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How People Become Famous

How People Become Famous

by Rainer Zitelmann


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The art of self-marketing has never been more important. Best-selling author Rainer Zitelmann shows how 12 of the most successful self-promoters of all time achieved their extraordinary fame. The celebrities featured come from a variety of backgrounds from politics to sport, fashion, show business and science. Each has their own technique and their own lessons to offer - essential reading for anyone wanting to create their own successful personal brand.

"Skillfully combines meticulous analysis with entertaining mini-biographies and practical insights with gossip... Even those who don't want to be on the biggest stage will want to read about how others have done it."

OK! Magazine (Germany)

"The book portrays twelve completely different celebrities who have more in common with each other than they would probably have ever thought themselves. These illustrious figures serve as models and examples for anyone who wants to learn the tricks of the marketing trade - to get ahead professionally and privately, to build a brand and engage with people on the internet and elsewhere."


"If you want to build a brand, this is your bible."

ERFOLG Magazine

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