How To Care For And Train Your Dog

How To Care For And Train Your Dog

by Hirsh Marantz


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Hirsh Marantz has owned and trained dogs for the past 52 years. His last two dogs have been rescued greyhounds, one of whom he still has. His dogs have earned Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) Titles both in The United States and Canada and a U.S. Utility Dog (UD) Title. Although he has done some private dog training, his main pursuit is teaching dog training. He believes that training a dog is best done by the dog owner, with the exception of some of the more serious aggression or "separation anxiety" problems that may require a professional animal behaviorist. It is his hope that this book and books like it, will decrease the number of abandoned dogs, and dogs given to shelters because the owners "didn't like them anymore".

This book attempts to provide you, whether you already own a dog or are thinking of getting a dog, the information on dog selection, care and training, needed to have the ideal dog for your family. Having a dog as part of your family can be a wonderful experience. Your dog can be a loyal faithful companion, giving you unconditional love. Unlike some people, your dog is incapable of holding a grudge, being spiteful or vengeful. Your dog can keep you from being lonely, and can comfort you when you're sad. Having a dog can even lower your blood pressure. All your dog wants from you for all of this, aside from food and water, is a little attention and a pat on his head or a scratch behind his ear.

There is a caveat, however, for receiving all this love from your dog. Your dog has to know, through your actions, that you are the Alpha or leader (the boss). Although your dog may challenge your authority at first, he will be happy and feel secure if he has a reliable leader. Your dog also has to be trained in basic obedience to give you complete control over his actions and to make it easier for you to prevent or cure any bad habits to which your dog may be predisposed. A trained dog is a happy dog and has a happy owner.

This book will give you the information you will need to choose the perfect puppy or dog, ensure you are the Alpha, train your dog, and care for the health of your dog, all in step-by-step procedures.

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About the Author

In 1959, while Hirsh Marantz and his wife Lois were going for a car ride, Lois saw a man training his dog to heel. After watching the man as they went by him, Hirsh thought "I can do that". Hirsh and his wife had a German Shorthaired Pointer named Topper at the time and Hirsh proceeded to train Topper to heel and sit. He had already been trained to come. Unfortunately, someone left the gate to the back yard open and Topper was hit by a car and killed.
Their next dog was a German Shepard - Collie mix named Shep. Realizing that Shep was going to be a big dog, Hirsh and Lois took Shep to a training club where Lois could train Shep and be able to handle him. Hirsh noted that the training instructor told his students to do exactly the same thing Hirsh had done when he trained Topper. At that time, mixed breeds were not allowed to participate in American Kennel Club obedience trials so the training didn't proceed after basic obedience.
After Shep, Hirsh and Lois got a Standard Poodle named Amber. Back to the training club they went. Amber earned a Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent, and Utility Dog degrees from the AKC and Hirsh was bitten by the dog training bug. Hirsh has been training his dogs and instructing other dog owners how to train their dogs ever since. He believes that dogs should be trained by their owner rather than by an outside trainer.

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