by Melissa West


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"Hover, if you can imagine, is even better than Gravity!" –Richa, City of Books

On Earth, seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander was taught to never peek, but if she hopes to survive life on her new planet, Loge, her eyes must never shut. Because in this world, pleasure is everything, held up by a ruling body that keeps their people in check by giving them what they want and closing their eyes to what's really happening around them. The only hope Loge has is to move its people to Earth, and they have a plan.

Thousands of humans crossed over to Loge after a poisonous neurotoxin released into Earth's atmosphere, nearly killing them. They sought refuge in hopes of finding a new life, but what they became were slaves, built to siege war against their home planet. That is, unless Ari and Jackson can stop them. But on Loge, nothing is as it seems…and no one can be trusted.

The Taking series is best enjoyed in order.

Reading Order:

Book #1 Gravity

Book #2 Hover

Book #3 Collide

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622660087
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 08/13/2013
Series: Taking Series , #2
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.58(w) x 8.02(h) x 0.63(d)
Age Range: 15 - 17 Years

About the Author

Melissa West lives in a tiny suburb of Atlanta, GA with her husband and daughter. She pretends to like yoga, actually likes to read, and could not live without coffee. She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies and an M.S. in Graphic Communication, both from Clemson University. Her blood runs orange.

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By Melissa West, Liz Pelletier

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Melissa West
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-008-7


"What is that?" I ask, pointing to a dark triangular building in the distance. My tone is formal, focused, just as it always is when we're discussing the city's breakdown.

Emmy shifts beside me. Emmy has been my sole healer at the Panacea, the Ancients' version of a hospital, for nearly a month now. She is more personable than the other healers, who often appear exhausted or angry. I've been trying for weeks to understand the need for healers beyond their ability to maintain life on the Ancients' planet, Loge. They cultivate the land, nourish it. On Earth we might have called them corporeal Mother Natures. But when it comes to Ancients needing healers, I'm at a loss. Ancients have xylem running within their bodies, similarly to how humans have water. Xylem itself has healing properties, so why the need for healers? Something doesn't add up, yet each time I press Emmy on it, she gives me a distant look and responds with short answers that give me next to no insight into anything beyond the fact that my questions make her uncomfortable. This one is no exception.

"That be the Vortex," Emmy finally says, her speech different than the other Ancients I've encountered. It's intentionally choppy, like she can't be bothered to use complete sentences. She washes her hands together nervously as though they were under a faucet of water and she wanted to make sure the soap touched every inch of flesh. "RESs train there."

I nod. I know very little about the RESs, beyond that RES is short for Republic Employed Spy, and that Jackson is one of them.

I think to the night he revealed himself to me in my room. I was petrified. I had lost my Taking patch moments before, breaking one of the only formal rules of the Ancient/human treaty. The Taking patch was a small silver eye covering, created by the Chemists on Earth, to not only block our vision, but immobilize us, while the Ancients came into our rooms at night to Take our antibodies so they could acclimate to Earth. We weren't allowed to see them, an act punishable by death, and there I was, my eyes closed tightly as I waited for my Ancient to come and offer up my punishment. Only the punishment never came. I opened my eyes to find Jackson Locke hovering above me. Jackson Locke. My greatest competition for top seed in Field Training. Everything became so hectic after that moment. He told me about our refusal to allow the Ancients to coexist with us, as promised in the treaty, that soon a war would begin. He begged me to help him stop it. Before I truly knew what I was getting myself into, before I even allowed myself a second to think it through, I had agreed. And now ... here I am, half human, half Ancient. A girl lost among strangers, linked to the enemy. Though, now, I no longer consider them the enemy. Maybe I never did. Something has changed within me. I never would have imagined humankind could be as brutal as we became in those weeks leading up to the release of the neurotoxin. The cylinders of Ancient organs. The testing chambers full of dead Ancient children. And then once we had released the neurotoxin and poisoned our own people, the execution chambers built to disingrate our remains.

I have no idea what the Ancients stand for, what morals ground them or what passion propels them, but I now know that deep within the human concept is something dark, selfish, and completely willing to do whatever is necessary to support the idea of humanity. Because that's what it is, an idea. True humanity would never behave as we have behaved.

I glance over to Emmy, and then back to the triangular building. Each day we do this. She comes in with the intention of checking on me and stuffing me with these circular healing foods called bocas, but we always end up by the window, staring out over Triad, the largest city on Loge, while I ask question after question. I try my best to hide my true intent, but my efforts are futile. Emmy knows, what I'm sure most here know. I am not one of them. I do not trust them. And I will do whatever is necessary to protect the other humans from them. After all, it's all but my fault they are here. If I would have gone to Dad about Jackson, if I would have confided in him, none of this might have happened.

My mind drifts to the days that led up to the release of the neurotoxin, to Jackson and how uneasy he had become. Why didn't I see it? We had spent weeks together, growing closer with each passing day. An intensity had built between us, a dependency on the other, that was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was as though we were the only two people who understood what was happening, and through each other, we found comfort. More than comfort. My chest tightens at the thought of his lips on mine, his body pressed so closely to mine I could feel his heart beating in rhythm with my own. But even after all that, I never pushed him for details. Instead, I stood by helplessly as our Chemists released a poisonous neurotoxin into Earth's atmosphere, killing thousands. Of course, they couldn't have known how many humans had been healed by Ancients over the years, effectively exposing them to Ancient xylem — effectively turning them into Ancients. They couldn't have known. I couldn't have known. So why did I feel so guilty?

I didn't ask for any of this. I didn't ask for Jackson to seek me out for help. I didn't ask for him to heal me, turning me into an Ancient. And I certainly didn't ask him to bring me to Loge, which cemented my guilt in place. Because while I was here, healing, those I cared about were on Earth, abandoned.

The constant ache in me to hear their voices, their reassurances that they're okay, is enough to drive me insane.

The main door to the Vortex opens, and I crane my neck to get a glimpse inside. Two Ancients exit, but from this distance, I can't make out anything inside.

"Do you think the humans are in there, Emmy?"

She sighs. "I don't know, child. Not my matters."

"But have you seen any of them? I mean, surely some have come here for treatment, right?" I glance at her, hopeful.

She shakes her head, looking conflicted.

At this point, I have more questions than I can possibly hold within my useless brain, which brings me back to the Vortex, and my true intent on pressing Emmy to tell me everything she can about Triad — I have no idea where the other humans are being held.


She averts her eyes, and I feel a common frustration bubbling up within me. "Fine." She knows. She just refuses to tell me.

I've been at the Panacea for three weeks. Three weeks of tests and analysis and enough bocas to feed all of my hometown of Sydia, and still, I have yet to see a single human. Not injured in the Panacea. Not dancing in the fields that cradle the city like a blanket. None. Not one. Which means either Zeus is keeping them somewhere ... or they're all dead.

I study the Vortex, its almost black exterior, and imagine it full of men and women training, like Jackson, to pretend to be human on Earth, to kill humans by Taking them to death. A shiver creeps down my back. That has to be where the humans are being held.

"Come child, eat." Emmy holds out a bowl of bocas, purple on the outside, sunshine yellow on the inside. They taste like oranges, but look like grapes. "Young-one be here soon for assignation. We need to get you ready."

The assignation. There are four sectors in Triad of which one can be assigned to work — the factories, the schools, the military, or the government. The healers on Loge possess the ability to cultivate the land and heal living creatures by zeroing in on the inner workings of the person, animal, or plant and "fixing" whatever isn't working just right. That ability also allows them to look at that living thing's purpose. So, the top healers in Triad conjure together with Zeus to give an analysis on all Ancients once the Ancient turns sixteen. This analysis is known as the assignation, and the results determine which of the four sectors of Triad the individual will work. Most everyone goes to the factories, but advance intellect can often sway an individual towards military or government, which are the sought after jobs in Triad. Emmy tells stories of her kids pretending to be RESs, running around in disguise. It's prestigious. A mark of honor.

And the very last thing I want to be here.

The RESs are responsible for the attacks on Earth that led to the release of the neurotoxin. We may have killed thousands of our people by releasing the neurotoxin, but they killed thousands just to prove they could. Becoming an RES would be the ultimate betrayal. But in the end, I'm not sure I'll have a choice. It will all come down to Zeus. And if I have learned anything in the three weeks that I have lived in Triad, it's that what Zeus wants, Zeus gets.

I can still hear Emmy's words, mere days after Jackson brought me here to save me from the neurotoxin that was poisoning me to death. "Not young-one," she had said. "Old-one." And I knew, the words pounding into my head like a migraine until one single name appeared — Zeus. Zeus wanted me to become an Ancient. The question is ... why?

The curtains to my private room sway, and I wait anxiously for Jackson to enter but no one emerges. Jackson and Emmy have been the only two people that I've seen since coming here. Though, I really shouldn't call them people. They aren't, even if they look as human as I do. But that's not why I call them people. I call them that because it makes me feel like I'm not really on another planet, just another country, like any day I could hop a hovercraft and fly home.

I've realized it's familiarity that grounds us, and without it, the mind drifts into dangerous territory. I've only considered death once, when the nightmares mixed so thoroughly with my thoughts that all I wanted was a little relief. Now, I'm medicated with one of their concoctions to make sure I don't drift again. I hate what it does to me, the constant humming in my brain as though I can't be trusted to think or act by myself. Emmy says she'll take me off it soon. Every day she says it will be soon. I'm starting to wonder if soon means something different here.

Aside from Emmy, Jackson comes by every day — and every day I try my best to avoid talking to him. I think to how quickly I trusted him. I've thought it through a thousand times. Why? Was it that I felt like I knew him? Because I did in a way. I had known Jackson — or the Jackson I thought he was — since we were kids. Seeing someone year after year, growing up together, gives you a sense of comfort, like you're predisposed to trust simply because you remember what the person looked like six inches shorter. I don't know. Sometimes I think I'm just trying to make sense of my decisions, justify them, because the truth is, after weeks now of nothing but my own guilty thoughts, all I can come up with is hope.

The attacks were increasing. Everything felt so intense. I didn't need him to tell me that a war was coming — anyone with a brain could sense it. I needed to believe that we could stop it, that there was hope. And no one knows what it's like to trust on hope alone until they've been so deep in horror that there is nothing left but hope. That's where I was, maybe where I still am — in horror — but there is no worry of me trusting on hope again. I made that mistake once ... and he let me down. Now I'm stuck here, waiting to learn what Zeus has planned for me.

"How you feel today, child?" Emmy asks after a while of silently staring down at Triad in motion. It's like watching clockwork move, everything and everyone so robotic I have to wonder if they are programmed.

"Good," I finally say and she smiles, taking my hand in hers. She has a youth about her, despite her outward appearance. Her hair is white, outside of an orphaned blonde strip in the front. Her face has creases around her eyes and mouth that suggest she's laughed more often than she's cried. I've never seen her laugh or even smile, which makes me wonder how long it's been since she felt the happiness that created her lines. She doesn't look at me, likely afraid I'll ask her, yet again, to explain what she had meant about Zeus. Questions about Triad she can handle, and does to appease me, but Zeus is another topic altogether.

I glance down at the bowl of bocas and prepare for how I'll ask her. "Emmy," I start.

She peeks behind her, making me wonder if Zeus's shadow follows her around. "I told you, no talk of him. Now, young-one be by soon. Eat. Food brings —"

"Healing. I know. Emmy, please ..."

"Not my place. Now rest." She pats my hand one last time, leaning in to hug me, and says, "His eyes are everywhere here, his ears in the walls. Be careful, child." She straightens, pulls out the band of beads from her pocket that I've seen her reach for when she gets worried, and laces them through her fingers again and again, her look distant.

As soon as she leaves, I return my attention to the city. I find myself standing by my window for hours each day, surveying Triad, hoping to see something new that gives me an idea of where the humans are, but each day the sun sets with me knowing nothing more than I had learned the day before. Now, the sun rises from a wall of green foliage that lines the city, separating Triad from whatever lies beyond it. Within the wall, there are rows and rows of houses, neighborhoods perhaps. I imagine what they are doing in their homes. If they are eating dinner now or playing games or watching some version of a T-screen.

From the neighborhoods, a large bridge stretches over a river into a city that covers the rest of everything visible. Building after building, all with green roofs, all different sizes and as rustic looking as the Panacea. It's simple looking. But also beautiful, unlike anything I've ever seen before. Every day, I stare, mesmerized, until my eyes drift to the furthest edge of the city, to the rock-like building that stalks forever to the sky. There are no visible windows or doors in this building, giving it a look of complete power and terror. I remember asking Emmy what it was and her responding with only, "His." I didn't ask for clarification, I knew what she meant, and we ended up watching it together that day. Her eyes full of worry, mine of wonder.

I study Zeus's building now, watching for movement, when a loud scream from the hallway pierces the silence. My eyes snap to my doorway, my entire body suddenly on alert. I start forward, eager to find out what caused it, when the curtain blocking my doorway bucks inward and a hand reaches inside, gone as quickly as it emerged, followed by another gut-wrenching scream.

I rush out into a long hallway. It's the same wood of my room, with five doorways lining each side. At the end of the hallway stand two Ancients carrying a girl who scrambles in their grasp to get away. She looks just like ...


Her eyes find mine, her voice rich with fear. "Ari! Ari, please help me. Help me." She pushes out of their hold and is almost to me, when they jerk her back. "Don't let them take me back there. Please. I can't go back there."

I step forward, just as Emmy blocks my path. "No, stop, I know her," I say, panic rising up inside me as I take in Lexis's appearance. Her head has been shaved, her skin once a deep brown is now pale and dull. What have they done to her? "That's a girl from my school. Lexis. She isn't —"

"No, no, no," Lexis pleads as a lady approaches wearing the same shapeless green dress as Emmy and bearing what I can only imagine is a needle, but it isn't attached to a syringe and it's three times longer than any needle I've ever seen. At first I think she's going to use it as a weapon, and I try to push past Emmy, who seems to guess my moves before I make them, outmatching me with every step.

"Let me go," I shriek, growing angry and annoyed. The medication obviously hinders my reflexes as much as my emotions. "What is this? Why can't they leave her alone?"


Excerpted from Hover by Melissa West, Liz Pelletier. Copyright © 2013 Melissa West. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Hover 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
KBooks12 More than 1 year ago
Oh. My. Alien. Goodness! This book was just un-freaking-believable! Right from the moment that I finished reading the first installment in this series, Gravity, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Hover and see what was going to happen. To me Gravity was a phenomenal start to a series and I desperately wanted to see what was going to happen. In no way whatsoever did I think that Hover could surpass Gravity but it did. It completely stunned me and blew me away so much I think I may have landed on another planet. I had pretty high expectations for this book because of how much I adored the first one and it far exceeded anything I could have imagined. Ari has been taken from Earth and is on a whole new planet with the Ancients. But nothing is ever as she seems. Ari must be on her guard at all times. Can she really tryst the people on Loge? Ari imagined the planet to be peaceful but she discovers many hidden secrets that could threaten everything she could have ever imagined. And what is happening on Earth while she is away? One thing is for sure Ari needs to figure out who to trust and what to do to save the remains of two planets and two people. But there is one thing Ari knows.... no matter what things will never be the same. I finished Hover days ago and I am still just reeling over what happened. Melissa West is officially one of my favourite authors of all time. She is an absolute genius to come up with this story and execute it to the perfect, phenomenal extent that she has. I am just completely in awe of her for this series. If you had asked me a year ago what I would think about a series with aliens in it I would have been like "Aliens? NO WAY! I don't 'do' Sci-Fi books" but OMG Melissa West just completely changed my perception of alien books. I never thought I would like Alien books but The Taking is one of my favourite series of all time. I have developed such an author crush on Melissa and I am such a fangirl of hers. Her writing style is addictive and I could not put this book down at all. I am just completely blown away by this phenomenal series. I loved every single second of it. Melissa officially writes the best characters ever. I really loved Ari in Gravity. She was a great character to read about. Well Ari is even better in Hover. When looking at the person she was back at the beginning of Gravity and the person she is at the end of Hover you can really see how much she has grown as a character. She has had to deal with such a lot and she has grown from a girl trying to survive and make her family proud to a kick-ass woman who listens to her own instincts and follows her head and heart to do what is right not only for her own world but for the Aincents too. I absolutely love her. I was so confused about Jackson in the first book of this series. I liked him but then he was such an ass sometimes that I didn't really know what he was about. Well my mind is completely made up now! I am completely head-over-heels in love with Jackson. He is just so amazing. We see a totally different side to Jackson in this installment and you get to see just how much he has to deal with back on his home planet. This is one alien that I would move planets for! Hover is a phenomenal installment of The Taking Series. It completely stole my heart and my breath. I could not read this book fast enough. So much was happening and it had me freaking out through pretty much the entire second half. I just couldn't stop reading as I had to know what was going to happen. I went through pretty much every emotion possible while reading this book. I was happy, I was sad, I was angry. I was totally in love and swooning and then totally heartbroken wanting to just go into the foetal position and cry for hours. Hover literally has everything that you could possibly want in a book. Non-stop action that stops your heart and breath-taking romance. I loved every moment of it. Be warned if you are expecting something just like Gravity you will be shocked. Melissa completely pulled it out of the bag and there were so many twists and turns I thought I had whiplash. It kept me guessing right until the very end and just when I thought I had figured out what was going to happen BAM! It went in the total opposite direction to what I thought. So much more happens in this book than Gravity and it is way more intense and violent. It was possibly one of the best books I have ever read in my life. I need book 3 like right now... but until then I will just go and sit in a corner and rock back and forth like a crazy person and cry. This series is a must-read. Go read it now!
tarheelbibliobabe_12 More than 1 year ago
This book was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I’m not a sci-fi geek. I don’t really like Star Wars and things like that. Weird, I know. But this series is so good, it makes me change my mind. Ari Alexander is a firecracker. Not afraid to speak her mind, her mouth can get her into some trouble, but I really admired that about her. She’s also extremely stubborn but that stubbornness is so important in protecting the ones she loves. She’s quick with a gun and very vengeful. She’s very passionate in everything she does, and that’s the biggest reason I think she’s a greatttt heroine. Jackson is really just a sweetheart. He cares so much for Ari and that’s evident in everything he does. He’s patient when Ari is being ridiculously stubborn. He, like Ari, is a total badass and is so strong when faced against so much adversity. I love how he loves his grandma and is willing to do anything to save her from a horrible fate. He’s most definitely on my book boyfriends list. In Hover, we saw much more of Zeus’s villainous ways. I would like to kill the guy myself if I had the skills Ari has. I was happy we got to see the characters that I loved from Gravity, such as Gretchen. I have reservations about Law, especially at the end. I did loveeeee getting to know Mami and Emmy though. Their love for Jackson and Ari was clear and they were very instrumental in many things. So vague, I know. Don’t wanna spoil anyone! My favorite thing about this series is the setting. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before but I can feel it so vividly when I read. If Loge wasn’t run by crazy Zeus, I’d like to live there. And be a badass like every Ancient. After Gravity, Ari had a hard time trusting Jackson, which I could totally see at first. But her stubbornness was unrelenting for a bit, and I was so dang happy when she finally trusted him again. And let me say…there is some major swoonage in this book. Trust me. All in all, I may not be a hardcore sci-fi person, but I really like this series. And Jackson. Jackson… Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: And then in one move he cups my face with his hands and sits us up, crushing his lips onto mine. I pull him still closer, wanting my body as fixed to his as possible, finding strength in his powerful arms and the sureness of his kiss, as though he was always here, waiting for this moment. He eases me down onto the bed and lies half over me, never letting his lips leave mine. A small tear leaks from my eye and I realize that for the first time since arriving here, I feel like I’m coming home. Rating: 4/5 Tar Heels!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it.
3sth3r More than 1 year ago
I was expecting the twist in the story line so soon. However for short book (only 250 or so) it moves pretty fast. The only thing I did like was how predictly it became. But it did leave on a cuff hanger.
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
Wow. What a sequel!!! I am seriously floored right now! I enjoyed the first book as you saw above, but I LOVED this second one! It has everything I could ever want- romance, action, betrayal, and it's a SCI-FI! Woooo! I'm so glad I read these back to back- but... holy cliffhanger on this one! I can't believe I have to wait for Book 3! *pouts* I did NOT see that twist coming... well, I was suspicious, but never did I think that ending would actually happen! The book picks up right where Gravity left off, only this time we find Ari on Loge. I was definitely curious about the Ancients' home world, since we only learned bits and pieces about it in the last book. I loved being in this new setting and seeing the type of people the Ancients actually were! (They surprised the heck out of me that's for sure! Let's just say they are not as repressed of a people as I thought under Zeus's leadership...) Ari is healing from the neurotoxins that were released on Earth, designated to kill the Ancients and is dealing with her feelings concerning Jackson. She is unsure of him, feeling betrayed by his omission of important information, and now she is on a planet by herself with no allies to turn to. Where most people would be terrified into a stupor, Ari is as fierce and strong as ever. Then again- Ari has been raised and bred to be the next Commander. Her father has trained her to be the girl she needs to be, and while Ari may have seen that as harsh- she does end up realizing he did it for her own good. That's not to say Ari is a machine- she is human and she still has feelings. She has such compassion for others and will do whatever it takes to keep her loved ones safe from Zeus's growing threat. Zeus. UGH. Talk about EVIL. West did a great job creating such a villain- even his mannerisms scream 'DANGER!' He is ruthless and does not hesitate in putting Ari through torture to find out what he needs. So what do you do with the big bad? Make plans to eliminate him of course! Easier said than done! Zeus is no idiot. He is cunning, as well as intuitive. This will be no easy task for Ari. Thankfully, Jackson IS on her side and will do whatever is necessary to assist her- even betraying his grandfather. Yeah, didn't see THAT coming! As much as Ari tries to push Jackson away, she can't help but start to see how different he is than on Earth. Here, he is seen as a leader and yet remains protective of her, knowing what that could do for his reputation. I love that Ari isn't so quick to jump back in with him. He has to earn her trust back and the only way to do that is through his actions. We see so many different sides to Jackson in this book and it made me love him so much more than I already did. He is strong and determined, but there is a vulnerability to him that breaks my heart. His concern for his grandmother (Zeus's wife) is absolutely touching- he knows that she won't leave him and Zeus treats her horribly. He has to assume so many different personas- one minute he goes from being a hard, cold, unfeeling leader to a guy who has to push aside his feelings for the girl he loves because she just wants friendship. It's terribly frustrating for him and I loved that we got to see the many different layers of Jackson. Once Ari realizes the type of man he actually is and all the responsibilities he carries and the internal battles he wages to protect those he loves, it is then she starts to let him back into her heart again. "I pushed Jackson away, yet he continues to stand beside me, forever thinking I am better than I am, more capable than I am- stronger than I am. Some may think you choose to have feelings for another due to what you see in that person, their strengths and weaknesses. But I think it's also in how that person sees you. And Jackson Castello, right or wrong, sees me, really sees me. How can I push that away? How can I deny that while I see him as mysterious and difficult, I also see him as kind and generous and so much braver than he realizes? He isn't perfect. He is so far from perfect. But maybe it isn't about him being perfect... maybe it's about him being perfect for me." Their relationship progressed perfectly, and literally (at 91% to be exact) had me gasping for breath. Swooooooon! While most of our time is spent in Loge, Ari does have some communication with her friends and family on Earth. However, every time they communicated, I felt more and more uneasy about what was to come. Things are happening down on Earth that Ari is not privy to, and things are definitely not as they seem. Her friends Law and Gretchen, who she has known for years, are acting differently and she can't pinpoint what is going on. Is it just the stress over the impending war or is there something more going on? Some new characters are introduced in this novel that are quite significant. Emmy and Vill, being two of my favorites. Emmy is the Healer assigned to help Ari and yet she is so much more than meets the eye. When Ari thought she had no allies here, she couldn't have been more wrong. Emmy is proof of that- after building a rapport with Ari, Emmy trusts her enough to confide in her that Loge is dying and the Ancients need a new place to live. And Emmy thinks Ari will be the one to help lead them. Talk about responsibility! Vill, is actually Emmy's grandson as well as Jackson's roommate. He does not play a huge role in the book, but he offers Ari some sound advice- not just about Jackson, but also about her. He is a true friend to both of them and I hope we get to see him again in the next book! "You are a leader, Ari. You were born a leader and you will die a leader. It is who you are. Everyone who meets you knows it. And you know it, even if you question it. You react like a leader, thinking ahead of time so you know your actions are properly directed." ... "You'll find yourself again. Before you know it, you will be leading again. But you first need to see Jackson, really see him, for who he is, instead of what you thought he was or who you now believe him to be." As I said, there is a cliffhanger, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the third book, Collide, to find out what happens next for Ari, Jackson, and both the Ancients and humans! *Received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AngelaReadingCa More than 1 year ago
A must read sequel that leaves you wanting even more! Melissa West creates an intriguing world that will captivate the reader to the point of forgetting real world obligations.   At the end of Gravity, Jackson has to take Ari to Loge, in order to save her life.  Hover starts off right after these events.  Which means that Ari is understandably weary of all people from Loge, even Jackson.  Yeah, he omitted the truth a little while on Earth.  He is an alien though, so one could summarize that he did it in order to protect himself and those he loves.  On Loge, Ari receives a mission from her president on Earth.  Will she succeed in carrying out these orders?  Will Jackson help her or hinder her from doing the right thing?  And what exactly does Zeus want with all the human refugees that are on Loge?Ari was a strong character in Gravity, both in personality and sheer strength.  Her self-confidence and can do attitude is evident throughout the book.  In Hover, she is the same even though she is on a new planet with a whole new set of rules/laws to follow.  She adapts well and is able to pretend to assimilate into this new society.  Her loyalty does remain with the people of Earth though.  She was hurt by Jackson’s perceived betrayal and is not quick to forgive him.  She does drag on the whole wounded emotions a bit farther than necessary. I love that Ari looks at the whole picture in a lot of cases (except with the whole Jackson situation).  The fact that she is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good of her civilization is pretty amazing. Speaking of Jackson, holy hot alien knight –in-shining armor! He recognizes that his secret has driven a wedge between them and will do what needs to be done to fix that.   He tries to give Ari her space, although he knows that he has to protect her from those of his kind that will do her harm.  Knowing what her mission is, he is ubber-supportive of it.  The pain that his grandfather inflicts on him is horrendous, how he turns out so decent and noble is astonishing. Ari and Jackson learn a lot about being in or even on the outskirts of a relationship in this novel.  They learn to trust each other and more importantly to trust their own emotions.  This is a difficult task for both of them as they are both born leaders and people of action.   The cliffhanger left me traumatized!  Did she really?  What happen to Jackson?  Oh my goodness why does he have a gun?  
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The story in Hover continues shortly after where Gravity left off.  Ari is now on the planet Loge and has to try to find a way back to Earth safely, while trying to come up with a way of convincing the humans and the Ancients of peacefully co-existing on Earth.  She comes to discover, however, that the leader of Loge, Zeus, is not who she thought he was.  He is actually quite evil and has his own plans for how the Ancients will come to live on Earth.  So, Ari has to find a way of conquering Zeus as well. Throughout the beginning of Hover, there is a lot of backstory from the first book. Too much for my liking.  I like a little bit, just to remind me of key things that happened in the first book.  But, not so much that I have to actually skip parts of the book because it feels like I'm just re-reading the first one.  Hover verged on that second option.  It included too much unnecessary backstory. Throughout Hover, I found myself wondering the following question: Who/what did the Ancients Take from before the humans and who/what would they Take from if they killed off the humans?  The question was kind of answered, but ended up leaving me with more questions.  I am not sure I am fully understanding the whole "Taking" thing.  Maybe it's just me and I missed something, but I don't really understand it's entirety.  This is the best explanation I found: "They'd prepped us here on what to do during the Taking and why. Xylem is sort of a strange thing. It learns, advances, it becomes what it needs to be. But originally, we could not all fight off the basic illnesses of your world. We tried. Zeus said we would Take to train our bodies how to cope in your world." -- A conversation from an Ancient to Ari, page 115 Okay, so if my understanding of the Taking is correct, the ancients Take from the humans in order to survive on Earth? So, they don't normally have to Take? So, how did this Taking first come about? How did they know they needed to do it or what to do?  Clearly, I'm confused by this whole concept.  (If you have any insight on the subject, feel free to share in the comments below!) I found Ari to be slightly different in this novel than she was in Gravity.  Understandably so, after all that she has seen and experienced.  In Hover, Ari is fearless, but in a very reckless way.  She's not afraid to die, which sometimes causes her to do really stupid and reckless things.  She still doesn't ask all the questions that she should be asking.  I'm not sure why she feels she shouldn't ask the questions, when the answers would help her understand things more and be very beneficial to her goal.  It's a bit infuriating.  I still like Jackson.  He is also different in this book, mainly because we now know more about him.  He's not hiding behind so many big secrets anymore.  We get to find out more about him and why he is the way he is.  Though, he still has some secrets that we slowly find out and some that we have yet to discover.  I found it interesting how similar Luge is to Earth.  The culture is similar to our western culture on Earth.  They also have houses, buildings, nature (minus animals), roads, etc. like we have here.  And the creatures of Loge (Ancients) look and talk and think and feel emotions, just like humans. I found myself wondering, where is the creativity? In all honesty, I found myself a bit bored with the majority of this book.  At least, I didn't find it as interesting or captivating as Gravity for some reason.  That is until the crazy ending!!!  Hover leaves the reader with cliff hangers like crazy.  There's no way you could read this book and not read the next one!  I seriously still can't believe it ended like that.
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(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Entangled Publishing, LLC and Netgalley.) This is book 2 in the ‘The Taking’ series, and kicks off 3 weeks after the end of book 1 ‘Gravity’. **Warning - some unavoidable spoilers for book 1 ‘Gravity’.** Ari is slowly healing on the planet Loge after the neurotoxin that nearly killed her on Earth; she’s worried though, because in the past 3 weeks she’s yet to see another human. Jackson tries to reassure her, but things go from bad to worse when it seems that the people of Earth will never agree to co-habit with Zeus in charge, and Zeus just wants to eradicate the humans full stop. What has happened to the other humans who made it to Loge? What is Jackson hiding from Ari? And can Ari find a way to get rid of Zeus, before it’s too late? This was a great sequel, and although there wasn’t quite as much action as the first book, the tension made up for it. Ari continued to fight for what was right in this instalment, even when she felt like she was the only one fighting a losing battle. I totally got why Zeus scared her so much, and why she was mad at Jackson, but I really wished that she could have found it in herself to forgive him. I liked the storyline in this book, there wasn’t as much action as there was in the first, but the underlying tension was well-built. I liked that the imminent threats were different, and I liked how the story progressed. I also liked the romance between Ari and Jackson, even when she was making a stand against him. There were several small twists in the book that I didn’t see coming, and I liked the anticipation of what would happen next, especially with the poor communication between Earth and Loge. The ending to this was okay, but the cliff-hanger was so annoying! I really want to read the next book now! Overall; great second instalment in this sci-fi dystopian series. 9 out of 10
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The characters Gravity ended with Ari arriving in Loge.Now,in Hover, she is trying to accept the fact that she's half Ancient and that she lives in a different planet with the help from Jackson and Emmy,her healer.She's pretty lucky because she gets to live with Jackson and his cousin and Emmy's grandson,Vill.Zeus makes her join the RES and she starts training with the rest of the group.The bright side?Jackson is her trainer. Moreover,she has found a safe way to communicate with Earth without Zeus knowing about it but things back home are not the same.Law is the President of the United States until his mother recovers from a heart attack and he seems distant towards Ari.On Earth,they expect Zeus's next step which is declaring war but they can't let that happen.So they ask from Ari to kill Zeus once and for all.In the beginning she hesitates but when Zeus orders that one human will be executed every day in order to take over Earth,she's more than happy to oblige. Zeus is one crazy and paranoid person.He's getting older,weaker,starts losing control and he knows that.That's why he tortures Ari so that he can get as many information he can and find out weaknesses about humans.But at some point he crosses the line and the only to fight back is one: REVOLUTION But apart from Zeus and his evil destruction plan,there's also Ari and Jackson.Ari can't forgive him for all the things he kept from her in Gravity.She's not ready for a relationship with him and he agrees with that but wishes for more.But throughout the book Ari uncovers secrets and truths about Jackson and the cruel way he was raised that makes her realize that she can't live without him. Verdict Melissa West in Gravity introduces us to a new world.In Hover this world is about to change.Well hidden secrets,revelations,action packed and an unexpected cliffhanger that you won't see it coming makes Hover one of the best sequels I've read and I can't wait to read the final chapter of this story in Collide.
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After reading author Melissa West’s Gravity, the first novel in her the Taking series, I was super excited to find out what would happen next to main character Ari Alexander. From how Gravity left off (Spoilers ahead so if you haven’t read the first book I request you check it out and leave now) Ari and thousands of other survivors ended up on Loge in hopes of survival from the neurotoxin that almost killed all of them. Now Ari and Jackson are both trying to find a way to survive on Loge. Zeus is using the human survivors on Loge as slaves who will fight against their own planet. Zeus is desperate to find a way to save both his people and Loge. What Ari discovers is that Zeus has a wicked plan in mind that will save Loge and that there are a small band of his own that are willing to turn the tables on him. Then there’s the matter of her emotions toward Jackson a.k.a. Zeus’s grandson. Are and Jackson both grow closer together, accepting that there is something between them both but that they may or may not be able to act on it. Zeus’s eerie attitude toward Ari has dark consequences, ones that make Ari more willing than ever to stand against him and free the humans on Loge. However as the time to face off against Zeus and his men grows closer, Ari begins to wonder if there’s anybody on Loge who can be trusted. The stakes are raised, one wrong move could mean the end and Ari has got everything to lose. Compared to Gravity I definitely loved Hover a ton more. It was everything that Gravity wasn’t for me. It was fast paced, thrilling and kept me guessing a lot. Hover was exciting. Ari is stuck in a situation that I don’t think a lot of Gravity’s readers expected. She broke the rules on Earth, now she’s on an entirely different planet that’s dying acting as the last hope for the human survivors/slaves on the planet. Ari completely takes on a new role. She’s not just Ari Alexander anymore she’s somebody with a ton of responsibility on her and is expected to fill some pretty big shoes. I really loved Ari’s character growth in the novel, it was great. Another thing that readers who read Gravity know is that Ari and Jackson had this sort-of-romance going on. Personally, I really liked it in Gravity and was excited to see what would happen next for Ari and Jackson. In Hover the two of them do both continue with their sort-of-romance except it goes from being a sort-of-romance to a full on romance. The only problems they both face are how Jackson is on Loge and is Zeus’s grandson, Ari seems to be Zeus’s least favorite person (and his most despised) and Ari is supposed to lead a crucial role in the rebellion against him. Ari and Jackson both become this adorable pairing that both have to endure terrible things. Hover takes everything to another level, I think that past readers will love this sequel and will enjoy the faced paced action and plot. There are so many unexpected twists and turns, things that I never expected to happen happened and after that cliff-hanger ending I know that whatever happens  to Ari next is going to be insane. I would recommend the Taking novels to fans of sci-fi, badass female protagonists and readers who want a series that will keep them guessing.
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Hover picks up a few weeks after the events in Gravity. Ari is in Loge, home planet of the Ancients, and the only person she knows, Jackson, she can't trust. She is held a little better than a prisoner and kept in the dark as to what's happening on Earth. To sum it up, this girl is not pleased at all. I'd planned to re-read Gravity before picking up this book but, due to time constraints, I was unable to do that, so I was nervous that I wouldn't understand what's happening. Thankfully, West did a good job of jogging up her readers' memories. No time was wasted, throwing us straight back into action, and I was never bored. Ari was still her no-nonsense, badass self, and I still loved her. She knew how to read between the lines and how to prioritize, so there was no facepalm moment for this heroine. Being in another planet, she was curious of everything and wary of everyone—as she should be because like in Gravity, enemies hid everywhere, especially amongst friends. The romance between Ari and Jackson was subdued, and I know I'm not the only sad shipper here, but that was inevitable due to the nature of their hostile situation. It actually worked really well for the story—I'd have hated to find them kissing while guns were pointed to their heads. And we love anticipation, yes? As in Gravity, the world-building was impeccable. It wasn't at all hard to envision Loge, its light purple sky (yep, that one on the cover), its two moons, and how the planet was slowly shriveling to death. Also, I'd forgotten just how scientifically-probable this series is. I'm an alien-believer so that's not a far stretch, but even the technology is something I can easily imagine having in the future. Incredibly fast-paced and action-packed, Hover certainly outdid its predecessor. It's a book that's hard to put down, what with all the conspiracies and secret missions. The ending was a cliffhanger, but one that I loved, and I'm just desperate for Collide! MY FAVORITE PART is, uh, shall I call it the shower scene? The moment that shower was mentioned, I knew shenanigans would ensue in it.
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This book takes so long to get started that right when the interesting stuff starts the book ends. Not near as good as the first. Hopefully the third book will be better but this book makes me unsure.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Seventeen year old Ari along with the infected humans have left Earth and are now on Loge. They thought things would be better after all they were almost killed on Earth. However things aren't much better here on Loge. They are becoming slaves trained to attack the enemy which happens to be Earth. Zeus is ready to save his people at any cost. Ari and Jackson must stop him and save two different races. It's hard to do that when you never know who to trust. Ari really comes into her own in this book. She is doing her own thinking and trying to do the right thing. She is in a lot of danger and seems to becoming less human all the time. I really like how she doesn't give up and keeps trying. For all the Jackson lovers out there get ready to lose your heart even more. He is truly one amazing alien and you get to see a whole other side of him that will truly make you understand all he has went through and continues to go through. You also get to see more of Zeus and truly get to see how evil he is.  If you enjoyed Gravity you will love Hover. It starts right off where the last book ended and you continue the journey Ari is on. You get to see the new world of Loge and see the beauty of it. You also get to see the evil side of it as well as agendas are revealed and you see what Zeus is really after. You also see things on Earth are changing as Ari and Jackson communicate with Earth to try and help get things sorted out right. Plenty of action in this book as the book is fast paced and something is always going on. I loved seeing more of the characters and getting to watch them grow and seeing what you know they will become. The only downside to this book is the ending. I didn't want it to end and now have the wait till the next one. I have to know what happens next. If your wanting something new to read and different try this series you will love it.
PAB-Anncleire More than 1 year ago
“Hover” è uno di quei libri che ho aspettato per tutto l’anno, perché davvero, appena finito “Gravity” dovevo assolutamente sapere che cosa sarebbe successo. Le attese per un nuovo libro sono strazianti, soprattutto se si tratta di uno che hai amato davvero con tutto il cuore, come in questo caso. Sono felice di aver recensito il primo volume della “The Taking” serie durante il “Mese della Distopia” e di poter recensire “Hover” durante la “Settimana della Distopia”. Quando Heather Riccio cercava blogger interessati a recensire un eARC di questo libro non ho potuto proprio dire di no, non quando “Gravity” è stato una delle rivelazioni dell’anno. E vi posso dire che ho letteralmente adora questo secondo volume.   Sulla Terra, la diciassettenne Ari Alexander le è stato insegnato di non sbirciare mai, ma se spera di sopravvivere alla vita sul suo nuovo pianeta, Loge, i suo occhi non devono mai chiudersi. Perché Zeus farà di tutto per salvare gli Ancients dal loro pianeta che sta morendo, e ha un piano. Migliaia di umani hanno attraversato lo spazio verso Loge dopo che una neurotossina velenosa è stata rilasciata nell’atmosfera terrestre, quasi uccidendoli tutti. Cercano rifugio nella speranza di trovare una nuova vita, ma sono diventati dei meri schiavi, addestrati per portare la guerra contro il loro pianeta natale. Questo è, a meno che Ari e Jackson non li fermino. Ma su Loge, niente è quello che sembra… e non ci si può fidare di nessuno.   Ci sono vari motivi per cui ho adorato questo libro, e non so se sono in grado di scrivere una recensione decente, non dopo così poco tempo dalla fine della lettura, non dopo essermi resa conto che non solo “Hover” è straordinario, ma ha addirittura superato le aspettative che avevo su di lui. Uno di quei libri che iniziano in sordina e poi ti regalano mille emozioni, emozioni così forti e vivide che non puoi smettere di pensarci. Voglio dire una marea di cose su questo libro, ma sono certa che finirò per dimenticarmene la metà. Innanzitutto voglio ringraziare immensamente Melissa West per avermi risposto in maniera continuativa su Twitter, a qualunque scemenza scrivessi, facendomi quasi pensare di leggere il libro insieme a lei. Avere un tale riscontro con uno scrittore è davvero un’emozione senza precedenti. “Hover” inizia esattamente da dove “Gravity” ci aveva lasciato, Ari è su Loge e deve fare i conti con la sua guarigione, ma soprattutto deve acclimatarsi ad un nuovo paese di cui non può fidarsi di nessuno. Ari viene messa alla prova, è sempre lei che racconta la sua storia, ma in questo nuovo volume è sa sola con quello che prova e deve reagire in fretta. L’anima della leader e della stratega è sempre con lei e la porta ad essere la donna da cui tutti vanno per avere aiuto. Mentre i rapporti con Jackson si fanno tirati, il suo istinto per la sopravvivenza e tutto quello che ha sempre conosciuto la portano a scagliarsi contro Zeus, che in qualche modo non incarna solo il male, ma anche la pazzia di una guerra che si protrae da secoli. Ari è confusa, ma sa che in qualche modo deve farsi forza e sfruttare tutte le debolezze che riesce a individuare. I veri leader a volte sono soli, devono fare i conti con chi non c’è e prendere delle decisioni che non avrebbero mai creduto possibili. Mentre Ari impara a sue spese chi è e quello che deve fare, dalla narrazione esce anche il ritratto di un nuovo Jackson. E ragazzi posso assicurarvi che se lo avete amato in “Gravity” in “Hover” lo venererete. Se nel primo volume lo troviamo praticamente in incognito, che deve nascondere la sua vera natura nella quotidianità, qui lo troviamo in incognito nella stessa maniera, perché in qualche modo, per proteggersi, nasconde in una buca profondissima dentro di sé la sua reale natura. Il braccio destro di Zeus, ogni giorno deve mostrarsi un comandante, un guerriero, un uomo potente che non si lascia sconfiggere da niente, nonostante le sue reali paure e insicurezze che lo lasciano privo di stabilità, come un ramo trascinato dalla corrente. Incapace di smettere di pensare ad Ari, frenato nei suoi sentimenti dal freddo distacco della ragazza, continua a sostenerla e a proteggerla, anche se significa soccombere alla furia di Zeus. E se la componente romantica e passionale ha un ruolo importante e senza dubbio super emozionale, che lascia il lettore incredulo e assolutamente commosso, le scene nella camera di Jackson sono le più tenere, soprattutto quando lui dorme di schiena, alla fine ciò che conta è la parte di descrizione delle abitudini degli Ancients, del loro modo di pensare, di cosa sono e cosa vogliono. I membri del popolo, gli ultimi, i deboli, quelli che alla fine ci rimettono sempre: It didn’t seem possible that maybe there were bad and good within each group and that like with any war throughout history, the people—the everyday people—were the truly good ones and the ones to suffer the most.   “L’Asino: Il popolo utile, paziente e bastonato” come diceva Gabriele Galantara, quel popolo che si piega al volere, o meglio alla pazzia, del suo leader e ne esce virtualmente distrutto. Loge sta morendo, tutti sono in pericolo, ognuno ha il suo tornaconto personale e Ari si fa portavoce del bisogno di sopravvivere oltre un governo centrale incapace di accogliere i reali bisogni dei suoi cittadini. Ci sono tre nuovi personaggi: Vill, Mami e Emmy, più legati di quello che si potrebbe immaginare all’inizio, che fanno la differenza nella lotta di Ari e la sosterranno come potranno. Riappaiono anche nostre vecchie conoscenze il padre di Ari, Low e Gretchen ma le cose non sono più come prima, qualcosa decisamente non quadra. Tra boschi che nascondono segreti, svelamenti che non avreste mai creduto Ari e Jackson dovranno fare i conti con il loro rapporto e su cosa è necessario fare. E la mia scena preferita rimane sempre la seconda sul ponte. Il particolare da non dimenticare? Una statuetta di legno. In un mix straordinario che unisce il puro sci-fi ad atmosfere distopiche, senza rinunciare alla romance più romantica e delicata, le lotte e le torture, segreti inimmaginabili “Hover” vi conquisterà dalla prima pagina e non sarete in grado di staccarvene. E il finale, al cardiopalma, vi lascerà con la voglia di averne ancora, ancora e ancora. Mentre io aspetto buona buona “Collide” il terzo volume della saga, voi attendete il 13 agosto e procuratevi questo libro, ve lo prometto non ve ne pentirete!   Ringrazio immensamente Heather Riccio e Melissa West per avermi concesso la straordinaria opportunità di leggere in anteprima “Hover” in cambio della mia onesta opinione!
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a sequel to Gravity and you MUST read Gravity before reading this. You cannot just jump in and hope to catch up. It had been a while since I read Gravity and even I needed the refresher that the author gives when starting the book. It took me a little bit for me to get my bearings and to get back into the state of mind since Hover starts right where Gravity left off. I don’t want to give too much away in my review but all I can say is that although this story isn’t as gruesome as the last, it still has a high level of suspense to it with a couple of shocking moments. Ari and Jackson are trying to beat the clock and keep a full blown war between the aliens and the humans from happening. New characters are introduced and are vital components to the story while we get glimpses from the secondary characters from the first book. So with everything that’s taking place, and the new characters that are thrown into the mix, there is a lot going on. I was never bored with the story of felt like the story lagged. The pacing of the story was brilliant. I also like that we get a better look at Jackson who is still a mystery in this book. You start to peel back the layers that makes up his character. In the first book you think he’s this confident person, but it isn’t until you see him in his own element that you realize that it’s all just a mask that he wears. He’s really just a hurt, panicked, broken boy who’s been beaten down like a stray dog all of his life. So much is expected from him and so much is taken from him that he wears this mask to not only protect himself but protect the ones he loves. The reason why I took away a star from this, and I may later change it when I reread a finished copy, is because the formatting was horrible. I was given an ARC by the publisher and words were missing or were off to the side of the page in a different paragraph. There were words that had overlapped each other leaving me to guess what it was supposed to say and if what I was reading was the same sentence or again, something that was from another paragraph in the story. And all of the “f” and “fi” in the entire book were missing. So for instance instead of “first”, I’d get “rst” or instead of effective I would read “eective”. I understand that this is an ARC and usually I let these mishaps slide under the radar because I know the book hasn’t been through the final wringer yet. However, the problems were so huge and disruptive to my reading that I couldn’t fully get into the story. Every sentence I was having to figure out what the author said. Maybe once the book is released I will revisit the book and will find myself more enveloped in the story, thus bringing this up to 5stars. Will I continue with the series? Definitely. Melissa has a great voice when it comes to telling a story. She doesn’t add drama where drama isn’t needed just to keep the story interesting. However, be warned, she is a master at leaving you on the edge of your seat the entire time… even until the very last word.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ari is still coming to terms of being in Loge, but with no one around she's able to fully trust she's finding it really hard. I liked Ari in this book just as well as I liked her in the first. The Author did a great job bringing back the character we all got to know and loved and made her a little better even. She's still trying to prove herself, and she's still rising up to the occasion, and she still values the strengths of others. She is one of the main reasons I finished this book. Jackson is the second reason I kept on reading. Although, he has less appearances in this book that in Gravity, he still had an impact on how things unraveled and turned out. He's being very hesitant and careful with Ari; which, in my opinion, is wise of him since he has to earn back her trust. In this book we see a side of Jackson that most never expected he had, but we still got the Jackson who we all crushed on since the first book. It was like having two versions of Jackson in one-hot-body, and that adds up to a new-but-still-the-same Jackson. A lot of new characters were introduced in this book. Some had pretty important roles, while others not so much. But what really irked me was that I felt like they were scattered throughout the book. There wasn't a lot of interaction between all of them. There was a couple of scenes where we do get to see the supporting characters together, but they weren't that frequent at all. Another thing I didn't like was how there wasn't any exciting action. When Ari was given the mission from earth I thought that it would consist of planning and big climax. I am disappointed to say that there wasn't, it was just Ari trying-and failing-again and again to do what she had to do. There were a lot of things that weren't properly explained or resolved and were just dropped. I hope that we do get an explanation in the third book, but still when something happens at the very beginning and you're still holding your breath to know what it's all about, it gets kind of annoying. This book ended similarly to the first. With a cliffhanger. Just when things were getting exciting...BAM. Hoped you enjoyed it. You don't know what's happening. You have to wait another year to have things explained to you. Bye. It was really frustrating because if it's there just so people would read the next book, it's unnecessary. We all got this far into the trilogy, I'm sure everyone will read the third book too. the curiosity won't just leave us after the second book. I am looking forward to the third book and I really hope that it will be better than this one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Review: 4 ½ out of 5 stars Contains possible spoilers from the first book, Gravity. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in The Taking series, Gravity so I was more than eager to read the sequel Hover and it certainly lived up to all of my expectations and kept me flipping through the pages wanting to know more. After the events at the end of the first book, Ari Alexander is now residing on the dying planet of Loge with the Ancients who she doesn’t trust and who don’t seem to trust her and Jackson Locke who saved her but also betrayed her in Gravity. Loge is a planet filled with secrets and many surprises and I found myself not knowing who could be trusted or relied upon, but the true villain was psychotic Zeus who was evil personified with his power hungry and extremely cruel ways. Is it bad that I love reading about evil characters and what makes them tick? Zeus’s knowledge and power exceeds what we seem to know so I’m curious to learn more about him; I found the way he quoted word meanings quite interesting. He was like a walking dictionary. I adored the main characters, Ari was so kick-butt awesome and selfless but she started to doubt her strength and abilities in this book and my heart broke for Jackson; what he has had to endure at the hands of his grandfather was heartbreaking. Both characters showed great development and the romance progressed at a believable pace, it definitely wasn’t at the forefront of the story but has left me wanting more. We get to meet some truly wonderful side characters such as Jackson’s family members Mami, Emmi and Vill. Each of them was loveable and written well. We only get small snippets of some of the characters we got to know in the first book such as Gretchen, Lawrence and Ari’s parents – I thought we’d see more from Law considering his relationship to Jackson. The plot flowed easily and focused on Ari finding a way to terminate Zeus and return the humans to their home planet. Gravity focused on Earth and finding a way to save Loge, Hover focussed more on Loge and Zeus’s plans to take over Earth and I see the third book taking us back to Ari’s home planet and dealing with the fallout of the brewing war. The cliff-hanger ending has left me completely stunned so I’m unsure in which direction it will go but I’m really intrigued. Certain events have left me with a lot more questions which I hope will be answered in the next book, Collide which has an anticipated 2014 release date – the wait is going to be just as brutal as that ending. Overall, Hover is written extremely well and is a great addition to The Taking series; the world-building continues to develop as do the characters. We get a perfect balance of action, romance and suspense that keeps you wanting more. Thank-you kindly to Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Hover.
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
Wow. So much happened in this book that I'm still trying to process it all. I loved this book! Hover took all the thrills, romance, and surprises that made Gravity such an awesome read and did it ten times better. If you liked Gravity, you are going to absolutely loved this book. Ari becomes much stronger in this book. Though she faced, and took down, huge odds in book 1, she would also back down sometimes. In this book, that wasn't going to happen. Whether she wanted it or not, she was in the middle of it all and she refused to be kept in ignorance. And, when something needed to be done, she wasn't afraid to put her life on the line. She was one kick-ass heroine. I liked her even more than I already did in this book. We get to know Jackson a lot more in this book. In his home planet, he's in his element and also in the middle of all the ghosts that haunt him. In book 1, we see him as a charming, strong, clever, and determined spy turned rebel. In this book, we see him a leader who commands respect as the future ruler and a boy who has yet to overcome his past. That made me both respect and sympathize with his character more. Respect, because there wasn't any doubt that he was a true leader. Sympathize, because his past wasn't pretty and the way his grandfather treats him is horrendous. He becomes a much deeper character. And, of course, he was still unbearably sweet and utterly swoon-worthy. He was absolutely wonderful in this book and I adored him. The romance deepened in this book. It turned from deep affection and infatuation into real and obvious love. With Ari and Jackson having to face life threatening danger and planning a coupe together, they obviously get much closer. It was definitely sweet seeing them together. And I thought it was adorable how each would feel their troubles lessen when they were together. They were just a brilliant couple and I can't wait to see how things go for them in the next book. We see different sides of all the characters in this book, not just the main couple. The game had changed and all the characters had to change to stay in it. I enjoyed seeing the new depth to all the characters. The plot went at breakneck speed and it was a roller coaster. There were twists and turns and I never knew what to expect. Secrets, surprises, thrills. It all had me riveted and completely on the edge of my seat. And it. Was. Awesome. That ending...I kind of wanted to throw my Kindle across the room. I mean, holy cliffhanger! I kept trying to turn the page in the vain hope that there was more, but no. Oh my goodness did it make my jaw drop and have me already anxious for the next book. Please let it come out soon because I don't know if I can physically handle the suspense of dying to know what happens next! Hover was absolutely amazing! If book 1 was good, than this book was out of this world (pun intended). It was a keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat amazingly awesome book that had thrills, romance, surprises, and one hell of an ending. Fans of Gravity, I have no doubt that you will love this book. And, for those who haven't yet started the series, you definitely need to get on that because it's totally epic. *I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review
RichaP More than 1 year ago
I was so psyched when I found out I won an eARC of Hover from Entangled! Needless to say, I started it immediately. Like the moment I received it. Hover, if you can imagine, is even better than Gravity! I gave both books 5 stars but I wish there was a way I could differentiate. Because this one is just mind-blowing. It's very different from Gravity, of course, since the entire book takes place on Loge, not Earth. And I loved the new setting, Loge sounds absolutely amazing. Well, not the situation of course, but the general stuff. Ari is now on Loge, being taken care of by an old woman called Emmy, who is more than she seems. Jackson is with her too, but she's trying to keep her distance from him on account of the huge secrets he kept from her. But Ari and Jackson need each other, and she figures that out over the course of the novel. The situation in both Loge and Earth is deteriorating fast, and the leaders on Earth give Ari an ultimatum. Kill Zeus, or everything will end. Ari doesn't know if she can trust Jackson, since he's Zeus's grandson after all, but he's with her every step of the way. Ari is definitely one of my favourite female protagonists. She kind of reminds me of Alex from Jennifer Armentrout's Covenant series, because of her toughness, courage, and kindness. Ari has always been taught to be strong, but she doesn't know if she can be who her father wants her to be - a commander. Because she cares too much. Ari's determined to save Earth as well as the humans on Loge, and all the Logeans who have stood against Zeus. So that's quite a huge burden on her. Plus, she's becoming more Ancient and less human by the minute. She has Logean abilities, and learns to enhance them. I loved how much Ari grows in this book. She becomes so much wiser, and more than anything, she learns to trust. Jackson is so completely different from the one we see in Gravity! After all, he's not Jackson Locke anymore. He's the grandson of Zeus, the leader of Loge. He's pretty damn important on Loge, and Ari sees that really quickly. We see a lot of different sides of Jackson in Hover - sides you'd never think he had. Jackson is incredibly protective of Ari, he's strong and on the right track, he's got a great mind, and he can be vulnerable too. That last side just about broke me into pieces, guys. Jackson, open and hurt and vulnerable? Yeah. But it made me admire him so much more because of his ability to hold it together on the surface. He'll do anything to stop the war, and that includes assassinating his grandfather. But it's a lot harder than he thought, and the people he loves are in danger. One new character that really had an impact on me is Vill. He's Jackson's roommate, and an incredible artist. He's a genius, too. He's the one who installs a safe communication link with Earth so that Ari and Jackson can talk to the President and the other leaders to come up with a plan. Vill is a lot wiser than he looks. Emmy is his grandmother, so he's obviously inherited her intellect and thought process. I can't wait to get to know him more in Collide, since he intrigued me so much in this. One thing that tied me all up in knots is the ending. Cliffhanger warning! I can't stand not knowing what's going to happen! It's definitely epic, no doubt about that. And totally unexpected. And I should shut up now before I give away anything. Anyway, this book totally blew me away with its action and surprises and danger and romance. Ari and Jackson have some major sparks! I loved those scenes. And Zeus is one evil guy! He's the kind of villain you love to hate. Like Voldemort. This guy has no remorse. I shudder to think of what Ari and Jackson go through at his hands... So in case you haven't caught on yet, I LOVED this. So much that I want to re-read it immediately. It's building up to a huge climax in Collide, which I hope lives up to my expectations of it after reading this! Melissa West created such an amazing sequel with this one. I love her writing and I love her characters. I don't want to let go of them! We really get to know them in Hover, and they buried their way into my heart. Ari and Jackson have made their way to my favourite YA couples list! Not that I actually have a list, but you know what I mean. They're incredible together. And I can't wait to see how their relationship develops in Collide, as well as how everything plays out. *Thank you to Heather Riccio for providing an eARC for review* Rating: 5/5
Anonymous More than 1 year ago