How Consciousness Commands Matter: The New Scientific Revolution

How Consciousness Commands Matter: The New Scientific Revolution

by Larry Farwell


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How Consciousness Commands Matter: The New Scientific Revolution by Larry Farwell

This book will inspire you to question what you've heard from the scientific experts about how the universe works and what role we play in it. For centuries, science has believed that matter is king, and the job of scientist is to measure interactions of matter, not consciousness. Based on revolutionary new developments in physics and neuroscience, including his own groundbreaking research, Dr. Farwell challenges this view. Using impeccable scientific techniques, he has proven in the laboratory that consciousness plays a commanding role in the universe.

Dr. Larry Farwell (Bio)

Dr. Larry Farwell is a Harvard educated former Harvard faculty member who is currently chief scientist of the Human Brain Research Laboratory. As a neuroscientist, he has conducted and published pioneering research on the interaction of consciousness and matter at the quantum-mechanical level.

The well-known physicist Dr. George Farwell (his father) collaborated in this research.

Dr. Larry Farwell invented a direct brain-to-computer communication system using electrical brain activity. He discovered the technique of

Brain Fingerprinting to identify criminals and clear innocent suspects by measuring brain-wave responses to relevant words or pictures presented on a computer screen.

CBS Evening News, ABC World News, CNN Headline News, the Discovery

Channel, the New York Times, the Washington Post, US News and World Report, and television, radio, newspapers, and magazines throughout the world have featured Dr. Farwell and his discoveries.

Dr. Farwell's personal philosophy is that anything is possible. He sees his scientific research as a process of discovering the unlimited possibilities available for human life.

He believes that the goal of life is the full development and complete integration of mind, heart, body, and spirit. In addition to his BA, MA, and PhD in neuroscience, he is a qualified Transcendental Meditation teacher and has a black belt in kung fu.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781887472241
Publisher: 1st World Publishing
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

Table of Contents

Brain-to-Computer Communication Using Electroencephalography (EEG)1
The Discovery of Brain Fingerprinting1
The Conscious Unified Field Experiment3
Results and Significance of the Conscious Unified Field Experiment5
Anything Is Possible6
Brief Overview of this Book7
Significance of the New Scientific Paradigm8
Chapter 1The Nature of Scientific Revolutions11
A Simple Way to Experience Your Blind Spot11
Scientific Revolutions16
The Copernican Revolution17
The Blind Spot in the Geocentric Metaphor18
Resistance to the Copernican Revolution20
The Newtonian Universe21
Shortcomings of the Newtonian Paradigm22
Scientific Evidence Contradictory to the Materialist Paradigm23
The Need for a New Paradigm25
What this Book is About25
Chapter 2Relativity and Rainbows: Does the Sun Really Rise?29
Faraday and Maxwell Almost Complete the Picture by Describing Wave Motion30
Fundamentals of Wave Motion32
The Michelson-Morley Experiment Contradicts the Idea of Absolute Space33
Einstein's Theory of Relativity37
The Constant Speed of Light Yields Differing Perceptions of Time and Space38
The Twin Story39
Rainbows Are Perceived Differently by Different Observers41
Space, Time, and Matter Are Different for Different Observers42
Contradictory Experiences Are Both Right44
To Do the Impossible, Change Your Experience45
The Relativistic Universe and the Scientific Exploration of Conscious Experience46
Descartes' "I Think, Therefore I Am."48
Descartes, Newton, God, and the Unexamined Assumptions of the Materialist Paradigm50
Experience-Based Statements versus Statements about Absolute Reality51
Failure of Dualism to Account for Reality52
Chapter 3The Neuroscience of Perception: Beauty--And All Other Attributes--Are in the Eye of the Beholder55
"Objective Reality" Is Different for Different Observers56
What Lies in the Blind Spot of the Materialist Paradigm?57
The Universe as It Appears from My Back Yard and in the Emerald City58
Different Experiences of Electromagnetic Radiation through Different Nervous Systems59
The Creation of Visual Experience in Consciousness62
Bats and Auditory Experience of Space: "How Does the Shape of that Tree Sound?"64
Different Experience of Sound, Vibration, and Electrical Fields by Different Species65
Solid Objects Are Experiences Rather than External, Objective Reality68
The Integral Role of Subjective Experience in Scientific Investigation69
Chapter 4Quantum-Mechanical Contradictions to the Materialist Paradigm71
Metaphors and Common-Sense Notions of Reality71
A Scientific Test of Mistaken Common-Sense Notions of Physical Reality72
My Initial Misunderstanding of Quantum Mechanics74
The Value of Metaphors and Experience in Understanding the New Paradigm76
The Fundamental Assumptions of the Materialist Paradigm76
The Origins and Development of Quantum Mechanics77
Einstein's Concept of Photons78
Bohr, Schrodinger, and the Particle/Wave Nature of Matter79
The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle--The Probabilistic Nature of Matter and Energy81
The Double-Slit Experiment and the Shortcomings of the Particle and Wave Metaphors81
The Collapse of the Wave Function as the Fundamental Process of Experiencing Nature86
The EPR Paradox87
My First Encounter with Bell's Theorem90
Bell's Theorem Tests the Locality Assumption91
Visualizing Polarized Light and Its Measurement91
Polarization-Correlated Photons Have the Same Polarization at Any Location93
Hidden Variables as an Explanation for Identical Measurements at Distant Locations94
Bell's Theorem and a Thought Experiment to Test the Locality Assumption95
Bell's Inequality97
The Implications of Bell's Theorem for the Nature of Reality98
Laboratory Experiments Testing Bell's Theorem99
Bell's Theorem and the Structure of the Universe as Interconnected Wholeness100
Observation as a Process of Creation and Manifestation Here and across the Universe100
The Wave/Particle Present/Past (WPPP) Paradox102
A Laboratory Experiment to Test the WPPP Paradox105
Observation as the Creation of a Manifest Entity from Unmanifest Potential108
Chapter 5The Quantum-Mechanical Universe: A Creation of Consciousness111
The Role of the Conscious Subject in the Structuring of the Universe112
Von Neuman's Investigation: The Role of Observation in Quantum Mechanics113
Failure of the Assumption that Observation Takes Place Externally to Account for Reality114
Central Role of the Conscious Observer in the Manifestation of Matter and Energy115
The Universe as Artifact117
Science as a Process of Systematic Investigation of Subjective Experience118
Chapter 6The Dawn of the Conscious Unified Field Paradigm121
A Reality Check: The Findings of Experts in Spiritual Experience121
Another Reality Check: The Findings of Experts on Success in Living122
Einstein, Heisenberg, and the Congruence of Scientific and Spiritual Realms123
The Question of Free Will123
Schrodinger's View of the Relationship of the Conscious Subject with the Universe124
The Need for a New Paradigm Encompassing Consciousness and Matter125
To See Within the Blind Spot of the Old Paradigm, Ask the Right Questions126
The Fundamental Hypotheses of the New Paradigm128
Anything Is Possible130
The Need for an Empirical Technology for Scientific Investigation in the New Paradigm131
The Experience of Pure Consciousness and Its Value133
The Fundamental Empirical Technology of the New Paradigm134
Experiencing the Fourth State of Consciousness as a Method of Hypothesis Testing135
Functioning from the Level of Pure Consciousness as a Method of Hypothesis Testing135
Maharishi, Schrodinger, and the Unified Field of Natural Law136
Direct and Indirect Empirical Tests of the Fundamental Hypotheses of the New Paradigm136
Chapter 7A Laboratory Experimental Test of the Conscious Unified Field Hypothesis139
Implications and Significance of the Conscious Unified Field Experiment140
Experimental Design and Method of the Conscious Unified Field Experiment142
Results and Statistical Significance of the Conscious Unified Field Experiment143
Chapter 8Converging Evidence for the Conscious Unified Field Paradigm147
Matter as an Emergent Property of Consciousness147
The Working Hypotheses of the Conscious Unified Field Paradigm148
Empirical Investigation in the New Paradigm149
Historical Reports of the Experience of Higher States of Consciousness149
Systematic Attainment of the Common Goal of Scientific and Spiritual Seekers151
The Role of Collective Consciousness in Society152
Scientific Tests of the Impact of Harmony in Collective Consciousness on Society153
The Conscious Unified Field Paradigm and the Evidence that Anything is Possible155
Chapter 9Life in the Conscious Unified Universe159
Health in the Light of the Conscious Unified Field Paradigm160
Education in the Light of the Conscious Unified Field Paradigm160
New and Ancient Metaphors for the Conscious Unified Field Paradigm161
Consciousness as the Light of Life161
Visualizing Space in the Conscious Unified Universe162
Waves on the Ocean of Consciousness162
The Role of Conscious Human Beings in the Conscious Unified Universe163
The DNA Metaphor for the Conscious Unified Field164
The Flower and the Sap164
The Seed of Creation165
Anything Is Possible166
Appendix 1An Experiment to Test the Wave/Particle Present/Past (WPPP) Paradox169
Appendix 2The Conscious Unified Field Experiment: Published Results (Farwell, L.A. and Farwell, G.W. [1995], Quantum-Mechanical Processes and Consciousness. Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 40, 2,956-57)175
Quantum-Mechanical Processes and Consciousness175
Appendix 3The Conscious Unified Field Experiment: Details of Methodology and Results (Excerpts from an address and paper presented by L.A. Farwell and G.W. Farwell at the American Physical Society Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, April, 1995)177
Table 1.Summary of Results of the Conscious Unified Field Experiment181
Statistical Analysis181
Table 2.Results by Experimental Session182
About the Author193

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