How to Be a Megastar Live! [CD/DVD]

How to Be a Megastar Live! [CD/DVD]

by Blue Man Group


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How to Be a Megastar Live! [CD/DVD]

New York City-originated performance art/band Blue Man Group are much better known for their interactive, energetic live shows than their actual music, which, while it certainly isn't bad, remains mostly in the generic, arena rock friendly realm: to listen to it solely on its own gets a little tedious. Such is in fact the case with their album How to Be a Megastar Live!, which, as may be inferred, is taken from their How to Be a Megastar 2.1 tour. Which means, then, that it's the concert DVD that's really the draw of this package, as it's the visuals, the way the three Blue Men interact with themselves and the audience, that makes them unique and interesting. The show is based around the idea of a "Rockstar Instructional Manual" (complete with an infomercial by Fred Armisen), but there are plenty of percussive tricks (all three are impressive PVC pipe players, a fact of which is lost on the CD), pulling audience members from the crowd, and on-stage physical comedy (as the Men are, in fact, mute). In one scene, a Blue Man catches gumballs in his mouth, and then proceeds to spit the paint onto the shirt of a volunteer, while the other Blue Man catches over a dozen marshmallows in his own mouth and builds an antenna on the hat of another. The actual songs during the show all sound pretty similar -- rhythm heavy electric rock numbers -- but the inclusion of covers of the Who's "Baba O'Riley," Donna Summer's "I Feel Love," and Pink Floyd's "One of These Days" help to break this up. How to Be a Megastar is certainly an engaging and innovative show, enough so that even those who haven't seen it before will be impressed and entertained by the DVD, but the actual CD component, while undoubtedly well performed, leaves a little to be desired.

Product Details

Release Date: 04/01/2008
Label: Rhino
UPC: 0081227993566
catalogNumber: 446908


Disc 1

  1. Above
  2. Drumbone
  3. Time to Start
  4. Up to the Roof
  5. Altering Appearances
  6. Persona
  7. Your Attention
  8. Piano Smasher
  9. Shirts and Hats
  10. Sing Along
  11. One of These Days
  12. Rock Concert Movement, Pt. 237
  13. Shadows, Pt. 2
  14. The Complex
  15. Light Suits
  16. I Feel Love
  17. Rock and Go
  18. Baba O'Riley
  19. What Is Rock

Disc 2

  1. Above
  2. Drumbone
  3. Rock Manual Infomercial
  4. Time to Start
  5. Up to the Roof
  6. Altering Appearances
  7. Persona
  8. Floppie the Banjo Clown
  9. Your Attention
  10. Piano Smasher
  11. Shirts and Hats
  12. Sing Along
  13. Rock Box Informercial
  14. One of These Days
  15. Shadows, Pt. 2
  16. The Complex
  17. Light Suits
  18. I Feel Love
  19. Rock and Go
  20. Baba O'Riley
  21. Introducing the Band
  22. What Is Rock
  23. I Feel Love
  24. Mono
  25. Bonus Materials

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Blue Man Group   Primary Artist
Peter Moore   Keyboards,Vocals
Mike Burns   Strings
Jeff Tortora   Percussion,Background Vocals
Clem Waldmann   Percussion
Todd Waetzig   Drums
Julian Cassanetti   Guitar,Keyboards,Zither
Adrian Hartley   Vocals
Jeremy Gill   Group Member

Technical Credits

Pete Townshend   Composer
Richard Wright   Composer
Pete Bellotte   Composer
Adrian R. Fischer   Producer
Todd Perlmutter   Music Direction
Mike Burns   Music Direction
Stefan Gleitsmann   Composer
Phil Stanton   Creation
Neil Matthews   Authoring
Jeff Turlik   Composer
Matt Goldman   Creation
Chris Wink   Creation
Evan Haiman   Executive Producer
Sean Donnelly   Animation
Hank Lena   Director
Todd Waetzig   Insert Photography
Jennie Willink   Executive Producer
Caryl Glaab   Art Direction,Animation
Seth Freed   Executive Producer

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