How to buy a property in Hawaii for less than $10,000 dollars!

How to buy a property in Hawaii for less than $10,000 dollars!

by Hernando Enriquez de la Barca

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How to buy a property in Hawaii for less than $10,000 dollars! by Hernando Enriquez de la Barca

Many of us have heard that Hawai'i is a paradise in the Pacific Ocean, therefore, is far too expensive to own a property in this Eden. You would say: buy a piece of property for less than $ 10,000.00? You are a farce, you’re crazy, you’re insane, you’re drugged, you’re dreaming! ... It's very difficult to understand how this is possible, if the smallest piece of property on the mainland, in the poorest neighborhood, shattered, full of crime , drugs and violence costs more than that? Well, the purpose of this book is to declare you a secret: "The Tax Deed Auction on the Big Island of Hawai'i." Here, I will present to you up to date information such as buying tax deed property in Hawai’i, tangible and real figures, confirmed true processes, and some recommendations to follow about the case. The content of the book is about the basic facts of Hawai'i: its location, its climate, its people, its attractions, and its charms. I also inform you about the types of property that exist, I explain a little history of how it was possible for foreigners to own land in the Hawai'ian Islands since before the seventeenth century the king owned all of the land of Hawai'i. I talk about the classification and zoning of the land here in this state, its uses and designations according to the State of Hawai'i Planning Department. I also explain in detail what a tax deed is, and list the most common questions and answers that a person interested in the tax deed auctions might have. I also suggest how the properties should be inspected before the sale at the auction, how long you need to inspect them and the tools that you need, also, I make a list of requirements that you must provide in order to participate in the auction. I expose the process of a sale at the auction from its beginning to its end by teaching you the steps followed and more give you suggestions of what to do and how to proceed after the sale is over.

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