How To Find Your Dream Dog

How To Find Your Dream Dog

by Dixie Tenny


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Bringing a new dog into the household should be one of life's happiest events. The process always starts with excitement and high expectations. Too often, though, it ends in disappointment. The new puppy wakes everyone three times a night, gnaws on furniture, piddles everywhere, knocks the children down. The new adolescent dog is too wild. The new adult dog growls at your neighbors. And where did all this dog hair come from?

Most people spend hours researching a new mattress, days researching a new car, and weeks researching a new home or job. Yet for a new dog, a companion for the next 10-15 years, the most they do is visit the nearest shelter or pet shop and buy whatever looks cute and appealing. It's no wonder they end up disappointed.

Whether you are looking for a purebred puppy or a charming mixed-breed, the type of dog you bring into your home matters. A quiet owner will struggle to keep up with a high-energy labrador mix, for instance, while an active outdoor family will be impatient with a snoozy bulldog. And finding the right kind of dog means becoming the right kind of owner-a task that takes some forethought and planning.

"How To Find Your Dream Dog" is here to fix the disconnect of dog ownership. It walks you step-by-step through the process of choosing the right type of dog for you-not only exploring the canine qualities that can determine your perfect puppy, adolescent, or adult dog, but also assessing your lifestyle to make sure you're a good match for the dog, too. The book also looks at good (and bad) sources for finding healthy and sound pet dogs, gives guidelines for evaluating individual puppies, and warns of some red flags to watch out for during your dog search.

With this guidebook in hand, you can be confident that the next puppy or dog you bring home will be the right companion and friend for you for the rest of its days.

Dixie Tenny is a Certified Training Partner with the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behavior. During her 30+ years spent working with people and their pets, she has seen again and again how mismatches between dog and owner can create "behavior problems" that never would have happened if the right dog had been matched to the right owner in the first place. She wrote this book to help puppy buyers and dog adopters start out on the best possible foot with their new pet dogs, and stay on that path for years to come.

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ISBN-13: 9781539107293
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/27/2016
Pages: 140
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How To Find Your Dream Dog 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
wifetoalineman02 More than 1 year ago
Our furry girls Maggie and Molly rated this book 5 paw prints Both my Mom and I loved reading this book. My mom finished the book first. She then asked me to read it to see what is my thoughts about this book How To Find Your Dream Dog. We found already our dreams dogs the American Staffordshireterrier dog named Maggie and Rat Terrier named Molly. They both are girls. Maggie is four and Molly just turned two years old yesterday. Reading this book is so amazing. You will learned a lot. Owning a dog takes many responsibilities. I know that my Mom sometimes gets mad at me if my big brother and I won't take them out to do their thing. You will also gives them exercise. Our dogs loves to go outside for a walk and run. Maggie loves to run and chases Molly. While Molly loves to hunt and being chased with Maggie. Though Maggie came to us miraculously. I was at that time has severe dog allergy. She helps me a lot coping with my dog allergy. Sometimes I get hives when she gives me sloppy kisses. We will trade anything for the world with our dogs. We both loved them to pieces. They are both amazing house and guard dogs. They have both different personalities. Maggie is so giving while Molly is being bossy. If you are looking for your dream dog, this book is your best guide. My mom and I both highly recommend this book. I wish you all the luck.
BookwormforKids More than 1 year ago
With true life examples, the author guides potential dog owners not only through more information concerning dogs themselves, but to the knowledge of what a dog truly means within a family. At only 150 pages, this is a short but rich dive into the question of how to choose the right dog for the family. Unlike some pets, the author uses these pages to make it clear that the dog will be a real part of the family and this should be realized even before a dog is brought home. Through two real life examples using the same puppies, it's illustrated how different the experiences can be depending on the families themselves. This book is broken down into four sections (preparing for the dog, choosing the dog, puppies and adult dog) and covers everything from breed types, to temperament, to care, and to the family's own situation and lifestyle. Through this lovely overview, especially new dog owners get a good glimpse at what a dog might mean to them and the impact it might really have on their lives. This, however, is not a detailed book on more specific questions concerning dog health and such. The love and concern the author has for dogs shines through the pages as does her knowledge and experience. Taking on a dog is not a small matter, and that point is brought across clearly. Each breed of dog and their age carries attributes, which influence it's behavior under different circumstances, and this is touched upon. Not all breeds are good with kids, nor can all breeds handle being alone while the family is away all day. Special attention is given to puppies, where the author compares them to bringing a young child into the family, and emphasizes the large amount of patience and work required. Summed up, this is a wonderful glimpse at the real impact a dog will have on the family, and what future owners should be aware of and expect. The author encourages while being informative, and offers a great guide into helping choose the correct dog to join the family. I received a complimentary copy and enjoyed it enough to want to leave my thoughts.
Elektra23 More than 1 year ago
My Review: 4/5 As a dog lover, I was excited for the opportunity to read this book. It was a nice welcomed change of my usual genre. This is a fast read (I read it in an afternoon), and so informative. It is so common these days to think you want a dog, go to the shelter, and BAM your world has been turned upside down! I’ve seen too often where people adopt a puppy/dog, only to realize they were beyond unprepared and ended up having to return him/her. It’s such a sad story and breaks my heart every time I think of the poor animal who is so confused and rejected. This book could be the answer to everyone who is even thinking about adopting a puppy. The author starts out with a great comparison of two families, both adopting a lab-mix puppy. One of the families is not prepared at all, while the other one ends up giving the puppy a forever home. There is so much that goes into pet adoption, and so much preparation, research is crucial. I love the way the book is laid out. While she does tend to focus on adopting a puppy, towards the end she touches on dog adoption. I think I would have liked it if she added a little more content to the dog portion, as I think dogs tend to be overlooked compared to puppies. She includes a number of resources in the back, as well as a faq section, which are also particularly helpful. Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is even thinking about adopting a puppy/dog.