How to Clear Your Adult and Juvenile Criminal Records

How to Clear Your Adult and Juvenile Criminal Records

by William A. Rinehart




Author William Rinehart is well-qualified to dispense advice on how to clear one's criminal records. He had two felony convictions and over 30 misdemeanors to his credit, before he took the necessary steps to cleanse his adult and juvenile records. Now Rinehart's criminal records are purged of serious offenses, he has all the rights and privileges that American citizens are meant to enjoy under the Constitution, and he shares his hard-earned secrets in this unique sourcebook, which contains never-before revealed step-by-step instructions, along with example forms and comprehensive state-by-state lists of the statutes and laws which must be cited. If a nagging criminal record is holding you back, this book can change your life!

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ISBN-13: 9781559501583
Publisher: Loompanics Unlimited
Publication date: 01/01/1997
Pages: 102
Product dimensions: 5.55(w) x 8.56(h) x 0.32(d)

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