Student Model   Kristin Roe     151
The Writing Process     153
Focus Skills
Story Characters     153
Beginning, Middle, End     155
Writing Prompts     165
Special Focus on Expressing
Writing a Book Report     166
Communication Link
Listening/Viewing/Media: Viewing Story Pictures     170
Adjectives     172
Adjectives: How Things Look     173
Adjectives: Taste and Smell     175
Adjectives: Sound and Texture     177
Adjectives with er and est     179
Revising Strategies: Vocabulary
Opposites     181
Checkup     183
Cumulative Review     186
Writing a Description     190
Writing a Description
Published Model: "A Winter Day"   Ron Hirschi     191
What Makes a Great Description?     194
Student Model   Jhogel Florentino     195
The Writing Process     196
Focus Skills
Using Your Senses     197
Topic Sentences      199
How Good Is Your Description?     200
Writing Prompts     207
Special Focus on Expressing
Writing a Poem     210
Communication Links
Listening: Listening to Poems     208
Speaking/Viewing: Giving a Talk     214
More Capitalization and Punctuation     216
Writing Correct Sentences     217
Exclamations     219
Titles for People     221
Book Titles     223
Days of the Week     225
Months of the Year     227
Holidays     229
Commas in Dates     231
Commas with Place Names     233
Revising Strategies: Vocabulary
Words That Sound the Same     235
Checkup     237
Cumulative Review     240
Writing Instructions     216
Writing Instructions
Published Model: "Pop-Up Flower Card"$dYour Big Backyard     247
What Makes Great Instructions?     253
Student Model   Hansong Qu     254
The Writing Process     255
Focus Skills
Order Words     257
Beginnings and Endings     259
How Good Are Your Instructions?     260
Writing Prompts      267
Communication Links
Speaking: Giving Instructions     268
Listening/Speaking: Retelling a Spoken Message     270
Listening/Viewing/Media: Comparing Media     272
Special Focus     274
Special Focus on Expressing
Writing an E-mail Message     275
Writing to Express an Opinion     278
Special Focus on Informing
Writing a Research Report     284
Tools and Tips     292
Research and Study Skills
ABC Order     293
Words in a Dictionary     294
Using a Dictionary     295
Using the Library     296
Using Technology
Parts of a Computer     297
Using the Keyboard     298
Letter Models
A Friendly Letter     299
A Thank-you Letter     300
An Invitation     301
Word Finder
Tricky Words to Spell     302
Word Bank     303
Color Words
Number Words
Homophones     305
Using My Picture Dictionary     307
Handwriting: The Alphabet     317
Index     319

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