House of Eire: A Hillary Broome Novel

House of Eire: A Hillary Broome Novel

by June Gillam


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ISBN-13: 9780985883867
Publisher: Gorilla Girl Ink
Publication date: 06/19/2016
Pages: 262
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

June Comarsh Gillam, novelist and poet, teaches writing and literature at a California Community College. Gorilla Girl Ink publishes Gillam's House of Cuts, House of Dads and House of Eire in the Hillary Broome Series, set in Lodi and Ireland. Her nonfiction is available as Creating Juicy Tales: Cooperative Inquiry into Writing Stories. Author of the chapbook So Sweet Against Your Teeth, Gillam's "Shameless Hussy Looks Back" appears in the 2015 issue of Peregrine, the literary journal of Amherst Writers & Artists. She's enjoyed discussing all things writing in the Author's Booth at the California State Fair since 2013. Active in Gold Country Writers in the California foothills, June's been dubbed "Book Mama," to garner reviews for local authors.

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House of Eire: A Hillary Broome Novel 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite House of Eire: A Hillary Broome Novel is a murder mystery novel written by June Gillam. Hillary still couldn’t quite grasp the fact that she was finally going to Ireland. For two weeks, she, her husband, Ed, six-year-old daughter, Claire, and Sarah, the Miwok woman who was like a mother to her, and a grandmother to Claire, would be exploring the Emerald Isle. Claire was looking forward to the ghost tours and other mysterious legends she had heard about, but Hillary especially wanted to learn more about her people, her dad’s family, and the travails they experienced during the Great Famine. She also wanted to get to know Bridget, the American woman who had been engaged to Hillary’s cousin, Teddy, before he died in a car accident. She and Bridget had been Skyping for some time now. Bridget was deeply involved in Galway politics over the proposed theme park being built by a wealthy Irish-American. Lastly, Hillary saw this as the honeymoon she and Ed had never been able to have before. It had taken months of planning, and now, at last, she would be able to visit her homeland. June Gillam’s murder mystery novel, House of Eire: A Hillary Broome Novel, is an engaging and suspenseful novel about the Broomes’ trip to Ireland amidst a bitter controversy spurred by greed and exploitation by developers. I was fascinated by the glimpses of modern Ireland that Gillam provides the reader. Like many others, I actually knew precious little about that country except for the troubles over independence and stories about the horrors experienced by Irish orphans in the asylums run by nuns, and pregnant women in the care of the Magdalene Sisters. Alongside Hillary, Sarah and Claire, the reader gets to more fully experience the country, and it’s an illuminating and lively experience. Gillam’s plot is taut and suspenseful, and her characters are well-crafted. Hillary’s interest in genealogy and her family background also adds an extra dimension to the tale. House of Eire: A Hillary Broome Novel is highly recommended.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kris Moger for Readers' Favorite Mysteries, murder, and ghosts ... House of Eire by June Gillam is filled with everything one could want in a paranormal detective tale. It is the story of Hillary Broome, a ghostwriter who travels to Ireland with her family to celebrate her recent wedding and research her family’s past. While there, she plans to visit her friend, Bridget. But someone is threatening Bridget, who is entangled in a controversial business deal to build an Irish theme park. Caught up in her own difficulties, Hillary arrives too late to save Bridget and now is determined to find her murderer before anyone else dear to her dies. In House of Eire, June Gillam creates a wonderful journey filled with twists and turns, intrigue and ghost stories. The vivid writing builds a fascinating setting in Ireland, complete with old pubs and ancient towers. Gillam does a terrific job of bringing the reader into a world that is real with diverse, relatable characters to root for and cry with. I particularly like the character of Hillary Broome. Her journey is well thought out with a depth that keeps her from becoming cheesy or predictable. Hillary’s relationships with her daughter, husband, and others in her life enrich the plot, creating a story that is enjoyable and moving. The pacing easily kept me turning page after page until the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this paranormal mystery and recommend it to detective novel fans and those who love ghost stories as well. Thanks for a great read.
Nalie More than 1 year ago
I state now that I've never not read anything about June Gillam and, in fact, this is her first novel to have happened in my hands. Despite being the third volume of a series, dedicated to Hillary Broome, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised how easily I was able to approach myself with the character: almost always known! Needless to say, both immediately found my favorite. What prompted me to literary adventure was the setting in Ireland, the country that I love always and I want to visit (and maybe move it with a little 'luck) one day: I was not disappointed. A mystery that keeps the reader glued to its pages from the start thanks to the smoothness of the text and the immediacy with which the author knows address his audience. A good book that fans of the genre will find to their liking. I'm going to recover the previous two! Recommended! N.B.: I received a free copy of this book from iRead Book Tours in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation and the opinions expressed in this review are one hundred percent true and my own.
mymissdaisy More than 1 year ago
The story was good. But it took me till almost the end to get really captivated by it. By the very end I was wanting to read the next installment of this series. This was a long read. Over half way through I was trudging through read it. And, I continued in order to write this review. I received a complimentary copy of House of Eire from the author and I Read Tours. Along with the copy of House of Eire I also received House of Cuts and House of Dads (information about both books is at the end of this post)I was not required to read either of these books. The other books in this series were 'gifted' to me to introduce the series. I chose not to read the first two books before I read House of Eire. It is possible had I read them I would have been a 'bit' more interested in this book. But honestly I sincerely doubt it. I enjoyed the depth of research information that June Gillam did in writing this story. The tour through Ireland made me feel like I was really there and had me wanting to go there. The story about the main character Hillary going to Ireland to research her family history really didn't develop. The sub plot about an American developer planning to build a theme park took over the story. The mystery developed when Hillary's contact is found murdered after receiving strange voodoo type dolls. Frankly I wasn't really surprised to find out who was behind the murder. I was surprised along with Hillary who was involved (by association) in the scheme. Overall I can say I thought this was a good book. Not one that I would call great. I am looking forward to reading House of Cuts and House of Dads and any additional installments. The best part about House of Eire was that it was a clean story. There were a couple discreet bedroom scenes. The mayhem was not graphic at all. I would recommend this book for any audience. I received a complimentary copy from IReadTours
wifetoalineman02 More than 1 year ago
An amazing read to explore Ireland and its history My husband has an Irish blood in him. I am always intrigue to learn more about his Irish ancestry and history. Though he never visited Ireland before but reading the House Of Eire gave me an idea how beautiful this land of the shamrocks. Not only this book is educational, it is also suspense. The book is hard to put it down. I wanted to take a peek on the last page but hold on real tight not to do it. The mystery is killing me so as my nerves. House Of Eire is also a story of a beautiful family and friendship. It is also very sweet, funny aside from suspense. I so loved the smart and beautiful girl Claire. She is not only witty at seven years old but so matured at a very young age. You will loved her and so this book from Ms. June Gillam. I cannot wait to read her other books. I highly recommend this book if you want to know more about Ireland at the same the suspense as you read along each chapters. Disclosure: I received a paperback copy of the book from ireadbooktours in exchange of my honest review.