How to Buy or Lease a Car Without Getting Ripped Off

How to Buy or Lease a Car Without Getting Ripped Off

by Pique (PK) Lyle


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ISBN-13: 9781580621298
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 06/15/1999
Pages: 195
Product dimensions: 6.01(w) x 8.01(h) x 0.60(d)


From the Author

'Female' Retail Car Veteran of 13 Years Comes Clean. Finally, a book that tells the complete truth about buying and leasing a car from a woman's perspective. This is not another boring, complicated, put-you-to-sleep annually published book filled with statistics, ratios, and complicated charts. It's not a macho locker room book filled with few facts and tritely written by some non-industry person. Bookstores and libraries are overflowing with these kinds of books and reference guides. Who's to say which ones are really the best? Some are inflated, some are deflated, but most definitely they become outdated.

This book on the other hand is straight from the heart, written out of concern and compassion, and takes you on a journey deep inside the lucrative retail car industry. It exposes the real truths and the 'secret' secrets that only those working in the industry would know, let alone understand. With full disclosure, I explain how customers get so grossly and unjustly ripped off, especially women! I lead you through the processes of shopping, buying, financing, leasing, trading, and selling automobiles in a manner that is easy to follow and understand. Unethical techniques and ridiculous game plans used by the retail automotive industry as well as their unbelievably disrespectful perspective towards customers are revealed. I worked in the retail auto world for 13 long years (I should know). After serving as a sales representative for two years, I spent the remainder of my career as a sales manager and finance manager. I became an expert at extracting every bit of profit from a sale as was possible. Eventually, I could not be part of this automotive world anylonger and resigned, fed up with the nature of the business and what was expected of me as an employee. I was tired of playing a part in good, hard-working people being victimized.

On the brighter side - the text is filled with colorful, 'off the wall' humor and musical overtones, the makings for a truly enjoyable book. There are lots of true stories (some funny and some sad) and cartoon characters bring the topics to life in an amusing fashion. You will find messages of strength, courage, wisdom, understanding, patience, confidence, and hope. This is a must-read for all car buyers, especially women!
— Pique (PK) Lyle (, the Author

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