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How The Universe Started Before the Universe Started

How The Universe Started Before the Universe Started

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte


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I have located the most original prime location as a viable point from where the Universe started.
I take physics into a Universe that was in place before light was in place.
I introduce the Universe when only darkness prevailed as it presently still prevails because light calls for space and in that era of singularity I introduce, space was not even a thought yet not then and not now.
I show why the Universe goes "flat" and in a "flat" or a dimensionless Universe only the value of 1 holds measure since singularity is 1.
If you can understand 1 or 50 x 70 x 30 = 11 you have all the mathematical skills required understanding the applying concepts holding value in singularity. High dynamic mathematics is pointless in singularity.
To reach a value of 1 does not require big mathematical equations but to reach singularity requires 1.

This will also uncover the roots behind the forming of the string theory and show what Dark Matter truly is.
Singularity might be a mathematical concept but it is very traceable as well. However singularity is in a spot that can never have space and always holds a point space can never be within. Due to a lack of space all I can say is that the Titius Bode law is how the solar system forms. Should you require more information, and then please read up what the Titius Bode law is.

In the very centre of everything spinning there is singularity as singularity is a point holding the value of 1.
When the body starts to spin singularity forms a line with the measured value of 3.
Since the line is made up of singularity the line has to be the shortest line possible.
The shortest line possible will have the start, the development or centre and the end of the line on the very same spot. Although in singularity the spot remains the same spot the relevancy changes in the location or position in the context of the other two points forming both ends. Looking at it from different views it form in relevancy. Since it is singular the value of singularity must amount to a value of 1 and never more than 1.
1284620745724738921426057284620745724738921426057284620745724738921426057284620745724738921426057284620745724738921426057 = 1 and that proves mathematically the existence of the singular dimension existing forming no more than 1.

That forms the centre line or the axis of the rotation of a spinning sphere and seen as a line the line as such can't ever move. The entire Universe spins around this line but the line has no space and can't move. Then on the edge of singularity at the point where the circle starts we find P.

To get to the centre of a circle one has to eliminate the radius by taking the radius to a singular value. In this we only have the value of a circle holding form with no space at all because the radius is eliminated as a defining value. Then to reduce the circle even more we have to eliminate the form where the form is reducing the circle. The value 1, which is the same value that singularity holds. Let us go into the circle and investigate that point we have located.
Reaching this point in singularity proves a point in all turning material that reduces the circle to a position beyond space. In the centre of all spinning objects a point forms that is acting as the shortest line where the line using one spot confirms the bottom end of the non-existing line, the centre point of a mathematical spot and the top point of the non-existing line that forms in every circular form moving.
This centre point has no space. When anything should enter the one side of such a point at the very same instant would leave that space less centre point on the other side. The cosmos holds space and this spot P0 does not. This point holds a fixed value that is both infinitely small and everlasting motionless.
Since this point is the smallest anything could ever be this point can never start but is eternally active and present. Without this point being active the rest of the Universe can never be or never form.

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