How I Became a Sex Toy 11 (Daria)

How I Became a Sex Toy 11 (Daria)

by Chrystal Wynd

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How I Became a Sex Toy 11 (Daria) by Chrystal Wynd

It's Tina's twenty-fifth birthday and her best friends Daria and Elle know just what to give her for the party...magic potions! Of course, Daria and Elle have no intention of informing Tina they've spiked her jello shots with a breast-enlarging formula and an arousal potion that will put the girl into heat. They plan to simply sit back and watch the fireworks.

But what if Tina knows what they're up to and tricks Daria and Elle into drinking their own potions?

This 7200 word story is for adults only and has elements of magic potions, breast enlargement, oral, anal, shaving, multiple partners and a girl-on-girl kissing scene.


Then our eyes widened as the significance of that sunk in.

"Omigod!" said Elle. "We dosed ourselves with the potions. BOTH potions!"

I blinked, trying to think of an escape, but it was too late...the fire exploded in my belly.

The heat had started a few minutes earlier, but I'd been distracted and hadn't truly noticed. Just a smoldering warmth in my belly muscles. A bit distracting on a normal day, perhaps, but manageable. Everyone has a randy day, right?

But this was beyond smoldering. This was a five-alarm fire. The warmth had turned into outright heat and spread to my belly.

"Oh, gawd, Elle," I said, pressing my thighs together. "I'm...I'm so"

"This...isn't good," said Elle, eyes closed, nipples rigid. "This...this is...crazy hot. I can't think... "

Elle tried to move toward the door, but her knees were pressed together and she stumbled right into me. I caught her as she fell into me.

"Sorry," she said, her face inches from mine. "Thanks for...catching me."

Her breath was warm on my cheek as my rigid nipples pressed into her boobs.

" problem," I said, heart pounding. "Glad I was catch you..."

Our eyes locked. It was too much. Her lips parted slightly as if to say something, but only a soft sigh came out. Then our lips pressed together and I found myself in my first girl-on-girl kiss ever.

I was straight. I had never thought of Elle in any way except as a friend. But the heat of the moment made her soft kisses electric and my body answered her every move with a wriggle of its own. Her tongue traced my lips and my hips bucked. Her teeth bit my lower lip and I melted. My breasts pressed against hers and my belly muscles twitched and jumped like crazy.

Then we realized what we were doing and simultaneously gasped. We popped apart.

"Omigod," said Elle. "What did we just do?!"

My cheeks were crimson as I fanned myself. "It was the potion," I said, heart pounding. My hips wriggled as I remembered the taste of Elle's lips. "The potion. Making us hot. Crazy hot."

"Yeah," said Elle. "The potion. Omigod!"

That's when we finally noticed we had an audience of what appeared to be every guy at the party.

"Day-um," said Harry, staring at us. "The drinking's barely started and chicks are already making out!"

The front of his pants indicated his opinion of the show...

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BN ID: 2940016384207
Publisher: Chrystal Wynd
Publication date: 03/12/2013
Series: Sex Toy , #11
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About the Author

Chrystal Wynd writes erotic tales set in the fictional city of Chrystal Heights. A lot of strange things happen in Chrystal Heights and Chrystal is happy to record them for your reading pleasure.

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