How the Universe Forms: Proving the Titius Bode law working

How the Universe Forms: Proving the Titius Bode law working

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte


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There are four cosmic laws in nature applying that form gravity namely:
1) The Titius Bode law
2) The Lagrangian points
3) The Roche limit
4) The Coanda effect.
This is nature and this is what science ignores in favour of covering Newton's mistakes.

The total comprehension of influence in physics that these four cosmic principles have is so involving it requires volumes of books just to introduce the totality of information, and yet up to now science made no effort in studying these four laws. These four laws prove what gravity is because gravity is not what science says it is. These four laws are nature's way of forming gravity. If you never heard of this before, then ask why because these four laws build the solar system and therefore the Universe.

These laws are hidden behind a conspiracy of silence. What you are about to read is the mother of all the conspiracies in science. You are going to read about how science applies a system of mind control with thought processing. Every conspiracy that Science ever thought up such as the Critical Density Conspiracy or the Dark Energy Conspiracy, or any conspiracy connected to science is in place to protect this theoretical conspiracy. The conspiracies in place hides the Mother Conspiracy so effective that in three centuries no one outside science got a sniff about what the Mother Conspiracy entails.

The Mother Conspiracy is in place so that students in physics are brainwashed by instigating the deliberate sanctioning of mind control on students through their practising of enforcing thought control they unleash on students. I prove that the Mother Conspiracy is in place. I show how every student including you reading this has been brainwashed to believe science is believable. Then also read how the cosmos truly applies science and read explanations of what was never explained before and how the explained factors interlink.

I prove the entirety called the Universe is made up of singularity and contains only singularity in many forms thereof.

I prove singularity is not a general phenomenon but is the concept forming the absolute basis of physics and this foundation is transferred to the beginning of mathematics. The Universe is singularity and this is simple to prove; it is the other concepts flowing from this that complicates things.

Modern Science can't explain the following because of a lack of proficiency.

After finding the building blocks of the Universe I now can show where the centre of the Universe is. Have you thought where the centre of the Universe is? I can answer that...and why is the Universe still grows since the Big Bang...why did the Universe start so small...why did the Universe fit into a neutron at one did everything expand from fitting into a neutron...why does space grow from small to large...where is it going while it is growing...why was the Universe any specific size...what was everything before the Big bang...if you read this you will know all of this!

My discovery is the fact that singularity presents the total and complete control of everything there is in all forms of everything there ever could form in the Universe and discovering this fact led me to prove that gravity is the application of P and from extending P further into a six dimensional sphere that is spinning in a six-sided cube, is what makes the Universe form three dimensions using time thereby the cosmos enlists the multi dimensional sphere we live in.

However, at the stage where the Universe holds gravity as P, which is at the point before it forms multi-dimensional space, the Universe still is flat although the Universe then is already accepting form by going round in shape-forming when extending from forming singularity as a value when retaining form in the principle of a sphere. I do not wish to burden you with more information about my work unless you have the time to give the work any of your attention because every academic person I have come across is much

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