How to Buy a Franchise / Edition 2

How to Buy a Franchise / Edition 2

by James Meaney
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How to Buy a Franchise / Edition 2

"The most readable, practical and complete book that I have seen on the subject of purchasing a franchise. I strongly recommend it as must reading for anyone interested in buying a franchise for the first time."
-Stephen R. Buchenroth, former Chairman of the Franchise Committee of the Small Business
Section of the American Bar Association

"...a first-rate guide to evaluating and selecting a franchise....
A great read for any would-
be franchise investor."
-Matthew R. Shay,
Vice President and Chief Counsel,
International Franchise Association

Every day, more and more people want to take control of their destiny and become their own boss. However, most people have no idea how to take the first step. How to Buy a Franchise is that first step.

Finding information on selecting and buying a franchise has never been easier. This book explains everything you need to know about how to research a franchise company, analyze its financial and sales information and investigate the earnings claims of the franchisor. It tells you what to look for in disclosure documents and details the contents of Offering Circulars and Franchise Agreements.

Your initial decisions become the contract that guides your relationship with a franchisor for years to come. The crucial factors that are explored in these agreements include:
--training programs
--equipment purchasing
--earnings claims

The opportunities available for someone to start a proven business are countless. How to Buy a Franchise will help anyone turn these opportunities into realities.

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ISBN-13: 9781572483842
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 06/01/2004
Edition description: Subsequent
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 8.90(w) x 10.88(h) x 0.45(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Buy a Franchise? -
Defined and Proven Business Format
Uniform System
Advertising Network
Name Identification
Franchise Network
Power Buying and Computerization

Chapter 2: What is a Franchise? -
A Brief History
Defining a Franchise
Business Opportunity Plans

Chapter 3: Finding the Right Franchise for You
Shop Around
Let the Buyer Beware
Starting Your Search

Chapter 4: Disclosure Laws
Disclosure Documents
Initial Consideration
Cooling-Off Period
Relationship Laws
State Agencies

Chapter 5: The Disclosure Statement -
Receiving Disclosure Documents
Criticism of Registration
Analyzing the Disclosure Documents

Chapter 6: Financial Feasibility
Cash Flow Projections
Territorial Limitations and Demographic Research
Visit the Franchisor

Chapter 7: Professional Assistance
Finding the Help You Need

Chapter 8: Franchise Salespeople and Brokers

Chapter 9: The Background of the Franchisor
Founding Fathers
Warning Signs
Personal Meetings
Financial Background
Government Agencies
Company-Operated Units

Chapter 10: Investigating Existing Franchisees
List of Franchisees
Financial Earnings
Additional Resources

Chapter 11: Earnings Claims
Prohibited Disclosures
UFOC Guidelines
Analyzing Earnings Claims

Chapter 12: Understanding and Negotiating the Franchise Agreement
Read the Contract
Franchisee's Duties
Franchisor's Duties
Clarification to Start Negotiation
Hard-to-Change Provisions
Use Your Attorney
Compare the Franchise Agreement to the Offering Circular
Purchase Price Negotiations
Initial Term and Renewal Clauses
Franchise Termination
Transferring or Selling the Franchise
Product and Equipment Purchase Requirements
Operation Manuals-the Hidden Agreement
Franchise Territory
Dispute Resolution, Choice of Law, and Forum Selection

Chapter 13: Your Relationship with the Franchisor
Training Performance
Unsatisfactory Performance
Enhancing Performance

Chapter 14: Franchisee Input and Franchisee Associations -
Franchisee Councils
Franchisee Associations


Appendix A: Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (sample) -

Appendix B: Franchise Agreement (sample) -

Appendix C: State Filing Requirements -

Index -

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