The How And Why Of Ufos

The How And Why Of Ufos

by Kenneth W. Behrendt


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The How And Why Of Ufos by Kenneth W. Behrendt

The How and Why of UFOs is the much anticipated sequel to Kenneth W. Behrendt's previous groundbreaking work on the subject, Secrets of UFO Technology.

The present work begins with a detailed review of the revolutionary anti-mass field theory explanation for UFO propulsion and its secondary effects which is critical to understanding how these craft can easily overcome the usual limitations imposed by gravity and inertia upon our present massive earthly air and spacecraft. This cutting edge theory is then applied to several classic UFO cases to provide previously unsuspected insights into them. Even the often overlooked topic of small automated alien probes is explored as a highly detailed probe case, personally investigated by the author, is presented and analyzed in order to reveal the amazing interior structures of the object sighted.

After providing an analysis of the planets of origin of advanced spacefaring extraterrestrial beings, the possible reasons for their visitations to our Earth are considered. The author then goes on to describe the most likely biological mechanism behind the mental telepathy process that is the principle mode of communication for most extraterrestrial beings and even suggests a variety of simple methods that might actually allow human researchers to communicate with the alien pilots of the UFOs now operating in Earth's atmosphere!

All of this is only a small sample of the many intriguing topics awaiting the reader in this abundantly illustrated volume. The many revelations found in The How and Why of UFOs are sure to delight and intrigue any student of ufology who wishes to explore this fascinating subject at its very deepest level.

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ISBN-13: 9781452005331
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/27/2011
Pages: 740
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The How and Why of UFOs

By Kenneth W. Behrendt


Copyright © 2011 Kenneth W. Behrendt
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-0533-1

Chapter One

How Mass Creates Gravity and Inertia

It was as a teenager during the late 1960's that my interest in the UFO phenomenon seriously intensified. Prior to that, my only interest in the subject stemmed from the few science fiction films I had seen that dealt with aliens and their craft with varying degrees of technical accuracy. But, it was during that time that I became an active reader of the topic and never failed to find a new mass market paperback about it available on a local store's book rack. Those were the years following the famous Betty and Barney Hill abduction case and there was wide interest in the subject. Late night television and radio talk shows were inundated with an endless stream of guests all claiming to have made personal contact with extraterrestrials visiting Earth and the popular interest in the UFO phenomena actually became the stimulus for such television shows as Star Trek and later movies like Star Wars.

However, as I read my way through the then available literature of ufology, I noted that only rarely did the author attempt to explain how a UFO operated and even then I found the "explanations" to be generally unsatisfying. There would be mention of the use of magnetic fields, vague discussions of "anti-gravity", and, occasionally, an author would suggest that the flight performances of UFOs were actually due to their ability to travel backward and forward in time or even between dimensional "planes" higher or lower than ours!

Needless to say, this was all very confusing to a young person in search of some solid answers about the "how" of UFOs. For example, how could a metallic object, perhaps tens of feet in diameter, manage to hover motionless in the air without any apparent means of propulsion? How could the crew of such a vehicle survive a right angle turn while traveling at thousands of miles per hour? And, how could it be possible for such a craft or its much larger "mother ship" carrier to cross the immense gulfs of space between local star systems in our galaxy in short enough time intervals to make routine visits to our planet both possible and convenient?

In every UFO case I studied, the object observed would do things that made sense in terms of some of the physics I was taught in school. Yet, there would always also be performance elements present that seemed impossible according to the physics I was studying.

One way for me to have coped with this discrepancy would have been to simply dismiss, as most skeptics do, the entire subject as the product of misidentifications of conventional or natural phenomena, outright hoaxes, or occasional hallucinations. However, that seemed to me to be a too easily convenient way to avoid dealing with the mounting UFO data. So, sometime during the early 1970's I resolved myself to finding a scientifically satisfactory solution to the mysterious performance capabilities of the strange objects being recorded in the many books I was reading.

I realized that, somehow, if UFOs were what they appeared to be (that is, extraterrestrial air and spacecraft manned by genuine extraterrestrial beings), then the technology of their builders had to include the ability to temporarily neutralize the effects of the gravity and inertia associated with their masses that present day earthly vehicle technology can not significantly affect. I also realized that another way of stating this is to say that any alien propulsion technology capable of artificially neutralizing all of the gravitational and inertial properties of a normally massive object such as a UFO would also, for all practical purposes, be effectively rendering the object completely massless. (I use the word "effectively" here because the object would only be "massless" as far as its temporary inability to possess any weight or inertia was concerned. Such a massless object would still possess all of the other physical and chemical properties associated with the normal masses of the atoms from which it was composed.)

This then became the basis for my future approach to the subject: simply try to envision a new vehicle technology that would allow the normal gravitational and inertial properties of a large collection of matter, like a UFO and its crew, to be temporarily "switched off" through some artificial means. And, again, another way of stating this would be to say that I was actually looking for a plausible propulsion system which would be able to simultaneouslyrenderbothanalienspacecraftanditscrewcompletelymassless so that they would no longer display their normally expected gravitational property of weight when near a planetary body or the inertial property of "g force" when undergoing a rapid acceleration in a planet's atmosphere or in space. Yet, this novel propulsion system also had to be one that would pose no biological hazard for the beings aboard any craft that utilized it.

As I began to consider various propulsion systems that might be capable of doing this, I soon became aware of a very disturbing thought. I realized that, although I had spent much time studying physics in both high school and college, I really did not have the faintest idea as to what the true nature of gravity was even though I was quite familiar with the early work of Sir Isaac Newton and the later work of Albert Einstein that dealt with gravity.

Newton had only derived some mathematical expressions that described the effects of gravity, but he did nothing to analyze the causes of those observed effects. In one section of his writings devoted to gravity, he merely states, in Latin, "non fingo hypotheosis" or, in English, "I frame no hypothesis" meaning essentially that he, too, had reached an impasse when he attempted to find a cause for gravity. (However, I suspect that, like me, Newton was very bothered by not having a more detailed model for gravity. In other of his writings he suggested that the gravitational force holding objects to the surface of the Earth might actually be due to an incoming shower of minute invisible particles that constantly fall from the sky toward the center of the Earth. Objects on the surface of the Earth are then pushed down toward its center due to the constant impacts of these tiny mass possessing gravity particles on the objects.)

While Einstein's reasoning in his published research is justifiably considered a model of logical analysis, his view of gravitational effects as being due to "distortions" in an imagined "four dimensional space / time continuum" only told me that gravitational effects near a massive object were the direct result of a virtually impossible to visualize bending or warping of the "fabric" of space and time surrounding that object. That may sound impressive,but,likeNewton,hewasactuallyonlyofferingmoremathematical descriptions of the gravitational effects which were locally associated with the presence of a massive object. Exactly how the presence of the massive object caused the space / time distortions in the first place that then resulted in the observed gravitational effects was never explained. One had to simply accept that this somehow happened and then get on with life.

I further realized that, aside from gravity, inertia was another complete mystery to me. All I knew about it was that an object with mass, whether stationary or in motion, tended to maintain its state of motion by always generating an inertial force to counter any external force that was applied in an effort to change the object's state of motion. But, I had no idea how such inertial forces came into being.

I was, therefore, forced to accept the fact that, as far as the true causes of gravity and inertia were concerned, I was, essentially, completely ignorant. I then also realized that, unless and until I did have a far better understanding of the causes of these effects, I would not be able to make any serious progress in understanding the riddle of UFO propulsion and, presumably, the various secondary effects associated with it.

Going to work on this problem in my spare time, I found that, over the course of about a decade and with the continued study of the cases recorded in the voluminous UFO literature, I was able to slowly develop a novel model for gravitational and inertial effects which began to make sense to me and rationalize the many performance properties of the amazing craft I was reading about. Step by step the pieces of this mysterious jigsaw puzzle began to fall into place as a picture of the true nature of the UFO phenomenon began to emerge and become clearer and more meaningful to me.

By the early 1980's I felt confident enough with my growing understanding of the UFO phenomena to begin writing short articles about it for the then popular journals devoted to the subject. These were being produced by the various civilian UFO organizations and even by individuals who had, like me, pursued the topic for many years. Eventually, I also produced my own journal devoted to the topic which was titled Annals of Ufological Research Advances or AURA for short. I published and edited the latter effort for over a decade and it presented my best thoughts on the subject at a level that I felt was technical enough to actually be describable as "scientific", yet understandable enough to be followed by the average person interested in the subject. In late 1995, after having gone as far as I possibly could with the then available UFO data, I ceased publication of AURA with its 24th issue and thereafter privately continued with my research into the subject which continues to this day.

So, for the remainder of this chapter, I shall give the reader the fundamental concepts of the new model that I eventually developed from my early research efforts which describes, in some detail, how the mass of an object creates its properties of gravity and inertia. In the following chapter, we shall delve into what I consider the most likely technical means by which our extraterrestrial visitors might then use this new model for gravitational and inertial effects to temporarily and completely render a UFO and its crew massless for the purposes of astounding aerial and space flight.

Let us begin by imagining that we have some incredibly advanced device that we could use to literally make a massive object instantly pop into existence wherever and in whatever form and from whatever substance we wished it to have. Now let us imagine what would happen should we use the device to make a huge sphere of solid lead, perhaps tens of feet in diameter, materialize somewhere in the spatial "void" between two star systems in our galaxy. As this sphere of lead suddenly appeared, we might then wonder exactly how its associated gravity field would also appear.

We know that if we were traveling through space in a vehicle and then just came upon such a sphere that was floating in space and which previously existed, we would expect its gravity field to already be established and to extend outward from its surface and off toward infinity in all directions. We would notice that the intensity of the sphere's gravity field would be the strongest near its surface and would then drop off in intensity as we continued to make measurements at greater and greater distances from the sphere. Eventually, we would, depending upon the sensitivity of whatever method we used to make our measurements, no longer be able to detect the lead sphere's gravity field at some maximum distance although, theoretically, it should still be present there and further detectable if more sensitive equipment was available to us.

However, if we used our hypothetical device mentioned above to make a sphere of lead just suddenly pop into existence in the space between two star systems, we would note that its gravity field would not also instantly appear along with it and extend throughout the infinity of space surrounding it. In fact, at the exact instant that the sphere appeared, it would have no external gravity field at all! If we could then simultaneously make enough careful measurements at ever increasing distances and in various directions away from the lead sphere during the time after it suddenly appeared, we would notice that the sphere's gravity field would actually appear to be an expanding spherical zone or region around it that always contained its source, the lead sphere, at its center.

The lead sphere's external gravity field would, shortly after the sudden appearance of the sphere, actually begin to continuously emerge from all parts of the sphere's surface and then move out or radiate in all directions away from the sphere toward infinity at light velocity. In fact, depending upon our distance from the suddenly appearing sphere of lead, it might take a significant amount of time before we noted that the spherical outer surface of its expanding gravity field had actually reached us. Thus, it might take some time before we would be aware of the lead sphere's presence either through its effect upon the equipment we used to detect its gravitational field or via some sort of direct telescopic observation.

For all practical purposes then, during the time after the sphere first pops into existence, but before we become aware of it, we could actually consider it to be both massless (since our gravity field measuring equipment would still be unable to detect its gravity field's outer surface as it approached our location) and invisible (because we would still not be able to see it through our ship's powerful telescope because any light reflecting off of the sphere's surface would, like its gravity field, not yet have reached us)! Indeed, our only knowledge of the presence of the lead sphere would come from the fact that we were the ones who used the magical device to make it appear at a certain location and at a certain instant of time in our past.

The implication of this scenario is that the gravity fields that surround various massive objects are actually in a state of continuous motion. That is, a gravity field consists of a "something" that, literally, radiates out away from its source mass in all directions at light velocity and all parts of that gravity field, between the surface of its source mass and its outermost ever expanding spherical boundary surface, are in a state of simultaneous and continuous outward motion at all times.

In fact, since the spherical source mass of lead we are speaking of above is itself actually composed of a huge collection of individual atoms, each of which is further composed of a collection of individual subatomic particles, the "something" that composes the lead sphere's gravity field must, in reality, be continuously radiating out of every mass possessing subatomic particle within the lead sphere. Thus, by generalizing, we can say that what we usually call the external gravity field of any piece of matter in our cosmos, whether it is a mere atom or an awe inspiring galaxy, is really just a composite or "total" gravity field formed by the summing together of a finite (and usually enormous) number of the very weak individual gravity fields that surround and radiate away from all of the mass possessing electrons, protons, and neutrons contained within the piece of matter.

As I began to think about gravity fields in this way, I inevitably began to wonder exactly what the true nature of this ever radiating "something" that composed gravity fields might be. Additionally, I wondered how the extraterrestrial builders of UFOs could manage to temporarily neutralize this "something" that was being continuously emitted from each of the subatomic particles with mass which composed all of the atoms of the various chemical elements that one would find within the physical structures of a UFO and the bodies of its crew members.

It then occurred to me that if one could neutralize the total external gravitational field of an object, then that action alone would be sufficient to also automatically neutralize all of the individual external gravitational fields that were radiating away from all of the mass possessing subatomic particles within the object. In other words, when developing a UFO's propulsion system, it was not necessary for its designers to worry about directly neutralizing the gravity fields of each of the subatomic particles of a UFO's atoms in order to be able to effectively render the entire craft massless. The designers really only needed to be able to produce some type of propulsion system that would work on a far larger scale to neutralize the total external gravitational field of the craft and its crew.


Excerpted from The How and Why of UFOs by Kenneth W. Behrendt Copyright © 2011 by Kenneth W. Behrendt. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 How Mass Creates Gravity and Inertia....................1
Chapter 2 How UFOs Neutralize Their Gravitational and Inertial Properties....................33
Chapter 3 How Massless UFOs Move About....................98
Chapter 4 Return to Tridade Island....................219
Chapter 5 The Remarkable Smith Nocturnal Light Photo....................233
Chapter 6 The 1978 New Zealand UFO Film....................246
Chapter 7 The UFO Invisibility Factor....................278
Chapter 8 What Is Ball Lightning?....................318
Chapter 9 Probes: Their Propulsion and Structure....................339
Chapter 10 Perpetual Motion and UFO Technology....................367
Chapter 11 Some Personal UFO Sightings....................410
Chapter 12 The Case of the Bay Shore Flying Wagon Wheel....................424
Chapter 13 How and Why Extraterrestrials Visit Earth....................468
Chapter 14 Humanoids and Their Planets of Origin....................499
Chapter 15 Understanding Alien Telepathic Communication....................522
Chapter 16 Alien Medical Technology and Immortality....................546
Chapter 17 Luring the UFO....................579
Chapter 18 Our Extraterrestrial Universe....................637
Chapter 19 The Final Product of Humanoid Evolution....................661
Epilogue The Coming UFO Utopia....................679
Appendix The Almost Lost Cover Art....................695

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