Housing, Urban Governance and Anti-Social Behavior: Perspectives, Policy and Practice

Housing, Urban Governance and Anti-Social Behavior: Perspectives, Policy and Practice

by John Flint (Editor)



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ISBN-13: 9781861346858
Publisher: Policy Press at the Univ of Bristol
Publication date: 07/28/2006
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

John Flint, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University

Table of Contents

Introduction: housing and anti-social behaviour ~ John Flint

Housing and the governance of conduct ~ John Flint

Governing tenants: from dreadful enclosures to dangerous places ~ Pauline Card

Labelling: constructing definitions of anti-social behaviour? ~ Helen Carr and Dave Cowan

Anti-social behaviour: voices front the front line ~ Judy Nixon and Sadie Parr

Spaces of discipline and control: the compounded citizenship of social renting ~ Rowland Atkinson

Tenancy agreements: a mechanism for governing anti-social behaviour? ~ Diane Lister

The changing legal framework: from landlords to agents of social control ~ Caroline Hunter

Social landlords, anti-social behaviour and counter-measures ~ Hal Pawson and Carol MacKenzie

Evaluating the shelter inclusion project: a floating support service for households accused of anti-social behaviour ~ Anwen Jones, Nicholas Pleace and Deborah Quilgars

Tackling anti-social behaviour: an evaluation of the Dundee Families Project ~ Suzie Scott

Policing and community safety in residential areas: the mixed economy of visible patrols ~ Adam Crawford

Gated communities: a response to, or remedy for, anti-social behaviour? ~ Sarah Blandy

Housing and anti-social behaviour in Australia ~ Kathy Arthurson and Keith Jacobs

Testing urban forms: city, control and 'urban violence' in France ~ Olivier Ratouis and Jerome Boissonade

Residential stability amongst adolescents in public housing: a risk factor for delinquent and violent behaviour? ~ Tim Ireland, Terence P. Thornberry and Rolf Loeber

Conclusions ~ John Flint

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