How to Be a Successful Internet Consultant

How to Be a Successful Internet Consultant

by Jessica Keyes


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ISBN-13: 9780814471395
Publisher: AMACOM
Publication date: 03/01/2002
Edition description: 2ND
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.02(h) x 1.27(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1.The Business End of the Business1
Chapter 1The Basics
1.1The "Should you be in business for yourself" self-test3
1.2The art of networking7
1.3Getting business through partnerships10
1.4Why you need a logo11
1.5Creating a memorable business card12
1.6Getting the inside track on your competition15
Chapter 2Your Finances
2.1What should you charge?21
2.2Getting paid on time24
2.3Template for a business plan25
2.4Financing your business31
2.5What to put in a venture proposal38
Chapter 3Marketing
3.1The marketing plan41
3.2Your website43
3.3Keep your website up-to-date45
3.4The prospect database48
3.5The marketing CD52
3.6Using promotions58
3.7Using fax marketing59
3.8Guerrilla marketing tips62
Chapter 4Your Marketing Literature
4.1Your marketing collateral65
4.2Creating a corporate brochure67
4.3The special report70
4.4Publishing a newsletter73
Chapter 5Advertising
5.1Advertising in the Yellow Pages75
5.2The trade ad76
5.3How to save money on print advertising80
5.4Free advertising: banner ad exchanges83
5.5Making TV and radio work for you85
Chapter 6Sales
6.1Your unique selling proposition91
6.2The sales letter92
6.3The postcard95
6.5Using Usenet to generate leads102
Chapter 7Publicity
7.1Writing a press release105
7.2Getting business by becoming a writer107
7.3Getting free publicity111
7.4Speaking your way to success112
Part 2.The Technical End of the Business117
Chapter 8Starting
8.1What is OSI?119
8.2Choosing an ISP121
8.3Using FTP to upload to your website124
8.4A beginner's guide to HTML markup128
8.5Using HTML frames137
8.6Using tables143
8.7Creating a web-based form146
8.8Processing a text file149
8.9Spiders, robots, and search engines152
8.10Getting search engines to index your site155
8.11Publishing printed documents to the web (PDFs)158
Chapter 9Advanced Coding Techniques
9.1What is ASP?163
9.2Understanding cascading style sheets166
9.3What is PHP?176
9.4Introduction to XML179
9.5What is VoiceXML?183
9.6Installing scripts188
9.7Introduction to Java191
9.8Introduction to Javascript194
9.9What is WAP?199
9.10How to use VRML201
9.11An explanation of CGI203
9.12How to use cookies207
Chapter 10Basic Graphics
10.1Graphic images for the web211
10.2Using copyright-free images218
10.3Adding a background image221
10.4Creating your own images223
Chapter 11Animation and Multimedia
11.1Animating GIFs229
11.2Adding video to your website232
11.3Introduction to Flash236
11.4Using Shockwave241
11.5Adding audio to your website244
11.6Putting a slide presentation on the web249
Chapter 12E-Mail and Conferencing
12.1Generating HTML e-mail253
12.2E-mail handling257
12.3Chat and conferencing259
Chapter 13Database Handling
13.1Selecting a database265
13.2WDB Freeware268
Chapter 14E-Commerce
14.1Adding a shopping cart to your site271
14.2Taking checks and credit cards online275
Part 3.Letters, Forms, & Templates279
Chapter 15Miscellaneous Forms
15.1Getting free forms from the Internet281
15.2Sample executive summary282
15.3Letter to a venture capitalist283
15.4Resubmission of a proposal283
Chapter 16Forms to Generate Business
16.1Sample sales letter285
16.2Sample press release286
16.3Sample speech proposal288
16.4Cold calling script289
16.5Cold calling script--when you have a third party endorsement290
16.6Cold calling script--when you have a referral290
16.7Cold calling script--follow-up290
16.8Follow-up fax to a potential client291
Chapter 17Agreements
17.1Employment agreement293
17.2Consulting proposal template295
17.3Nondisclosure and proprietary information agreement297
17.4Letter of agreement300
17.5Reseller agreement301
17.6Alternative employment agreement305
17.7Independent consulting agreement311
Appendix A.HTML Quick Reference315
Appendix B.Common Unix Commands391
Appendix C.Internet Development Tools399

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How to Be a Successful Internet Consultant 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
jeremiahstover on LibraryThing 5 months ago
May have been an OK book in its day (but was never extra-ordinary). This book is now so hopelessly out of date that I literally threw it away as having no practical value (which is a rare thing for me).
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have a car dealership. I wanted to create a web site that provides information about the cars we sell and how well we service these cars. Although I don't want to be an Internet consultant I found this book to have everything I need to create to my site. The best part is that the book was written so that even I could read it.