How to Avoid High Child Support Payments and Not be a Deadbeat Dad

How to Avoid High Child Support Payments and Not be a Deadbeat Dad


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Child support, while good in concept and theory, is a flawed system filled with a wealth of biases and unfair child support laws that many times aren't reasonable for the non-custodial parent to honor. Child support enforcement has gotten more strenuous over the years, and doesn't put forth much consideration of the obligations that non-custodial parents may have to support themselves.

While there are many parents who choose not to financially support their children, there are many who do. Nevertheless, the child support courts and the Office of Child Support Enforcement (CSE), have geared unfair child support laws to battle against deadbeat parents. Consequently, all non-custodial parents, even those who are actively involved in their children's lives-are faced with a downward spiral of actions taken against them, making it almost impossible to recover from. Some of these atrocities include:

• Warrant(s) issued for arrest and imprisonment
• License(s) suspended and or passport revoked
• Income taxes offset
• Garnished paychecks
• Difficulty finding employment

Therefore this "child support for dummies" guide is intended to give parents with unfair and unreasonable child support payments information to determine fair monetary payments and how to set up a system that will force the state to honor those agreements. The goal is to not only protect the interests of children, but to also prevent destruction of the non-custodial parent's assets, capital, and livelihood.

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