How I Escaped Evangelical Hell: A Memoir

How I Escaped Evangelical Hell: A Memoir

by Jon Jones


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ISBN-13: 9780997079555
Publisher: Thane & Prose
Publication date: 12/31/2016
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Jon Jones is an American author, entrepreneur and fifteen-year veteran of the video game industry. Jon has led the art direction, development and design of some of the world's foremost, 3-dimensional and virtual reality properties, and is a widely-recognized industry leader. He is based in New York City running Smartist-an outsourcing and production management agency for the entertainment industry-with over forty titles to his credit.

Table of Contents

Part 1: My Dad, the Roly-Poly Holy Roller
Teenage Mutant Ninja Priests
My dad, the Billionaire and Voice of God
Fancy Pens and Jesus Magic
Typing the Bible
I didn't ask to be born into this. My dad claimed I wasn't.
Gluttony and Sloth
Women, Submit to your Penis-Bearing Overlords
5 out of 5 unborn babies agree: God created fossils to test our faith!
God stole your bikes because you touch yourself at night
Video Games

Part 2: Either My Dad is Insane, or God is.
I control tornadoes!
Hole-digging and Horses
No Peace For You
My Favor is Bigger Than Yours
The Glistening, Muscled Homosexual Threat
Exorcism School
My Underwear Is Too Tight. Curse You, Satan!
Conning for Jesus
The American Academy
Mortal Kombat

Part 3: My Long Hard Road Out of Hell
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Binge-Read the Entire Library
The Escape Plan, Part 1: Sexiest Child Alive
Behavior Shaming: Cheaper Than Castration!
The Escape Plan, Part 2: The Modem
Game Over. Insert Coin to Continue
Socialization and Music
Mass Surveillance and You
Are You the Worst Person in Your College Yet?
The Escape Plan, Part 3: The Coven
Fear is Faith, Death is Life, and Lies Build Character
No True Scotsman
Death and Taxes

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