How to Draw Manga, Volume 39: Creating Stories

How to Draw Manga, Volume 39: Creating Stories

by Junichi Sugamoto


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ISBN-13: 9784766113303
Publisher: Graphic-Sha Publishing
Publication date: 04/15/2007
Series: How to Draw Manga Series , #39
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Characters     3
Creating the Protagonist     4
The Protagonist Is You!     8
Filling the Protagonist with the Creator's Strengths     10
Giving the Protagonist a Goal     12
The Love Interest as the Creator's Ideal     14
Pouring Your Personal Preferences into the Love Interest     16
The Three Love Interests     18
The Love Interest as the Protagonist's True Supporter     20
Designing the Nemesis     22
The Nemesis as the Most Hated Personality Type     24
Cramming the Nemesis with Your Own Faults     26
The Nemesis as the Protagonist's Perpetual Attacker     28
The Ever-Important Supporting Cast     30
The Protagonist's Supportive Sidekick     33
Designing Likeable, Appealing Characters     36
The Story     39
Obsolete Plot Structures: Opening, Development, Twist, and Conclusion     40
The Protagonist Reigns Supreme     44
The Incident Starts with the Opening Scene     46
Bring on the Opposition!     50
Adding Mystery     54
Multiple Climaxes     56
Dropping Hints     58
Sprinting toward the Climax     62
The Battle with the Archenemy: The Climax     64
Revealing the Theme at the Climax     66
Down Pacing at the Climax     68
Concluding with the Protagonist's Emotion     71
Starting with the End     73
Short Manga Scenario: At the Bottom of the Ninth with the Bases Loaded and Two Outs, A Single Hit Turns the Game around!     76
Starting from the Point Most Distant from the Goal in Long Manga     78
Concepts and the Panel Layout     81
Manga Is All about the Concept     82
Devising Manga-esque Concepts     84
The Concept Saves the Protagonist     86
The Concept as the Story's Concluding Element     88
Designing Panel Layouts around the Concept     90
Designing the Panel Layout According to the Protagonist's Emotional State     96
Designing the Panel Layout to Make the Story Look Interesting     99
Avoiding Jump Cuts in the Panel Layout Design     102
Having One Key Panel for Each Two-Page Spread     104
Rhythmic Panel Layouts     108
Giving the Panel Layout a Distinctive Flair     109
Genre and Artwork Production     113
Genres Broaden with the Times     114
Revamping a Genre to Give It a Fresh Flavor      116
New Props to School-based Manga     118
Well-constructed Sci Fi and Fantasy Worlds     122
Fresh Characters for Sports Manga     124
Knowing Historical Facts and Persons to Design Historical Manga     126
Instructional Manga: The Importance of Being Properly Informed     128
Stories with Clear Scenarios     130
Using Words to Draw Pictures     133
Spacing between Sentences     137
Writers, Surprise the Artist     138

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