How to be a Super Smart Woman: New Strategies for Superannuation

How to be a Super Smart Woman: New Strategies for Superannuation

by Pauline Taylor




Superannuation has never been a level playing field for Australian women. As an Australian academic noted: 'Australian women are super disadvantaged.' First: Women earn less than men while doing the same job. Technically, this is illegal but the pay gap keeps widening. Women earn 17 per cent less than their male colleagues while doing the same work. Second: It is women's careers that suffer when they have children. They take time out of the workforce to care for children and are the main category of part-time workers in Australia. Third: When relationships fail — more than 30 per cent of Australian marriages fail — it is women's finances that are severely affected. Fourth: Women live longer than men by an average four to five years. Add this up, and you have far too many Australian women suffering severe hardship in retirement. This is essential reading for ALL Australian women. It explains how the super system works, and how women can make it work for them at any stage of their life. Take your future in your hands and grab this book!

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ISBN-13: 9780995369269
Publisher: Threekookaburras
Publication date: 09/01/2017
Pages: 258
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About the Author

Pauline Taylor is a finance and economics consultant whose long career spans the public and private sectors. Work in the financial services industry includes banking, stockbroking, managed funds analysis and credit ratings. In government, she provided advice and support to small businesses. Pauline has conducted seminars, discussion groups and webinars in superannuation and retirement planning for women in all the mainland states of Australia. Pauline is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia. She is a board member of the Womens Information and Referral Exchange, and is a member of the Women in Super Policy Committee. Pauline is not aligned with any financial institution.

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