House Moving Checklists, Part 1: Preparation for Relocation: Download and print comprehensive moving checklists, get EVERYTHING done, use only 50% of the usual time and effort.

House Moving Checklists, Part 1: Preparation for Relocation: Download and print comprehensive moving checklists, get EVERYTHING done, use only 50% of the usual time and effort.

by Barbara Bruhwiler


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If you want to save time and money while moving, then this is the guide for you! A proven formula walks you through these stressful weeks.

Pilots have checklists and sometimes fly on autopilot. House movers should too.

Discover How to Get Peace of Mind and Save Time when Moving Homes
Preparing to move can be overwhelming. House Moving Checklists, Part 1: Preparation for Relocation is the only tool you will need to help you prepare for your move; beginning with two months to go, up until one week before moving day, you're covered.

In this no-nonsense guide, you will be ready to move without spending hours on research. Reduce your stress and save valuable time? Yes please!

Skip the common sense knowledge and invest in this invaluable tool that will make moving a breeze. House Moving Checklists, Part 1: Preparation for Relocation; is packed with the best moving tips that'll help you to: - Make sure you stay out of prison- Impress your child's new school - Go through your household goods precisely and quickly- NOT have to wave good-bye to your pet- Create six special boxes for your health, sanity, and well-being- Avoid scams, costs, and last minute damage to your belongings

Plus you'll gain instant access to a number of House Moving Checklists that will get you started right away.

All the work has been done for you, start preparing to move; with the ready-made, comprehensive, printable checklists. You will cut the time you usually spend preparing to move in half!

Peace of Mind: All the Important Tasks Are Sorted - Move on Autopilot
With so much to think of and do, many movers forget things like giving notice to their landlord in time - which is an expensive overlook. The Moving Checklists will remind you of this central task and many more. Your relocation will be on autopilot!

No more guessing, these three simple steps are all you need:

Step # 1: Get the Internet link for the Moving Checklist collection in the bookStep # 2: Download and print the checklistsStep # 3: Start ticking off the tasks you accomplish

Moving Abroad?
No problem! The International Moving Checklists collection has you covered.

You'll find 2 separate checklist collections, one for those who are leaving their country to work abroad, and a separate collection for those who are moving house within the same country.

The Collection of Moving Checklists Break Down the Tasks and Keep You Organized
The moving checklists keep you moving forward and help ensure that you get everything done on time. No more nasty last minute surprises because you forgot something!

Would You Like to Know More?
Download now and start preparing your relocation the easy and efficient way.

Scroll up, click the buy now button & get ready to start moving!

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