How The Universe Was Created And Our Purpose In It

How The Universe Was Created And Our Purpose In It

by Stephen Knapp


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How The Universe Was Created And Our Purpose In It by Stephen Knapp

This book provides answers and details about the process of creation that are not available in any other traditions, religions, or areas of science. It offers the oldest rendition of the creation and presents insights into the spiritual purpose of it and what we are really meant to do here.

Every culture in the world and most religions have their own descriptions of the creation, and ideas about from where we came and what we should do. Unfortunately, these are often short and generalized versions that lack details. Thus, they are often given no better regard than myths. However, there are descriptions that give more elaborate explanations of how the cosmic creation fully manifested which are found in the ancient Vedic Puranas of India, some of the oldest spiritual writings on the planet. These descriptions provide the details and answers that other versions leave out. Furthermore, these Vedic descriptions often agree, and sometimes disagree, with the modern scientific theories of creation, and offer some factors that science has yet to consider.

Now, with this book, we can get a clearer understanding of how this universe appears, what is its real purpose, from where we really came, how we fit into the plan for the universe, and if there is a way out of here. Some of the many topics included are:

? Comparisons between other creation legends.

? Detailed descriptions of the dawn of creation and how the material energy developed and caused the formation of the cosmos.

? What is the primary source of the material and spiritual elements.

? Insights into the primal questions of, "Who am I? Why am I here? Where have I come from? What is the purpose of this universe and my life?"

? An alternative description of the evolutionary development of the various forms of life.

? Seeing beyond the temporary nature of the material worlds, and more.

This book will provide some of the most profound insights into these questions and topics. It will also give any theist more information and understanding about how the universe is indeed a creation of God.

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ISBN-13: 9781456460457
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/09/2010
Pages: 308
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About the Author

Stephen Knapp has studied the major Vedic texts of India and practiced yoga and the Eastern teachings for over forty years. He has traveled extensively throughout India and has taken over 17,000 photos of the numerous holy places he has visited. He has authored nearly two dozen well-received books on Vedic and Eastern culture and its spiritual philosophy. He is recognized as an authority on Indian traditions and its spiritual culture. He continues to write books, articles, and give lectures at various venues both in the United States and in India.

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