How to be a Culture Club Leader: A guide to leading a culture club in high school

How to be a Culture Club Leader: A guide to leading a culture club in high school

by Susie Maria Han


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Looking back at my first month of high school in America, I remember everything I did was full of awkwardness and uncertainty.

Adjusting myself to a new environment in America was challenging and became a lifelong experience that could make me stronger.

After I came to America as a foreigner, I made countless mistakes but I tried to ease myself by saying "Time heals everything." I gave myself time to adjust and tried to use time productively.

This book is about how I have led the culture club at an American high school as a foreign student who was just a fresh of the boat to America.

I hope that this book can give some ideas and hopes for many students who want to be club leaders but who are too afraid to start a club or do not know how to lead a club.

I strongly believe that cultures are like a strong magnet. Cultures can gather people with peace and harmony.

A deeper and broader understanding of different cultures is one of the best ways to keep peace in this world.

That is why I believe that the cultural exchange between young students in North Korean and South Korea would be the first step for the unification of Korean Peninsula. In fact, young students' cultural exchange between West Germany and East Germany had a huge contribution to the unification of Germany.

Time goes fast and life is short. There are no rooms for hesitation. Keep pursuing your passions and achieve your dreams dynamically.

Make clubs that initiate your passion and interest that you will never get bored and think about how much it would help our world and life. Don't be scared even when no one supports you.

If you have any following question, then this book is the best choice for you.

How to find ideas for new clubs?

How to lead a club if you are afraid of speaking in front of people?

How to register a club?

How to install new club officers?

How to attract new members?

How to persuade members to stay with the club?

How to overcome challenges in leadership?

How to prepare for the presentation?

How to make a good presentation in front of members?

How to request the donation of traditional outfits, fans, hats, umbrellas, shoes, brochures, national flags?

How to keep good relations with the donors?

I want to share my special experience for leading a culture club with you. I hope you find some answers to the questions through this book.

Even though my experience is limited within the culture club, my experience would apply to any kinds of clubs.

This book will be of great help to those who want to become club leaders at a high school.

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About the Author

Presently senior at Woodbridge High School, Irvine, California

Skipped the 9th grade and transferred to the 10th grade at Woodbridge high school.

Immigrated to America at the end of June in 2015.

Kwangshin Middle School, Seoul, Korea.

Wonshin Elementary School, Seoul, Korea


Leader of California student group of NKinUSA (North Korean refugees in the United States)

President of Oriental Culture Club (10th Grade)

President of NKinUSA Club (11th Grade)

Student Reporter, Student Vice-President, Student President at Wonshin Elementary School, Seoul, Korea.


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