How To Be An In Home Care Provider For The Disabled & Elderly

How To Be An In Home Care Provider For The Disabled & Elderly

by Marie Spaulding


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When you hear "in home care provider," what is your first thought? I am hoping to provide some answers for that question in this book. I hope that you find the information helpful, and that your loved one gets the best care that they deserve.
Okay, you hire someone to come in to be an in home care provider to a dependent family member or loved one. What type of things are you expecting them to know how to do-this is really something that you need to think about.
Do you expect them to be able to cook meals without having to teach them? Do you expect them to be able to use a toaster to make toast? Wonder why I ask this question, the answers are inside this book.
Do these professionals know basic safety? Do they really know what to do in an emergency? Can the care providers read and write? Can they understand what you say when you speak?
An in-home care provider is not a nurse. An in-home care provider is not a medical professional. An in-home care provider is someone who is hired to provide aide to someone, who is unable to provide for their own basic needs. An in-home care provider is a person who is hired to be essentially a helper to the person they are with. To help them do the things that they are no longer able to do by themselves.
The in-home care provider is hired so that the client, who is elderly or disabled, can stay in their own home, rather than in a care facility.

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Publication date: 02/18/2016
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About the Author

Marie Spaulding has been an in-home care provider for at least twenty-five years. She too care of her best friend for more than fifteen years. She is a mother of three adult sons. Marie has two grandsons and one granddaughter. She has always taken care of people. In the 1980s, she worked as a medical assistant for few different doctors. Marie graduated from Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, and also attended San Jose State University, California.

Marie has been married twice. The first one, unfortunately, only lasted about two years. The second one was for twenty-four years. She has had many jobs in her life. It includes working as a medical assistant, an auto mechanic, a janitor, and a driver; she had also done a lot of different volunteer work. Marie worked in a secondhand shop, selling Hawaiian shirts and miscellaneous stuff that people wanted. She also worked in a plant shop, selling and caring for tropical plants—that was a lot of fun.

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