How To Be Ferociously Happy: and other essays

How To Be Ferociously Happy: and other essays

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When you were born you took deep breaths right away. You proceeded to accomplish truly complicated things: you learned to talk and walk and write. Language is complex and daunting and you did it.

You already come equipped to be good at many things. The ability to pick them up is part of your original composition.

Trust that.

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ISBN-13: 9781540679994
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/03/2016
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

After more than 20 years in the communications industry I noticed a theme.

It is very difficult to articulate who you are and what you do.

This holds true for both companies and for individuals.

For companies, this is an impediment to the development of an identity, a reputation, a brand.

It makes it hard for your customers to see how you are different from your competitors.

For individuals, in a new world order of personal brands, it makes it hard to develop one that feels real.

This is what I do. I help companies and people put into simple terms who they are, what they do, and where to go next.

My work comes to life through message development, presentation training, media training and personal brand development.

It comes to life through executive coaching, workshops and public speaking.

It comes to life through what I write.

I live in San Francisco with Boyfriend, who after five years still makes me coffee every morning.

Table of Contents

The Meaning of Life 1

An Expert At Getting Lost 3

Everything Exists At Once 5

Why Reading Is Important 7

Beautiful World 9

The Purpose of Stars 10

How To Catch A Liar 11

Be Incompetent 13

It's Possible 14

Enthralled By You 16

Less Reflection 18

Quitting Is For Winners 20

That Kid 21

Pay Attention 23

Introvert At A Party 24

How To Enrich Your Vocabulary 26

Something To Consider 28

How To Be Ferociously Happy 29

Just Because You Are You 31

The Worst Mistake 32

No Such Thing 34

Why We Fight 35

A Gift To Yourself 37

Accomplishment/Productivity 38

A Moment At A Time 40

Go To Bed 41

The Delusion Of Comparing Yourself To Others 42

You Just Can't 44

Remember 45

Big Decisions 47

The Best They Can 48

Walking In Their Shoes 50

Go For It 52

Irreparable 53

Noise 53

No Small Thing 56

It's In There 57

Self-Confidence 59

Worth Loving 60

Because You Make It So 62

Escondidillas 63

Put It Down 64

Everything I Need To Learn I Learn In Yoga 65

Why Make The Bed? 70

Gossip 71

Yes They Do 73

The Fracture Within 74

Don't Worry 75

Grace 76

How To Be A Good Girlfriend 77

Your Inner Guide 79

Go Find Them 81

How To Know If You're An Adult 82

Choose Love 84

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy 85

Crucisl Distinction 86

The Expert Is You 87

Mad At Me 88

You Don't Have To Fix It 90

Secret Hurdles 92

You Can Do Anything 93

Fallacy 94

Practice 95

Every Head Is A Different World 96

It Will Always Be Winter 98

Less Overwhelming 99

How To Witness Magic 100

Who You Are 101

Shortsighted 102

What To Say When You Don't Know What To Say 104

Lust For Learning 105

A Definition Of Forgiveness 106

Ghosting 107

Think Of Others 108

You Don't Know (What You Want) 109

It's Not Yours 110

A More Examined Life 111

Evolution 113

No Escape 114

Balance Is Overrated 115

If Someone Rejects You 116

Sunday Blues Are A Sign 117

Things You Are Better Off Without 118

Hell Is Other People 119

Sad 121

Don't Buy It 122

A Particular Brand Of Insecurity 124

Vulnerable 125

Baggage 126

Weakness Or Strength? 129

Deal Breaker 130

Your Inner Dialogue 132

Soul Mate 133

The Right Dosage 134

Serendipity 136

The Dream Paradox 138

Looks Like Fun 139

The Ideal Relationship 140

How To Destroy A Relationship 141

Tips For Dating An Introvert 143

Itchy Sweater 145

Inner Dragon 146

Dolt Here 148

Should I Change For You? 150

My Grief 151

Goodbye Fashion 154

How Can I Save Him? 155

Technique 157

Cocktail 159

Your Comfort Zone 160

To Increase Productivity Do Less 162

Your Personal Brand 163

Fear 166

How My Parents Got Me To Love Books 167

Best Case Scenario 168

I Can't Live If Living Is Without Me 170

Jinx 172

Self-acceptance 173

Unrequited Love 174

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