How to Conquer Negative Emotions

How to Conquer Negative Emotions


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ISBN-13: 9780933900011
Publisher: Foundation of Human Understanding, The
Publication date: 01/28/2000
Pages: 325

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I came across Roy Masters by accident tuning the radio dial one day. I was intrigued. I then purchased this book and read it - twice. What an eye opener! Did you ever consider that all negative emotions (anger, fear/phobias, anxiety, guilt, et. al.) stem from resentments? As overly simplistic as this may sound I have been able to verify his theory from my own life experiences as well as those of people I know well enough to have some idea what's in their heads. This book should be a must read for everyone - it should be taught in the schools. In addition to being a guide to understanding and dealing with negartive emotions, the theories in this book should be absolutly indeispensible for all writers and critics of literature and movies. The reason for this, as you will see if you read it, is that if a story follows the principals of conscience, guilt, and so on as laid out in this book then it will be a stronger, more truthful story. As I continue to analyze literature and movies with these theories I can see that there is some correlation between the adherence to these theories and sales. Read this book and then watch (for a second time, as the case may be) for example: 1)The Silence of the Lambs; 2)Bruce Almighty; 3) The Manchurian Candidate; 4) Requiem for a Dream. You will see that the theories in this book are the engine that makes these movies work. Enjoy the enlightenment.