How Do We Get There From Here?

How Do We Get There From Here?


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(This book is a revised & expanded edition of Making Cell Groups Work)

TOUCH Outreach has worked with thousands of churches and pastors. Throughout the years, we've made a few key discoveries, which are explained in great detail in How Do We Get There From Here?...

-Success with holistic small groups happens when the members of the first groups are fulfilling the unique mission of your church.
-Congregational assimilation is a stage six goal, not something you should try immediately.
-The transition requires the senior pastor's personal and long-term involvement.
-Team implementation is far more successful than a single individual calling the shots.
-The transition to holistic small groups is a values shift, not the launching of a new program.

These findings are just a small sample of what you will discover in this practical, step-by-step book on holistic small group or cell group implementation!

"We'll just do what XYZ Church did"
We receive calls from pastors who went to a big church's annual small groups conference, then returned home to launch groups. Most call because they now have groups that are not growing with new leaders or new Christians. If they had only read this book and followed Scott's advice!

While we highly recommend visiting other churches doing small groups to learn, we've found that your journey into HSG-based ministry will be vastly different from any other church's pilgrimage. Therefore, your plan of action must be unique as well! How Do We Get There From Here? has the information you need to both understand the process and implement it in your unique congregation.

Is this the transition process for you?
There are dozens of introductory books on small groups and cell groups, which are excellent reading. But this book is unique. It explains the transition process in a way that guarantees healthy, holistic small groups proven to work in any kind of church.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780978877910
Publisher: TOUCH Outreach Ministries
Publication date: 01/01/2007
Pages: 374
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.77(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword     9
Acknowledgments     11
Introduction     13
Navigational Hazards     25
Discover the Mission of the Relational Church
Discover How Holistic Small Groups Fit in Tomorrow's Church     35
Discover Holistic Small Group Models     49
Discover the Small Group System     67
Discover How to Lead Change     75
Develop Vision and Strategy as a Team
Develop a Small Group Vision Team     95
Develop Vision and Strategy     105
Develop a Holistic Small Group Definition     111
Assess Your Current Reality
Assess the Readiness for the Journey     129
Assess the Current Small Group System     137
Assess to Create Urgency     145
Prepare the Church Through Transformation
Prepare People Through Transformation     159
Prepare Individuals for Holistic Small Group Life     171
Prepare the Corporate Body for Holistic Small Groups     183
Launch the First Group(s) with Kingdom-seekers
Launching Strong     201
Launching Strategies     213
Generate Small Group Momentum
Generate Momentum Through Spiritual Community     229
Strategies for Generating Spiritual Community     243
Generate Momentum byDeveloping New Leaders     255
Generate Momentum by Coaching and Supporting Leaders     269
Establish the Hidden Systems that Support Groups
Establish Critical Mass     281
Establish Pastoral Oversight     293
Establish Mid-Size Groups     315
Establish Small Groups that Include Children     323
Expand the Small Groups to Reach the Unreached
Expand to Re-Anchor the Culture     335
Expansion Strategies     345
Conclusion     361
Notes     363

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