How to Effectively Market and Manage a Dental Practice

How to Effectively Market and Manage a Dental Practice

by Romeo Richards


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There is a difference between the profession of dentistry and the business of dentistry. The profession of dentistry is the deliverables: extracting teeth, filling or root canal treatment.

The business of dentistry encompasses the deliverables as well as finance and marketing. Success in the profession of dentistry will make you a good employee. But to succeed as the owner of a dental practice requires a sound understanding of the business of dentistry.

This book teaches you how to succeed in the business of dentistry. The core theme is how to attract and retain patients. Without patients, you do not have a business. But patient attraction is a skill most dentists lack.

By the time you get to the end of this book, you will no longer view patient attraction as a chore to avoid. More importantly you will learn how to retain the patients you attract to your practice.

Furthermore, you will learn the critical skill most dentists lack - the ability to grow a practice. The large majority of dental practices remain small for years because their owners do not know how to grow a practice.

This book will show you how to effectively manage your practice; attract new patients and grow exponentially.

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I conceived The Business Education Center after undergoing a traumatic business failure and recovering through the help of valuable business development information.

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