How To Get A Bar Job Now!

How To Get A Bar Job Now!

by Scott Young, Louie Keen


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ISBN-13: 9781504980395
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/12/2016
Pages: 214
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How To Get A Bar Job Now!

A guide to getting your dream bartending job. Or any other job in the hospitality industry

By Scott Young, Louie Keen


Copyright © 2016 Scott Young & Louie Keen
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-8039-5


Understanding The Big Picture - Before You Do Anything

We've included a few topics that we want you to consider before you do anything or even read our suggestions about how to get a job.


The better you understand the big picture and the industry you've chosen, the faster you will succeed.

The Bartending Occupation - A Job To Fill In The Need Or A Lifelong Career?

By: Shaun "The Bartender" Daugherty

Shaun is one of many good Author/ Trainer friends of mine who have generously contributed his vast knowledge to help me train you.

"I can still remember my mindset when I first got into the restaurant / bar industry over 25 years ago, and I will tell you that the furthest thing from my mind was that I would be writing books on this occupation, (and surely not articles).

My goals were clear:

Go to school to get a higher education, get a job of my dreams, retire in 30 years. Well. ... so much for those early goals.

Though, sometimes I question if I've made all the right moves in regards to living, I can tell you that one thing that I've done that I'm happy about is becoming a lifer in this business.

No matter what I've done, be it go into the corporate world and get the opportunity to show off my sales prowess, or working in an office setting, bartending has been the bright spot.

In the years I've been an adult, I have been a bartender at least one night per week. This is THE BEST way to meet every walk of life and be part of their world for that moment they come in to wet their whistle.

I have been blessed to enjoy a great clientele, though there are nights where they can be not so great. But, versus the 9 – 5 grind that a majority of us have to endure, I am happy to be part of this great environment.

So, why did you get into this occupation? If you're reading this, you have some sort of involvement with the industry that I have grown to love. If you are in it on just a part time business, let me give you some words of wisdom:

1) Learn the art of people

Get to understand the many personalities that will be showing themselves when you are working in this occupation.

There is no school, no corporate job, that will teach you more about the human factor than this one. Learn this well, and you will be successful in anything you decide to do in life.

2) Get good at multi-tasking

There will be a time in your life you will be happy you got good at this trait.

This is what makes you good at keeping up at the bar when you're "three deep." If you can get this down, no one will be able to stop you in a more stable environment.

3) Time management

Is a key fundamental on keeping to your daily, weekly and monthly goals in the corporate world. You will not find a more stable time keeper in business than someone who has been a successful bartender in the past.

4) Know what to say and how to say it without causing a ruckus

In corporate America, they call this being "politically correct."

As a bartender, there are many things you will have to do that you never look forward to, like stopping fights, taking someone's keys, cutting people off. These are just the few and, thankfully, don't happen too often if you run a sufficient bar.

You need to have this skill in any business, because believe me when I tell you there will be many times where you'll get close to chewing your inner cheek off to not say the wrong thing, even if it seems just.

In my opinion, ladies and gentlemen, the bar industry should be a pre-requisite for anyone new to life. It gets you prepared for your "real job" if you're paying attention and treating it like a profession and not as a party.

Plus, you will make some killer money once you master all of the above; that I promise you.

Now, for those who are doing this for life: Thanks for being part of this great occupation!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! – Shaun Daugherty

Scott Says:

Shaun Daugherty is a good friend of mine and you'll see a few of his insightful articles throughout this and many of my books.

He is also the author of "Extra Dry, with a Twist: An Insider's Guide to Bartending" and the Director of Operations for Your At-Home Bar, LLC.

– Thanks Shaun – Scotty

Getting To W.O.W.

Winning Attitudes, That


Wonderful Experiences

Does Excellence Really Matter In The Bar and Hospitality Industry?

What are the "Real life Consequences" between having an average employee

(Bartender, Server, Manager, Hostess, Chef, etc. etc.) and an employee that purposely strives for excellence?

Are all my training manuals, blogs, books, videos, seminars etc. about helping people increase sales for the bar and making more money as a bartender?

Of course they are.

I want to get people thinking about how they can do things in a different and more productive way.

But what they're really about, and what I want to start a discussion on, is Excellence.


Because, Excellence MATTERS.

"Whatever It Is That You Do,

You Are

Making A Stand,

Either For Excellence


For Mediocrity"

- Brandon Webb Navy SEAL Chief and Sniper School Head Instructor

Chief Webb also says,

"... commitment, honed over time into a fabric of Excellence.

I've seen poor leadership and exceptional leadership.

I've seen training that was simply good, training that was great, and training that was so transcendendingly amazing it blew my mind.

I've seen the difference that it makes."

I have no idea if any of our contributing experts have even heard of Chief Webb, but I do know that ...

Highly successful people, in anything, share the belief that, "Excellence Matters"

and that is the philosophy behind all my previous DVD's and especially all my new Books and website.

My goals are to not only teach the craft and profession of service giving and bartending, but hopefully, to inspire already good bartenders & servers to be GREAT!

With the huge number and high quality of bartending and service industry experts that have contributed to our training materials, you and your entire staff of bartenders have many amazing role models to choose from.

Who would you like to learn or continue your learning from?

A staff member in your bar that may be a little jaded, cuts corners and that does things because. ... well," I never really thought about it, we've just always done things that way."

Or, from some very successful industry individuals that are truly passionate about improving themselves and those around them?

Some real pioneers, trend setters and innovators?

Do You Want To Make More Money?

Focus on improving in any way you can because Excellence Matters!

How Much Do Bartenders/Servers Make?

The questions that many want to know is, how much do bartenders & servers make?

If I get a bar job will I make a salary?

A servers salary only happens when you take on management duties as well and you may make less money. It's all about the tips and sometimes you can get a good wage as well as benefits.

In tips, you can make anywhere from $20 per shift plus your hourly wage to $100 - $200 per shift. It can go even as high as $400 - $500 or more and everywhere in between.

"Do what you do so well that they will Want to see it again and bring their friends."

- Walt Disney

Like most industries, the better you are at what you do, the more choices and opportunities you'll have.

But, there are many factors involved.

- How high up the job title food chain are you?

Are you a barback/ -What days or nights
bar porter/Busser/the you work?
-What bar job venue do -How busy/popular your
your work at? bar is.
-Which pouring station/
What type of bar/venue
Ice well/Section you are
it is. given?
-How good is the -What offer servers you
location of your bar? work with if you split tips?
-Are you a mostly -How do you compare
serving waitresses with the other bartenders
bartender or a serving or servers in your own
the guests directly bar?
bartender? ** And maybe the most
important one ...
-How do you compare to the other bartenders or servers in your city? -What level of skill,
attitude and motivation

YOU have.

It's easy to say that the bartender/server who makes the most is the one who works a really busy sat night shift. And that's usually true.

However, I have known lots of highly skilled servers who worked medium and even slow nights or days that, because of their overall excellence, made a whole bunch of money.

Or, that bartender/server started on the slower shifts and built them up because people wanted to come back and be served by them.

So, how much do bartender/servers make?

A lot more in tips than on a bartender salary, and a lot more if you pick up a book or two to continue learning.

Why Would You Want To Be A Bartender/Server?

Ask yourself and answer honestly. Here are some popular answers.

I'll meet lots of people

Sure. As a bartender or server at any level, you'll meet a large range of interesting people from all walks of life.

I like the hours

You can find a full range of day, evening and late night shifts to suit your schedule if you have another job, go to school or just surf all day.

The skill is universal

Once you learn and if you're good, you can travel anywhere in the world and with very little difficulty, fit right in and get a job.

It's fun

Being a service giver is definitely not a desk job in a bank.

Some serving jobs are more formal than others (5 Star Hotels), but the majority of restaurant, pub, bar, and nightclub jobs are definitely more on the fun, casual side where getting a little crazy is OK.


"I've been famous for years, just give me the money! - Bryan Brown in COCKTAIL – MOVIE

Is Bartending & Serving A Real Job? Author of "Extra Dry with a Twist: An Insider's Guide to Bartending".

This is for all of you out there who feel somewhat out of sorts that you are still waiting for that one part in the Broadway Show..... or that job that fits what you had planned when you got your college diploma..... or that one person who can take you away from all this – while you sling drinks and socialize for a living as a bartender etc.

Well, I've got news for you. Being a service giver is a job!

I understand that most people cannot, for the life of them, see themselves catering to others and smelling of whiskey and beer even before taking a sip themselves, every night when they punch the clock to go home.

Or, waiting tables to take orders and run food & drinks to that and many other tables. However, let's take a much deeper look into the occupation in itself.

If you were to look at Serving as a job and not as a fly-by-night gig that you don't see yourself doing in a year, you may find that it's a very lucrative business.

But, you must look at the occupation as you would any other.

If you put your time in to understand and become familiar with the more intricate parts of the business, you will probably make more in this business than you will in the first five – ten years in the occupation you've paid thousands of dollars in college loans for.

Another thing that must be looked at is that bartending is THE BEST networking job that you can ever have.

You will find that one job you've been looking for probably in the bar you'll be working at if you carry yourself as a professional and show that you can handle the pressure in your current position.

So, don't take the job too lightly.

If you would have asked me twenty years ago if I felt I would still be in this business I would have laughed at you.

Now, I'm proud to say that I took this job seriously and it has given me something to fall back on through the years.

Now, after two layoffs the past six years in the "real world" in a corporate setting, I am doing it again full time and making more at it than I ever had!

The grass is never greener on the other side.

Respect this occupation and it will reward you ten-fold! "Nothing worth having comes easily"

Scott, What Made You Want To Become A Bartender?

I always liked people and I had worked quite a few different jobs.

At my high school cafeteria behind the counter serving people and handling till at lunchtime from grade 8 to grade 12.

A pizza place behind the counter taking orders and making pizzas when I was 16.

A convenience store clerk behind the counter when I was 17 and 18.

Delivering pizzas with my super junky two hundred dollar Volkswagen beetle that was so rusty I actually got wet when I drove over a puddle.

Bartending looked interesting to me and a natural next step because I figured that if I was going to be serving people I might as well give myself the chance to make tips.

What a good call that was!

Don't Give Up!! You'll Never Know Who Or What You Might Have Been

Scott's True Story

I was 20, and went on a five-week trip hitchhiking / taking trains / living in hostels in Australia trying to learn how to surf. I had one week in Hawaii on my way back to my home Vancouver, Canada.

Being an American citizen, from Ohio, and a permanent resident growing up in Canada I could live and work in both countries.

I made some friends that last week in Hawaii and found a place to stay, on the floor with my sleeping bag.

I looked at the money that I had and decided that I had enough money to stay for six weeks if I really budgeted my money so I could surf every day.

I decided to look for a bar job and, if I found one, I would stay.

My first bar job that I got hired for in Waikiki was a stripper bar and I worked only three nights because the last night I was supposed to start at 6pm but the waves were just so good that day, I couldn't bring myself to get out of the water so I showed up at 8pm and got rightfully fired. That day of surfing was totally worth it though.

I then saw an ad in the newspaper for a brand new nightclub that was opening called "Hot Rods."

I applied for the job at Hot Rods when I was underage, doctoring my birth certificate.

No, I don't recommend it but I did it.

I found out that there were 300 applicants for only a few bartending jobs.

They hired 80 people, I was one of them, to do one week of training and competition for the job. I remember that on a Sunday, they gave me a list of 80-100 drink recipes to memorize and told me to come in the next morning at 9am-1pm for training.

For most people in the area these recipes were very common but I wasn't from that area so they were all new to me. They were pretty complicated "Tropical Drinks" too.

I did the best I could that day to cram them all in but It was too much for my brain.

The next morning I showed up at the Scruples nightclub to find out that they had split us up into a morning training group and an afternoon training group.

They didn't waste any time, every bartending station in the club had one supervising manager, four waitresses, four bartenders, four bar backs.

The bar backs had set up the bars with all real bottles but filled with water. The manager gave a verbal order to one of the waitresses.

She had to put the order into a very specific "call order" in order to make it easier for the bartenders. She would come up to the bar and give her verbal order to the bartender. If the order was incorrect, the manager would tell her and she would have to go to the back of her line. The bartender had to make that order of four drinks and call out the recipe while we were doing it. I simply cannot tell you how bad I was at this after only one night of trying to remember all of the new drink recipes.

Also, I had never dealt with verbal orders from waitresses before. I had approximately one year of experience bartending in a high-volume summer place but the waitress orders came up on a ticker tape, so I could always look at it if I wasn't sure about something.

I screwed up so many times that morning and there was nowhere to hide.

Every time it was my turn, I either couldn't remember what was ordered or screwed up the recipes. I looked like a complete idiot who had never been behind a bar before.

Out of the 80 bartenders that were hired to go through this one week of training,

I probably ranked dead last. It wasn't even close. You would not believe how bad I was.

It was the hardest and most embarrassing few hours of my life. After 26 years, it Still is.

When 1 o'clock rolled around, we were dismissed so the next group to come in and train.

My apartment was two blocks away and I don't mind telling you that I went home, laid down on my sleeping bag on the hard floor, stuck my head under my pillow and cried my eyes out.

I was just so bad and everybody knew it.

I had never failed so utterly at anything in my life and I didn't know how to deal with it.

I cried for a good 20 minutes and then I started to think. I didn't want to go back there to face them. Are you kidding?

That was it, maybe bartending wasn't my thing? I was going to quit.


Excerpted from How To Get A Bar Job Now! by Scott Young, Louie Keen. Copyright © 2016 Scott Young & Louie Keen. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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Understanding The Big Picture - Before You,
How To Get A Job Bartending, 51,
Or, 51,
Any Other Job In The Industry, 51,
STEP # 1 – Fools Rush In, 55,
Step # 2 – You Need To Learn About,
Your Job, 63,
STEP # 3 – Throw Out Everything You Ever,
Knew About Resumes And Interviews!, 66,
Step # 4 – NOW It's Time To Write Your,
Resume, 84,
Step # 5 – HUGELY Increase Your Odds, 119,
Company Research Plan, 121,
STEP # 6 – Interview Tips!, 130,
Drug Testing, 169,
Flair Bartending? – Scott Young, 174,
Final Thoughts!, 193,

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