How to Free Spirits from Suffering & Help Them in Rebirth - Vol 1: Innocent Unborn Babies

How to Free Spirits from Suffering & Help Them in Rebirth - Vol 1: Innocent Unborn Babies

by Leo Tran


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How to Free Spirits from Suffering & Help Them in Rebirth - Vol 1: Innocent Unborn Babies by Leo Tran

This book is for those who are interested in life after death of their own and their loved ones as well as how to help them win liberation, enlightenment and rebirth.

The issue of abortion is now a serious problem to many countries in the world. Abortion is not just a private matter but considered an unethical action, even higher in intensity than a murder.

The problem is aggravating both in the developing as well as the developed countries with 43.8 million abortions in all over the world, of which 6 million cases belonged to developed countries and the remaining 37.8 million were allocated to the developing countries (2008).

So where would these unborn babies' spirits go? We should not think that they are just germs of living that have no soul or consciousness inside. These 40 million unborn babies' spirits and billions of others will never be liberated and will not be reborn until they can relieve their minds of the fact that somebody destroyed their lives even before they were born and lay in the womb.

Moreover, this feud will cause terrible consequences inflicted not only on their parents, but also on doctors and nurses that were involved in the direct killing of these babies. This also explains in part the cause of autism in children.

A documentary movie titled Psychic Vietnam was shown on BBC Two on May 18, 2006 saying about Vietnam psychics who have the ability to see and talk directly with spirits of the dead. Thanks to their special ability, for tens of years, they have helped many families find the missing remains of their relatives who were dead in wartime.

This book has been written with an aim to solve the problem mentioned above through religious rituals recommended by Vietnam psychics. It also tries to explain the cause of autism in children and how to treat it.

Once these spirits are free of the hatred, they will be liberated from suffering and reborn. As for those who are alive - mothers and fathers, nurses and doctors, they would have a safer life with a better direction leading to happier human beings.

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About the Author

Leo Tran is a Vietnamese spiritual activist who has been a strong willed Buddhist seeking the best way for the permanent happiness of spirits of the dead. His practice focuses on meditation and requiems (Mass for the dead including unborn babies, martyrs, and those who die of fatal diseases or accidents), which aims to basic enlightenment within a lifetime of dharma practice.

Through the voice of spiritual masters and Vietnam psychics, he writes to convey spiritual messages, wills and expectations from various spirits who are living their life after death. From this point, he opens the doors for the living to discover the world of spirits and to make them free of misery and ignorance as well as win liberation, enlightenment, and rebirth. He lives in Saigon, Vietnam.

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