How to Get Married in Green

How to Get Married in Green

by Suzan St Maur




In this book Suzan St Maur (also author of Wedding Speeches For Women and The A to Z of Wedding Worries and how to put them right) neatly unravels the increasingly tangled web of green issues relating to weddings; so you can: Choose from a range of options depending on how far you want to pursue your green approach, See how these options work across all key areas of your wedding, Get some clever, effective ideas on transport, decorations, clothes, catering, entertainment and more, Learn how to make those ideas work for you with style and panache, Understand just what an appreciable difference these measures will make to our planet and wellbeing, Enjoy your wedding (and its planning) even more, because you know you're making a difference.

About the Author:
Suzan St Maur is an international writer, researcher and editor as well as being the author of 16 published books on business, humour, general consumer topics and weddings, of which How To Get Married In Green is her third

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781845282707
Publisher: How To Books
Publication date: 08/15/2008
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

The author     xi
Preface     xiii
Jewellery     1
Diamonds     2
Other precious gemstones     4
Precious metals     6
So that's the bad news     8
Recycled precious metals     8
Secondhand jewellery     9
Manmade gemstones     10
Non-metallic rings     12
Hen and Stag Parties     14
Green hen and stag parties: the basics     16
So how can we be green and still paint the town red?     17
And that's just a few among a much larger green choice     26
Location     28
Combining wedding and honeymoon: does this help?     29
Home, sweet home     30
So where?     31
Stationery and Communications     37
Paper     38
Printing     40
So what should we choose?     41
If you want to be green, go "e"     43
Email     43
Wedding websites     49
Clothing and Cosmetics     53
Dry cleaning     54
Wedding dress     55
Veils and headpieces     59
Jewellery     59
Shoes     60
Lingerie     61
Bridesmaids' dresses     62
Children's clothes     63
Groom, best man, ushers     64
Cosmetics     65
Gifts     70
Gifts for yourselves     71
Money     72
Green wedding lists     72
Gifts for the planet     78
Gifts for attendants     79
Flowers and Decorations     81
Eco-friendlier flowers     82
Working with florists     84
Doubling up     84
Bouquets and things     86
Dried flowers     86
Fake flowers     86
What about no cut flowers?     87
Other decorations     89
Ceremony     92
Location     93
Content within traditional ceremonies     93
Civil weddings and partnerships     94
"Alternative" weddings ceremonies     95
Content for civil and alternative ceremonies     97
Write your own poems     97
And a last word about wedding ceremonies     103
Reception     105
Casual barbecue receptions      106
American style "pot luck" or guest-participation reception     107
Brunch receptions     107
Tea receptions     107
Drinks and canapes     108
Other matters to consider     108
An even greener outcome     110
Food     115
Local is greenest     117
Farmers' markets and shops     118
Ethical, but not local     120
Beware the scams and conflicts     121
Yes, organic can cost more     121
Catering - your choices     122
Okay, so what's in the season when?     123
Your wedding cake     130
Some sample wedding menus     131
Drinks     138
Choose your own balance     140
Organic     140
Sustainable     141
Biodynamic wine     141
British drinks     142
Other considerations     144
Some alcoholic drink ideas     145
Non-alcoholic drinks     149
Photography     153
Interesting food for thought     160
Wedding videos     160
Transportation     163
Transport for your guests      164
Transporting yourselves and the wedding party     166
Honeymoon     171
Travel within Europe     172
Beyond Europe     173
Carbon offset     175
Eco tourism     180
Resources     183
Websites     184
Other books about eco-friendly weddings     187
Useful green living books     188
Other books about weddings from How to Books     188

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