How to Deal

How to Deal


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How to Deal

Capturing the seesawing emotions of a teenager balancing love, friendship, and family, the How to Deal soundtrack boasts sugar-rush highs and head-in-hands lows. Adapted from Sarah Dessen's popular young-adult novels, the film stars pop princess Mandy Moore (A Walk to Remember, The Princess Diaries) as Halley Martin, a teen skeptical about love who has to deal with tragic events when the boyfriend of her best friend, Scarlett (Alexandra Holden), dies in an accident, leaving Scarlett with the discovery that she's carrying his baby. Providing the soundtrack to Halley's mood swings is a cast of artists both familiar and unknown. The disc leads off with the buzzing single "Billy S" (as in Shakespeare) from 14-year-old newcomer Skye Sweetnam, whose energy and radio-friendly sound is matched by 30-something ex-indie-pop queen Liz Phair, who captures giddy love on "Why Can't I." Beyond those pop bursts -- and rockin' cuts from high school grads the Donnas (the boy-bashing "It's on the Rocks") and British retro-rockers the Music (the Led Zep revelry of "Take the Long Road and Walk It") -- the predominant mood is meditative. There are two versions of Cat Stevens' '70s folk-pop hit "Wild World" -- the original plus Beth Orton's acoustic cover -- and memorable album cuts from John Mayer (the winsome "Not Myself") and the Flaming Lips (the psychedelic pop of "Do You Realize??"). Fleshing out the album are several songs from fresh new talent, including Aslyn's strings-laced ballad "That's when I Love You," Tremolo's Radiohead-esque "Promise Ring," and ECHO's breezy, jazz-meets-electronica "Surrender." Moore's emotional journey in How to Deal is set in gorgeous relief with this inspired soundtrack.

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Release Date: 07/08/2003
Label: Capitol
UPC: 0724358367225
catalogNumber: 83672

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Jude Cole   Producer
Yusuf (Cat Stevens)   Composer
Lauren Christy   Composer
Liz Phair   Composer
Joy Askew   Composer
Dave Fridmann   Composer,Producer
James Robertson   Producer
Rob Schnapf   Producer
Andrew Slater   Producer
Sebastian Steinberg   Composer
Victor Van Vugt   Producer
John Alagia   Producer
Graham Edwards   Composer
Beth Orton   Composer,Producer
Scott Booker   Producer
Jim Abbiss   Producer
Wayne Coyne   Composer
Sean Read   Composer
Ted Barnes   Composer
Steven Drozd   Composer
Jason Carmer   Producer
Craig Marshall   Business Consultant
Lori Silfen   Business Consultant
Robert Shimp   Producer
Mike Busbee   Composer,Producer
John Mayer   Composer
Music   Composer
Takuya Nakamura   Composer
Skye Sweetnam   Composer
Scott Spock   Composer
Brett Anderson   Composer
Torry Castellano   Composer
Maya Ford   Composer
Allison Robertson   Composer
Evan Slamka   Composer
Mitch Rotter   Producer
Jonathan M. Polk   Producer

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