How eBay Really Works

How eBay Really Works

by Brad Schepp, Debra Schepp


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eBay is a billion-dollar phenomenon. For the millions who want to jump on the bandwagon, here’s the straight scoop on how to get started making the most out of the Web’s greatest marketplace. Based on interviews with successful eBay buyers and sellers, this insider’s guide reveals what everybody wants to know, including: how to avoid rip-offs, find great stuff, bid and set a price, and run auctions. It tackles tough questions that eBay hopes users will forget, such as: Is it safe to buy big-ticket items, and Are listing enhancements really worth it? Quick-Start Guides give ready-to-go newbies a jump-start, and there are informative screenshots, tips on PowerBuying and Selling, and hints on making eBay a full-time job.

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ISBN-13: 9781402737695
Publisher: Sterling
Publication date: 11/28/2006
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     x
Introduction     1
Quick Start Guide-eBay Buying in 5 Steps     6
What's All This Fuss about eBay?     7
More Than Anything, eBay Is Fun!     9
eBay Explained     12
eBay Is a Community     15
What You'll Need to Get Started     17
My Best eBay Buy     21
How Do I Find the Good Stuff?     23
Browsing eBay's Categories     24
Searching     27
Other Shopping Options     33
My Best eBay Buy     35
How Do I Know Whom to Trust?     37
eBay's System of Feedback     38
The Item Description     43
Seller's Policies     45
Ask a Question     46
Signs You Can Trust     48
About Me Pages     51
Buyer Beware     53
My Best eBay Buy     59
How Do I Place a Bid?     61
How to Place a Bid     61
When Should I Bid?     64
Know Your Competition     69
Special Situations     70
Sniping Software     71
Can I Cancel My Bid?     73
My Best eBay Buy     74
Effectively Communicating with Sellers     77
Effective E-mail Communication     78
Communicate Before You Bid     78
After-the-Sale Correspondence     81
Don't Be Afraid to Call     82
What About Skype?     82
Your About Me Page     83
My Best eBay Buy     85
Paying for Your Items     87
Seven Days to a Successful Sale     87
PayPal: Your Best Option     89
Personal Checks     92
Money Orders     93
Paying for High-Priced Items     93
Wire Transfers     95
Our PayPal Bias     95
My Best eBay Buy     96
Feedback: Love It and Leave It     99
When Should I Leave Feedback?     100
What Should My Feedback Say?     102
Someone Left Me Negative Feedback! Now What?     107
My Best eBay Buy     110
What If Something Goes Wrong?     113
The Realities of Doing Business on eBay     114
An Ounce of Prevention     115
Types of eBay Fraud     116
When Bad Things Happen     119
My Best eBay Buy     127
PowerSearch to PowerBuy: Advanced Searching Techniques     129
Advanced Searching     129
Tips and Tricks     135
My Best eBay Buy     140
Buying Motor Vehicles and Real Estate     143
eBay Motors     144
Buying Real Estate on eBay     153
My Best eBay Buy     157
Quick Start Guide-eBay Selling in 5 Steps     160
Start Selling on eBay     161
Selling: A Horse of a Different Color, but Still a Horse     162
Thinking Like a Seller     163
Register Yourself in the Eyes of eBay     166
Choosing an Item for Your First Sale     170
My Best eBay Sale     173
Creating Winning Listings     175
Creating a Listing     176
Make Your Listings POP!     191
Timing Your Auctions     196
Managing Your Auctions     197
My Best eBay Sale     199
Making Sure Your Price Is Right     201
Here's to More Research     202
Pricing Strategies for Your Auctions     204
My Best eBay Sale     211
Customer Service Without the Smile     213
You're Already Thinking about Great Customer Service      214
Communication Is the Key, and that Means E-mail!     215
Reach Out and Touch Your Customer     216
Good Customer Service Equals Good Business for You     217
Show Them the Real You!     220
There's No Beginning and No End in Sight     224
My Best eBay Sale     224
Making Sure You're Paid!     227
The Payment Mechanics     228
When Something Goes Wrong     234
My Best eBay Sale     237
Packing and Shipping Without Schlepping     239
Get Organized     240
Packing Your Items     243
How Much Should You Charge?     246
Paying for Your Postage     246
Who's Your Carrier?     247
What about Insurance?     248
A Word about Timing     248
Send It Out Right. It Shows Them You Care     249
My Best eBay Sale     249
Feedback: Your Report Card for All the World to See     251
A Seller's Feedback     251
The Feedback You Leave     254
Responding to a Negative     255
My Best eBay Sale     257
Finding More Stuff to Sell     259
You Profit When You Buy      260
How Do I Decide What to Sell?     261
Researching Sales Trends     273
My Best eBay Sale     276
Ready for an eBay Store?     279
Inside an eBay Store     279
Should You Have an eBay Store?     280
How to Open an eBay Store     284
Your Own Web Store     288
My Best eBay Sale     291
Become a PowerSeller!     293
What Exactly Is a PowerSeller?     294
Ahhh, the Life of a PowerSeller (Hey You, Get Back to Work!)     296
Time for Some Good News     299
You're a Business Owner Now, So Start Thinking Like One     301
It's Been a Great Ride. Now Fasten Your Seatbelts and Off You Go!     306
My Best eBay Sale     307
Selling Vehicles on eBay     309
Our Favorite Resources for eBay Buyers and Sellers     311
Glossary     315
Index     329

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How eBay Really Works 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
How eBay Really Works is a latecomer to the How to sell on ebay book category and that's a good thing because it's fresh, not dry and outdated. Back when I was starting there were fewer books about ebay, Most of them were a dry read and had lots of screenshots of ebay web pages. Some of those old books are here on Amazon and sell quite well due to their ratings and longevity on Amazon itself. I've read quite a few of them and I can tell you they are getting stale quickly. Brad and Deb told me they were writing a new book geared towards the ebay novice, the ebay buyer who wishes to become a seller. I thought, 'Boy have they got a job'. I thought how could they make it different and better, than the other 100 how to sell on ebay books already pounded out by everyone and his brother/sister who thinks they know how to 'eBay'. Writers, who have never sold or bought a thing on ebay, yet profess to others in print as if they were experts. First you get two writers for the price of one! Second you get 352 packed pages of eBay info for only $14.95! Brad & Deb are true hardcore ebay aficionados buying and selling on ebay. If they haven't bought or sold it on ebay they know someone who has! And that is where their strength and expertise lies, when they write an eBay book they harness the power of the eBay community and bring it to life on printed pages, you'll never be bored reading How eBay Really Works, It features quite a few of the best sellers on eBay contributing the best secrets and tips they have, found in no other book. The My Best eBay Sale and My Best eBay Buy stories that end each chapter really pull this book together. There are lots of sidebars, interesting facts and quick start lists sprinkled throughout. I think every buyer and seller on eBay should have this book! It really does explain how to be the best buyer you can be, how to get the best deals, how to handle a transaction gone bad and how to avoid a bad transaction in the first place. It really is about how eBay really works and in a few places the underbelly of ebay is exposed, something ebay doesn't want you to see. ' eBay is not always a rosy picture, despite how ebay and the media paint it.' This book will help you navigate those pitfalls with hints and advice from top sellers who have been in the reader's shoes. One of the sections I enjoyed most in the book was setting up a website and moving beyond eBay. I think this section was very applicable for an eBay book and should be one of the first considerations for anyone who wishes to make a living selling online. Ebay is now like the Army, 'It's a great place to start'. The truth about eBay's Prostores, not to be confused with eBay Stores, is an eye-opener, another must consider section of the book. Ultimately, the message in the book is that you can do it, you can sell on eBay, it's easier than you think, the authors point out all the things you need to know in order navigate ebay SKILLFULLY. Brad and Deb have written three eBay books eBay Powerseller Secrets:Insider Tips from eBay's Most Successful Sellers eBay PowerSeller Million Dollar Ideas How eBay Really Works I have bought and read all three, each is different, yet all are packed with information you can use. I recommend purchasing this one and ebay Powerseller Million Dollar ideas together, you get a discount and more bang for your buck!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of the few eBay books I've read that really gives the whole picture about eBay--not just relentless cheerleading about how much of a sure thing it is. Half of the book is for new buyers the other is for new sellers. So there's a lot here for new eBay users no matter what they're interesetd in. I like that the authors use a lot of stories from real sellers and buyers to make their points and keep this fun to browse through and read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book has a lot of great ideas. Since it was published in 2006 some of the illustrations are out of date. Their ideas are still good and are applicable to anyone that wants additional insights in buying or selling on eBay.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book covers everything from selling to buying but I feel that it is packed with too much 'fluff' on their examples. The book could honestly be about half the length if they just got to the point.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago